Are you ready?

For her sexuality?

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I am ready for her to be corrupted again since that's all she can do

I'm more than ready for you to leave Earth and go back to your home planet forever.

Mary is from Earth though.

Honestly at this point even my morbid curiosity about Mary's mini-series is dwindling down to nothing.

Because you already know they’re turning her bisexual?

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Is this about Johns' version of Mary? Nobody gives a shit about that character at all.

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I will never be ready. Her sexuality is too powerful.

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Not even cosplayer?

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Obviously she doesn't care about Johns' Mary Marvel since she isn't dressing like her.

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She’ll be bisexual, and you’ll learn to love it.

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Assexual is better!

Mary is a few minutes older or than Billy something!

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Miss Mary and Billy twins. Because they are the only ones in the family who both wear red!?

They’re no longer twins in current continuity.
Now Mary is the older foster sibling and is barely legal at 18

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Connor Hawke already took that spot

He was always supposed to be aesexual and full monkmode.

>they will enforce my fetish and you will love it
Fuck off degenerate

Not a fetish user.
Do you consider the latest She-Ra reboot a fetish?

No it's because the book is still months away with no new details revealed.

Wait! Are they turning Mary gay too??????

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Isn't she a kid just like Billy?

Not since Flashpoint.
Now she’s an 18 year old older foster sister of Billy.

I already love it but I feel like you don't.

How wonderfully convenient.

Mary being barely legal jailbait has been a trope for the longest.

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The obsession writers have with corrupting and sexualizing her in particular is so transparently perverted, I kinda respect it.
>Why yes, we want to put that barely legal innocent girl in skintight black leather and fuck everything that moves
We don't see that kind of stuff in modern comics much.

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Mary is no longer the innocent underage girl of the franchise anymore. That’s Darla Dudley.

Mary is now looked at as the more of the “experienced” legal female.

"Experienced" indeed.

How can anyone look at her and think “innocent”

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A girl unaware of her own sexiness is a very old trope, and people love it.

She can still be both that and “experienced” though.
Like Dean Yeagle’s Mandy

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it's so fucking fictional

Has Mary been hinted to lose her virginity yet?

Making Billy and Mary adults ruins the appeal of the characters for kids, but that is where comics are nowadays.

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18 is still a teen.


Why not?


Sexy bi

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You think the first time he becomes male they'll show him grabbing his crotch like they do with the opposite-way genderbends?

I'm schooled in the ways of life and the internet to know that black dresses, and black boots, and black latex gloves and short skirts are all supposed to be sexy. But this design has never done anything for me and I think I finally pieced together why. The full latex turtleneck is just plain weird to look at.

No user, you're weird.


Not that user, but the original appeal of the Marvel trio was seeing kids as superheroes, with all the earnestness and naivety that comes with that, and reflecting young fans. The closer they are to adults, the more generic they become.

Yeah, but that was the 1940s.
It’s the 2020s now, and adults are the ones cosplaying and pretending their superheroes. Kids don’t even read comics anymore, they read manga

Already am.

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I want Mary to continue pure

Pure of what?

Pure bust.

Yeah, but they don't even try to appeal to kids. And when they do, it's usually by superficially copying whatever's supposed to be popular these days. See, that run of graphic novels DC put out a year or two back.

Though honestly that's a separate problem from the Marvel family being poorly written as young adults.

Either way, it’s not surprising to see lgbtq elements in the Shazam franchise, since it’s already in other franchises as well. It was only a matter of time.

Why do Bi's also get lumped in with the gays all the time? Like 30% of the characters there are Bi.

You realize this is a comicbook character we're talking about here right?

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They're the acceptable kind of bisexual: the one that is only ever shown dating or fucking their own gender.

For people so concerned about representation, you think they'd not just make their bi character a normal fag.

The only bisexuals I see there are Poison Ivy, Harley and Jo Mullein. (If you don’t count Alan)