What exactly is wrong with cutaway gags?

What exactly is wrong with cutaway gags?

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It defeats the purpose of having a 20-min storyline; Why not just make it a clipshow like Robot Chicken?

they're usually crap and they're always filler

The cutaway gags take up more time than the actual 'main' plot of the episode. I'm not shitting you.

Nothing at all, the South Park guys have no fucking room to talk about things like consistent characterization or grounded storytelling. They were mad a different adult cartoon with a more talented voice actor was washing them in ratings and press.

There was something like that, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy
Had a funny skit about Bob Dylan I liked

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This. They complain about jokes that don't advance the story, but they write stories that have nothing to do with their premise. And there's nothing wrong with that, if the end results are entertaining. Unfortunately, "C list celebrity goes to South Park and acts like a retard" has gotten extremely old. Maybe if they felt more comfortable telling jokes that don't service such advanced plots as "Rob Reiner is fat and meanspirited to the heckin wholesome tobacco industry", the show would be funnier. As it stands, I never see people compliment South Park for being funny. People only ever talk about "the message", congratulating themselves for following easy to grasp satire. Also shotacucks
Who gives a shit about the storyline in cartoon sitcoms? Only Futurama really committed to that. Even the Simpsons just sort of gave up on it.
Good. I don't really need to see Peter become a jerk, realize he was a jerk and then apologize to his friends for the thousandth time.

If a joke is funny, the logic of it's sequence doesn't matter. Fight me.

Remember when south park was about a group of kids who talked like kids actually do when they're away from adult supervision, and they lived in an obscure town where unusual/supernatural things happen? Pepperidge farm remembers.

... south park has a premise?

>Good. I don't really need to see Peter become a jerk, realize he was a jerk and then apologize to his friends for the thousandth time.
Then why do you watch the damn show at all? Just cancel it an make it a clipshow for cutaways.

>Fight me.
Why? You're right. That's also the Zucker Abrams Zucker approach to comedy, and it's brought us a lot of gold

>Famly guy chud crying this hard



Honest question? How did you miss the commentary at the end of the episode where they straight up say it's okay for Family Guy to be randumb and how every humor style is good on it's own way? I can't believe people are still butthurt over that.

Hey louis, this remind me of the time normal words but a horse guy

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Yes I remember all of the Mr. Garrison episodes

Maybe the fans should stop whining about FG doing what they said was okay then


People nowadays *really* dislike random "theatre of the absurd" style antics.

I mean ffs this is a show where a 1 year old baby impregnated himself with talking dog DNA, by that merit alone any criticism is automatically invalid

what do you make of R&M and Smiling Friends type shows, they also do "theatre of the absurd" but with entirely different flavours. Even 90s cartoons got that whacky

The Conway Twitty bits come to mind - a couple of them were pushing 3-4 minutes out of a 20 minute episode

rick and morty is kinda too... fake edgy? Balding, even...

Smiling Friends seems the same, but didn't watch it

That episode felt super preachy, like the writers were speaking through Cartman.

Those shock value episodes are out of nowhere, don't fit the rest of the show and are unfunny, Drawn Together made even edgier jokes that were actually funny and controversial at the time and fit the show format.

I want you to imagine that two character are having a conversation about what is happening in the environment around them. And then this happens.

This is every Chickenman fight in Family Guy.

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Smiling Friends isn't all that edgy, it's usually strangely positive with a couple shock gags at a frequency of once every other episode.

Balding is a nice way to put R&M. "Theatre of the absurd" is probably more the case where the show is grounded in this real world and absurd things happen in it - but other absurd shows don't have this problem because the setting is already some kind of wacky surreal world

>That episode felt super preachy, like the writers were speaking through Cartman.
They use Cartman as a mouthpiece for opinions that they're scared of getting backlash for.

>Smiling Friends seems the same, but didn't watch it
It's not. It's not high art like the fans claim, but it's got integrity. The creators seem as tired of boring edgelord shit as the rest of us are, and they're self aware enough to not include topical/political humor. I was definitely surprised by how good the show ended up being, especially considering Zach Hadel's animations on youtube.

Sorry I guess I was distracted by the two episode arc where they seethed about Family Guy and then took a few more shots at the corpse of the Simpson's while they were at it. Not content just to get Drawn Together cancelled, the South Park guys have to be the center of attention in adult animation at all times

The seethe this still causes will always be funny.

