Why couldn't Western comic artists draw powerful battle scenes with a sense of dynamism?

Why couldn't Western comic artists draw powerful battle scenes with a sense of dynamism?
If there is even one exception, please let me know.

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Very enlightening user, let's end the month with a East v West thread. Amusing, but I guess it's a proper way to end the month I suppose.

You could have ended the month with a Jon Kent post, or a Miles Morales post. Even a Owl House thread would suffice. Though, those are already in quantity

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How about read some western comics? And read some manga while you are at it, there are better examples of "dynamism" in Dragon Ball than that. Also take you meds

I don't really get the whole us vs them mentality in this case. Comics, manga, it's literally the same thing. Different comic genres have less in common than shonen manga and cape comics.

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theres a fucking shit ton but the fact you dont know means you shouldnt be on this board so fuck off tranime faggot

post some cool looking Hulk, Wonder Woman, Superman or Thor fights.

This would be infinitely more dynamic if Goku was leaning back winding up his punch dash and then hitting in the next panel, instead you have the weird flying filler panel and then the punch out of no where at the opposite angle he is flying. This is the shit Yea Forumsfags complain about in western comics. All you need to be dynamic is a simple wind up and impact. How about read some books instead of shitposting?
It's not a bad page by any means it's a nice big image but it's a bad example of dynamic art, honestly it would be better if you just cut the top panel out altogether and have the disconnected wind up on the previous page

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Less movement and shorter than literally any shonen fight


Better than the OP on less paper? Maybe I should stitch to western comics

>is fighting a female
>doesn't think she'll go for the balls

Don't you think picking the big dogs would be a little biased? I could go into last weeks manga and pick out better dynamic pages from less kown manga than the the OP and I think it would serve the point you are trying to make better. You are making generalisations about the medium and it's entire output from two countries as if there are inherent differences when clearly you don't even read comics from either

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The flaccid paneling and framing kill it

lmao what is that midget arm in the second panel. They sure like to copy manga-style speedlines, but have no idea how to use them.

Just read a book user

Would you fucking look at those speedlines.

Wake me up when manga artists start using cool paneling

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You want everyone to draw ugly messes like that?

Lmao you are a unbearable faggot.


Constantine fit the western model because his character is about being a regular guy who would run away to survive. The problem is with characters like Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Thor, Superman etc


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What problem retard give examples of the books and the pages you are crying about...or do you not actual read them?

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What model? What the fuck are you talking about? It's the same medium east and west with lots of variation when different artists are involved

>Wake me up when manga artists start using cool paneling
user there are entire manga dedicated to creative paneling...and they do it better than any comic book writer.


Kill yourself, you fucktarded cuntnugget.
Everyone else report him for trolling, spamming and ban evading.

>What model?
Limited and short fights. Like this one for a character whose entire gimmick is being an agile and creative martial arts artist his fights are shorter and more simple than basically anything from Japan.

>literally talks about how Western have superior panelling and composition in this very video
It's not even something I necessarily agree with to any objective degree but this is just getting embarrassing user. It's the same medium there isn't as many differences as you seem to think

>and they do it better than any comic book writer.
Such as?

I dont read a lot of DC/Marvel at all so I'm always shocked by what a large proportion of fights in those comics have people making "gotta poop" faces.

How about read some fucking books ffs manga or comics I don't care

>the denial itt
Let me guess the reason why most people including westerners read more shonen than capeshit nowadays is because they are tasteless plebs.

The video mostly talks about one artist who was inspired by western comics to get a little more creative with her panelling

What a weird generalisation made by looking exclusively at screenshots. Who said these fight scenes don't go on for more than one page, good comics can be very dense and give you an entire fight on one page especially older ones where you would get amazing stories in one floppy.
Without examples it's hard to read any of what you are saying as more than a pacing issue. Plenty of Shonen manga have one punch fights

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>don't criticize just consume

Nobody in this thread even knows what you are criticising retard

Anything in particular about the speedlines that you think were used wrong?

I wish Yea Forums had Yea Forums's moderation

There are some western comics with what you're thinking of, but the only one from DC or Marvel I recall is Batman's 2021 annual.

Is this considered off-topic or trolling outside of Yea Forums?

>post another one
>is barely even a fight
Dude just post examples, long fights full of movement like anything from One Piece, Dragonball , Naruto, Bleach etc

I just go with off-topic or low quality post (yes, yes, I know, we're on Yea Forums).
>d-don't announce repo-
Yea Forumsutists who come here making these threads deserve the rope


Most manga aren’t anywhere close to Dragon Ball’s level either

Western comics are plenty dynamic and creative. Not sure how Goku flying up then magically turning around and flying down is dynamic at all, would be more dynamic with just the bottom panel covering the whole page imo. There are plenty of good ideas in that panel that deserve more attention. It would really sell the impact more if the page itself had impact instead it kind of shoots itself in the foot as most people are going to look at the bottom panel first anyway

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Read the books faggot that was a long ass sequence starting with a car chase. I'm just showing how easily you can do a fight in one page and it have a satisfying beginning middle and end. More pages != more quality
That page in the OP isn't even close to dragon ball's usual level. OP just has shit taste

This I recently startd (and dropped) Seraph Of The End. I mean, I dropped it for wring that was absolutely retarded, but the action was only "alright" at best.


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The reason people read Harry Potter is because they have really good taste, it's me who likes real books who is out of touch?

looks like shit tho

So does every manga page posted in this thread.

See how easy it is? That's not an argument, you just say that if it's not manga.

It's not even just the fact they are longer and more fluid, manga also explore close ups and different angles way more intensenvely. Nevermind the fact they focus on action way more while comics spend a huge ammount of time focusing on characters talking with their friends doing nothing.

no i mean it literally looks terrible

i would not pay money for anything that looked like that

look at the op's page, it's not even in the same league.

Holy cope

Manga is objectively better. The sales speak for themselves.

>comics spend a huge ammount of time focusing on characters talking with their friends doing nothing.
So does manga with the exact same face copy pasted over and over wtf. These are such dumb generalisations with no basis in reality. I genuinely believe you have never read any kind of comic in your live, from any country

Yet here you are

user please

No? Western comics in general focus on the character personal drama that is barely related to the run plot at all, manga mostly focus on progressing the adventure arc, Luffy for example is almost always moving toward his goal, he's either exploring or fighting.

People forget that it took one manga 5 years to become more popular than all of Marvel and DC combined (who's been in business for 100 years).

Comparing manga to comics is like comparing the Olympics to the Special Olympics.

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One Piece is definitely one of my favourite manga, not a huge fan of the style but the quality of the art reminds me of western comics and it's actually unique compared to a lot of manga.
It definitely doesn't escape uninspired dialogue sequences but the childlike cartoony nature of it makes it a step above the rest by having some fun within the panels themselves while saving the big creative moments for well...big moments

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>Deadpool was still read more than it that year
USA always wins, even if we use the japs to beat the japs

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If if only there was more based and redpilled stuff in comics we could match this probably just need more traditional values and uh pro white messaging yes that’s the ticket


That's a Dynamite book.

How can one thing outsell other thing that is "read" more?

Are you talking about clicks on pirate sites?

Alfred is Batman's ultimate weapon

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He's making shit up.

The main issue is that pencils, ink, and coloring are 3 different people VS japan's single artistic vision. And Japan