Continue to laugh at Disney

Continue to laugh at Disney.

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you laugh, i'll buy the dip

I can't help but feel that it's a tad counterproductive for Florida to fiddle with the tax policy at what seems to be a clapback over what they said on the School Bill.
But I'm sure this won't have any repurcussion on anything whatsoever

Why should i care? Give me one reason, only one reason for why i should give a shit about this controversy.

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Talk about Suicide Mouse.

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It's the GOP they don't care as long as the look like they have big dicks.

It's like Ben Shapiro staying with his wife after those three affairs.

hows the genitalia identification certification going groomer? still can't tell which is the innie and which is the outie?

You dont understand, some politicians did something to look popular and now a multinational corportation has less theoretical monopoly money than it did yesterday. That means someone somewhere MIGHT be winning a culture war

I want to see the mouse fall retard, don't act like leftists aren't happy to see a big company suffering

You clearly aren't.

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don't worry, Tencent will save them anyday now!

>It's like Ben Shapiro staying with his wife after those three affairs.
user I hate that neocon warmongering faggot but is there a reason you're lying about sone affairs that never happened?

to be fair the disney tax breaks were created because Walt himself was talking to the Florida governor and legislature about how he wasn't just building a theme park and the park was just supposed to be a revenue stream that he would funnel into building his city of tomorrow. How he was going to drag America into a utopian future and Florida would always be remembered for being where it started.
Then Walt died before the park could even open and rather than build a city of tomorrow they've just been able to run a massive billion dollar in profit theme park without paying any taxes.
Using their status as their own "city" to funnel fake debt into it so they don't have to pay federal taxes and in fact get free tax money every quarter in "assistance" for being a "poor community"

Thee florida restructuring is a massive win for the state. They now get MILLIONS in taxes coming in from Disney, the phony debt the state will be adopting just means the federal aid will go to the state and actually pay it off and help real people, and disney loses one of it's many tax havens and will have to find somewhere else to park their debt or actually have to pay federal taxes for a change.

If liberals didn't have double standards, they'd have none at all

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The funniest thing about this poster is that they've likely posted antifa protestor mugshots while also saying they're not actual counter culture.

Everywhere I look leftists are happy to see Disney getting taxed, take your meds

Also Disney bankrolled all the politicians that passed this bill so fuck them for trying to be the two face kikes they are and playing both sides of the field

>Source: My ass

>retards dont understand that the stock market goes up and down arbitrarily

wait until you find out that one of the fastest growning vehicle stock makes god awful cars and that barely even make it out of the production factory.

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image saved

>he posted it again

stunning and brave

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this shit is all public record you faggot

>They now get MILLIONS in taxes coming in from Disney
That's not how taxes work.

user it's all true just look up any documentary about ecot. It was originally supposed to be Walt's futuristic housing project of the future.

keep posting political compass memes, it really owns the libs

both sides are mindless drones. stop brainwashing yourself into thinking ones superior than the other, u fucking faggot bootlicking scum.

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That's true. What's not true is the idea that Flordians are getting MILLIONS IN TAXES coming to them.

well at least we know why you're not an actuary


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is this because the gay push or the Florida taxes?

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In fact Disney has been paying BILLIONS in the upkeep of the surrounding area.


Man the left really is incapable of making an original meme

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>you're not real counter culture, you just got beaten by cops for protesting
We're reaching levels of conservative cognitive dissonance not yet seen before.


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The left doesn't need to rely on memes to make you look dumb.

fence sitting controlled opposition piece of shit. go back to fucking yourself up the ass with dragon dildos.

>>you're not real counter culture, you just got beaten by cops for protesting
>he said about people protesting in favor of government mandates

Yfw Discovery buys Disney

Thanks for proving me right, i guess.
This is why you're losing the culture war; it's easy to see what your intention are.

They pay to maintain their own property.
That isn't some sort of charity, you retarded cuckold.
Now they are going to continue to pay to maintain their own property, as well as pay more taxes.

Try having some actual values instead of being a contrarian.

Ever heard of an extremist?

Yeah, just relies on billion dollar corporations, big tech, and complete ownership of media outlets... and still gets owned by shitty fucking memes on the internet

>They pay to maintain their own property.


