Thoughts on them?

Thoughts on them?

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which hentai is this?

Dick (this takes place in the past) doesn't pair up with Supergirl. She's flirted with him in the past but he's been closer to Power Girl.

Dan Mora one of the better capshit artists. He draws characters very hot.

>I can't believe I have to carry Robin
>I can't believe Superman took my seat in the Batplane

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What do you think happened that caused them to have tension?

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Looks like they tried to have a friendly outing and it ended in disaster.

Pretty much this

The inevitable costume-swap adventure will be awkward.

Grayson wins again

My thoughts is that it's too late in the fucking game to concoct this bullshit.
Like it's an objective fact to say Dick and Kara never had this kind of relationship.

>well at least she's not carrying me like kory does

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Carrying him by the armpits would actually be highly uncomfortable, possibly even painful.

It's soft canon, aka Mark Waid's fan-fiction.

k imma bounce


Oh no, she arm-pit carried him. The worst way.

I ship them.

artist? i like their style

How is she holding him????

The smart thing is to just have more than one Supergirl Power Girl is the one Dick and Babs grew up with, , Kara from this universe's Krypton is Steph and cass' contemporary.

Dan Mora. He posts these on his twitter too.

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Why don't they like each other?

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>mora dick in women's clothes

Batman Superman World's Finest (2022)

So much text on one page

It's somewhat implied it's a date

supergirl is too much like her tom king version
fuck that

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They have more chemistry than DickBabs or DickKory

They're flying, why do they look so angry? Flying seems like it would be fun

woah woah woah I DID NOT APPROVE THIS!

Seeing these 2 one after the other gave me whiplash, that second Supergirl is a thing of nightmares

So far this book is fun and what comics should be

I like this kind of couples

Jesus Christ

I like Dick and Kara as buddies. It was a thing in Robinson's JLA that no one remembers bc it was right before nu 52

Does this really read as romantic chemistry to you?

Also more interesting.
Barbara is boring.

Love problems

This is sad, but true

I think this is the first time they have really been depicted as contemporaries. The Golden Age/Earth 2 version Dick was way older, the Silver Age/Bronze Age Kara was slightly older and in her 20s when Dick was in his teens, and post Crisis Dick was in his 20s when Kara was rebooted to be in her teens. They probably always should have been contemporaries as Dick's generation never had a proper Superman family character in it.

Is she carrying him by his underwear?

I think this is the first time they've interacted since the Dickbats era pre-New 52 when they were on the JL together.

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This is hot
So much better than batgirl

DC thinks so


This Supergirl looks too old.

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One off stories like this are fun but it feels too late to have the two ever actually date. They have a nice dynamic with two being fairly outgoing but also stubborn. So I can get why people would like it as it would be the two most famous legacy characters from the two biggest hero families hooking up, but it is a bit too much at the same time.

I read it as they maybe went on a date but it turned into a mission that got out of hand. I don't think they are referencing any Silver Age stories with it.

She is probably older than Dick here if it was silver age influenced right? Although maybe with all the crisis stories they are going to make Kara the same age as Dick and Babs now.

This was how it was pre-Flashpoint. Because Kara Zor-El wasn't introduced until the 2000s, she ended up being Stephanie Brown's pal instead of Bab's. I don't think they ever did much with Babs and Power Girl, or pocket-universe-goo/angel Supergirl and Cass.

But pre-Crisis, Kara Zor-El was always a contemporary with Dick and Babs.

I prefer the other brother with Kara tho

I'd like to see Supergirl interact with Steph and Cass together.

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I've always thought Kara should be part of Dick and Barbara's generation, instead of the younger one she joined after getting revived, so I'm fine with this.

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What brother?

Dickfire is just the best

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This is cute, might have to get into 80s comics

There hasn't been a good starfire story in over 30 years.

True but more so Babs then Dick.