What is the appeal of Xavier?

What is the appeal of Xavier?

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Clarity of message


High effort shitpost that is reminiscent of what you pretend YouTube was after the home video era but before let's playing/zero punctuation became a career option.

rapid fire puns

He's real and raw... it's a realistic, down-to-earth show... that's completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots. He's has attitude. He's edgy, he's in your face, he gets biz-zay.

Unironically deeper than Evangelion.

This, Xavier is down to pound, too cool to fool, the dressing to life's tasteless coleslaw.

This whole time i thought i was the poochie but maybe i was the pooch-er.

Being so self-awarely shallow that it wraps around to being the deepest shit. Also, stoners.

absurd, surrealist humor delivered in stream of consciousness style. The dialogue and plots almost feel like they were written procedurally by an AI because the line to line transitions of topic flow, but the overall episode is usually complete nonsense.

It has a lot of really great wordplay.

>I'm a survivor, we're a dying breed.


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Great wordplay. Season 2 is admittedly a step down


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slit your throat

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slit your throat

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Thanks for keeping the thread alive, off-topic kun.

it's the barneyfag, haven't seen him in a while

I don’t even understand why he’s in an Xavier thread

Because OP image was used in a meme posted to the Horse Show booru in 2017. Not even kidding.


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That doesn’t even make sense, and his posts feel like an automated spambot

slit your throat

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Besides the word play and rapid comedy I do genuinely like that this does research into New Ager psychology, which is why it's extremely efficient at mocking it.


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slit your throat

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I'm convinced he has that kind of OCD I hear about where ideas 'taint' other ideas, even those spuriously connected to each other. Not just, "one network aired Barney next to this other show," but even, "this image from a show is featured in a meme that also features an image from a show that aired next to Barney."
Fren, I really, sincerely want to know; what do you hope to gain from doing this? You cannot be enjoying yourself (unless you're a dedicated troll, in which case, haha I took the b8 etc.), so this has to be a profound waste of your own time.


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holy shit


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die in pain

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get hanged

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Wow he’s still going. Wonder how many images he has?

literally die

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burn to death

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I really screwed the pooch on that one. The poocher has become the poached, and now the poachers are hunting for my white bone, ooh! Those horn-dogs are itchin' for a third eye on-switchin'.

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drink bleach

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He is actually posting in TWO threads right now. One of them based on a SCREENSHOT of a cropped image. I don't know how he does it.

hack yourself apart

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become dead

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Drini bleach

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die in pain

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Your rage stroke is starting.

>I don't know how he does it.
Its a bot

Die out
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burn to death

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