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>posts the NPC meme while parroting an unoriginal phrase he heard somewhere else

sure is jussie smollett in this thread

>They pay to maintain their own property.
>Now they are going to continue to pay to maintain their own property
No, people in Florida are gonna pay to maintain Disney's property.

>Disney is also immune from a tax that other property owners pay to fund law enforcement.

If the company was required to pay the tax, it would total about $21.1 million in fiscal year 2020, according to an analysis by the Orange County comptroller’s office.

That is from a SINGLE florida state tax for law enforcement, there is far more that disney isn't paying

originality is overrated. if it works, don't fix it.

>NPC logic

>NPC logic

Question is why isn't Universal getting raked across the coals?

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But Disneyworld does pay taxes, the only thing they don't pay is state services because instead they pay for their own.
Now Florida is gonna pay to maintain the incredibly expensive upkeep of disney world

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rent free

And how does Florida pay for those taxes?
Through taxes
Taxes Disney will now be paying.
It's like a complete net gain/loss of 0
Only difference now will be Disney can't build a Nuclear Power Plant without State Consent when they previously able to without it.

I genuinely have to wonder if liberals and leftists know how the tax system works if they think income tax is the only tax that exists

That isn't how anything works.

Disney's basically bankrolling the entire state with the tourism it attracts to it. It's the main reason Florida doesn't need an income tax.

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Leftists love the corps that dish out their propoganda

>And how does Florida pay for those taxes?
>through taxes
You mean taxing the people of Florida.

Dude, Splash mountain got Ben's wife more wetter than he ever did.

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don't hold back, show us all your pics

Yes, Disneyworld is based in Florida, well done.
>Captcha: HAZNV

The adventures of Florida man is more entertaining than 90 percent of their wed. Floppies

Yeah it is, Once dissolved Disney's debt of a billion dollars get absorbed by orange county and a 20% rise on property taxes.

It's a symbiotic relationship. Disney can't just pack it up and move because they've plugged too much time and money into Reedy Creek. Not to mention that there are few states with the year round warm weather while also not being a desert or susceptible to earthquakes and brushfires


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You mean this one?

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user, the only way the legislation goes through is if the 50 residents of Reedy Creek approve it and I highly doubt that's going to happen. It's theatre but the fact that people on both sides think it means something is why this shit is perpetuating.

Disneyworld already pay taxes, it pays more now then it will if they disolve the special district status.

your church is burning and all you can do is post 5+ year old photos while screaming ORANGEMANBAD
Let that sink in a minute.

Literally where does this analysis originate?

>Disney's basically bankrolling the entire state with the tourism it attracts to it.
This is such a stupid and ignorant perspective I see parroted and it's completely untrue. To begin with Florida's economy is not entirely based on Tourism. It has Manufacturers, ports, and is one of the largest farm states. Tourism is an important part of the State's economy byt hardly the only one. Disney's impact on Tourism is far smaller than what people assume. Florida has some 120 million tourists last year and less than 10 percent of that went to Disney. The biggest tourist destination is the state's coastline not it's amusement parks. And even when considering amusement parks the state has so many other parks to attend outside of Diseny such as Universal, Seaworld, and Bush Gardens all of which are far more competitive than Disney likes to admit. Thinking Disney is this entity Florida owes is unbelievably ignorant and shows just how little people understand about State economics.

ironically the left managed to destroy the only media that was spreading its ideas

Do you know how many taxes exist for operating a business?

>opposition to government is fascist
I fucking love being born on the circus dimension instead of earth prime.

The Florida Senate financial impact analysis.

Disney world is also not the only theme park in Florida, not to mention its peak tourism is during spring break

Sounds like you're trying to cope with the fact that this move isn't gonna hurt Disney as much it will florida.

It's not going to hurt anyone because Disney themselves have to approve the legislation and they won't

It won't user. It seems you're trying to cope with the fact that Disney isn't the all powerful entity you think it is.

It certainly more powerful then florida.

>Be Libertarian
>enjoy watching both sides fight

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>americans trying to make their tax system look like a comunist torture
lmao the victim complext of those people