>Not content just to get Drawn Together cancelled
I'm still mad. There was so much untapped potential. We didn't even get to see Toot's world.

Tom Waits doesn't sound like that

Not really, only a few losers at Reddit got mad, memers really astroterfed the outrage

What is wrong with you?
desuarchive.org/_/search/text/"What exactly is wrong with cutaway gags"/

t. assmad South Parkfag

I more so hate Family Guy for what it became, it's such a hateful show, it feels misanprothpic and I don't like people that are dicks. South Park's heart is in the right place even if they've been wrong in the past

>South Park's heart is in the right place even if they've been wrong in the past
user, they constsntly made fun of Steve Irwins death right after it happened just to spite some media outlets that lightly criticised them. They didn't even make fun of the media outlets, they just rubbed salt in the Irwin family's wound. Their jokes about Christopher Reeves eating fetuses was a lot more venomous than a joke that Drawn Together made (and got an episode pulled because of). Then there was the time that they depicted Sally Struthers as an obese monster just because she said she felt sad that they depicted her as stealing food from Africans. She didn't object to them making her fat or insulting her, nor did she call for censorship or even insult them back.

And all that's fine. But don't try to take some kind of moral high ground. These are all dumb shock cartoons. That's all they'll ever be, and that's not bad.

There isn't anything "wrong" with it, is kind of a nonsense humor where the lack of a build up is the punch itself, but at least to me that shit gets old kinda fast, they do it in every episode, there 17 fucking seasons, this exact same style with exact same characters, repeated every single time is the perfect way to ruin it, so eventually it gets annoying, breaking the whole show

They keep these threads alive with their hatebumps and I can't thank them enough for it

Punching up and making fun of public figures is ok, they never outright said "Fuck our audience"

Yeah, it's only recently now that they've become old fucks that they're trying to pretend they can do anything else.
Though it was funny when one of them fanboyed so hard for the guy who wanted to bring people into space, in that sort of pathetic way.

Neither of these shows are funny.

South Park never was comfy

>Punching up
How is that punching up?

Stop making these threads booberb

nothing, if you use them sparingly. Everything, if your entire series is built on them.

>Though it was funny when one of them fanboyed so hard for the guy who wanted to bring people into space
To be fair that's a good reason to hype a person, meanwhile Family Guy and Simpsons were wanking off any politician elected by the democratic party like the biased political party mouthpieces they are.

Nah, it was cringe as fuck.
Those two got suckered into sucking him off, it was hilarious, especially when they were so desperate to make sure that it never looked as if anyone they shat on was in on the joke before.

Again, at least there was a noble reason, they wanted to help space colonization and make people support it. Simpsons and Family Guy constantly kissing Democratic Party ass over and over was just shameful, it exposed them as not just biased but straight up loyal and submissive to a specific political party.

Dude, these two assholes have spent a lot of time shitting on everything that would make things better, yet when it comes to this one thing they'd be simping for some asshole? Nah.

Strangely, Family Guy has been making LESS cutaways in the more recent seasons. I suppose the writers want to focus on the main stories more, and to a degree I have been finding their episodes funnier as a result.

To me, Family Guy is best when they have wacky fun, and not trying to be topical for the sake of it. And thankfully Season 20 seems to continue that flow.

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South Park is an example of what happens when you give people too much fame and protection from consequences too quickly, a crash course in exposing the darkest side of a person. Only now in their old age does Matt and Trey regret their choices.

>Who gives a shit about the storyline in cartoon sitcoms?
Most people, that's why even the most episodic of sitcoms have at least some plotline to follow throughout their 20 minute episode run. Otherwise, we'd be seeing a lot more Robot Chicken clones airing on TV.

>B-because it has nothing to do with the hecking story,now watch our 60 minutes of pro-vax propaganda goyim
But in all seriousness, Family Guy is just a much more enjoyable show than South Park is, even the Steve era is more enjoyable than Current South Park. South Park nowadays feels the need to be preachy while Family Guy just doesn't give a shit anymore, and rolls with being a comedy instead of trying to be deep and serious.

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Depends on the era

Probably would've been filled with old timey black and white cartoons with the voices and attitudes of racist old Jews. Would've been awesome

The Christopher Reeve episode was awful. The whole point of it was to preach that stem-cell research is wrong.

People just except better from adult animated sitcoms