ITT: LGBT characters Yea Forums actually likes

ITT: LGBT characters Yea Forums actually likes.

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Let's get this out of the way, not OP.


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Johan Kraus identifies as a cisgenderrd heteronormative male, and the brief period where he inhabits a living body again he has a ravenous appetite for sex with women.

theyre the only ones i actually give a shit about and im gay myself

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>and the brief period where he inhabits a living body again he has a ravenous appetite for sex with women.
False, he had an orgy with women AND men. Seethe.

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Does Cerebus count as LGBT?
Litterally a hermaphrodite and all that.

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What does this even mean

You must be a faggot because having dude's at an orgy doesn't immediately make them gay. All the dudes in that page are snuggled up to chicks.

True hermaphrodites don't count.

Essentially any of the ones from Venture Bros

Ive seen plenty of Intersex people beg to not be included in LGBT, so no.

Based. Al and shoreleave are great.

Probably any that didn't have their identity or orientation screamed from the roofttops by the writer.


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None of these are good characters

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Wrong. Jo and Nubia are right the the center.

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Did they age up and bisex Jon just to use him in the June issue?

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Kys, Bendis

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In reproductive biology, a hermaphrodite (/hɜːrˈmæfrədaJt/) is an organism that has both kinds of reproductive organs and can produce both gametes associated with male and female sexes. Many taxonomic groups of animals (mostly invertebrates) do not have separate sexes.
Like your futa porn. However in human biology this is a very rare occurrence and basically never happens.
What you get is the occasional person with testicals in place of overies that will need to be removed before the age of 20 or they will die.
We had this happen at my around 06 highschool when a girl suddenly collapsed.

Why not?

Everyone in Scott Pilgrim besides like 2 of them

Ray Gillette

I guarantee it won't be anyone from the last ten years.

Well at least when Yea Forums still had threads about this comic

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Sonic 3 should give him a nicer bf.

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Bendis has nothing to do with Jo.

No, just the Alchemist.

This beautiful maniac.

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Eggman wasn’t that bad to him. He took Stone with him when he asked to go with, and seemed to show at least some concern when Stone got knocked out.

Al reminds me of my 65 year old gay uncle. So I feel like he is a good representation of older gay men.

probably the most perfect representation of a gay couple in western animation

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Batwoman is fine depending on the writer.
Jon is good as a kid, mishandled as an adult.
Nubia is great but since when is she gay?
Jo is fine in her debut comic, trash everywhere else so far.
The rest suck dick, and not in the fun way.

everyone loves luz, right?

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Nubia has been bisexual since 2021. She’s been sleeping with that one Amazon that Rucka created to be Diana’s love interest, Io.

Fuck that shit, just make her gay. She's never allowed to get the spotlight long enough to develop a romance, and if you leave her as bi I can fucking guarantee you every time in the future she'll just show up alternating with a guy/girl in her life, until some crackhead writer in 15 years gets the "clever" idea to canonize her as a promiscuous shitbag.


They call her and other characters bi because they used to be in canon hetero relationships before modern writers made them gay forever. I can guarantee they will never be in a romantic relationship with the opposite sex afterwards.

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All Amazons are bi.
Hippolyta flips between having relations with Ted Grant to Phillipus.
Artemis is bisexual too.
Diana is said to be because of of female relations in her youth.

Now whether you think all Amazons are promiscuous because they live a poly and bisexual lifestyle is up to you.

>of of

He has a lot of stories and lot of dick.

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please tell me this is bait

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Based MatPat

Lol, nope

Not canon though.

Will we ever see him in a game?

>actually likes

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Every single one is going to Hell