Is Spiderman the worst ongoing marvel book right now?

For years now Spiderman has felt like this horrible tug of war with each writer going "n-no! this is my toy now! this is my headcanon!" spending much of each ru trying to undo changes in a previous one to suit the writers personal bullshit.

On some level it feels like some transparently corporate way to get a lot of different action figure designs out like "this week its beyond spidey! but next month dont forget the chase figure goblin spidey!" and they story just feels like a constant back and forth of writers warring for control of dead mens ideas not even for some woke soapbox but a childish, seflish "no, but mmmmm, meeee though!" fan fiction usurping canon.

Like the last time since superior i saw an issue get praise was one about Aunt May and Doc Ock without Peter really in it.

When did it start going to shit? One More Day seems like the obvious punching bag but personally i feel like Spider Island was when it really started to dilute the characters down to nothing but costumes, power sets and final page fakeouts with nothing else sticking or mattering longterm. By the kindred stuff it felt like its decline accelerated and the beyond stuff has been atrocious even for the modern state of marvel.

What are your thoughts on the modern state of Spiderman?

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Pizza time

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>People hyped after movie
>fans probably wanting to get into the books now
>new run starting
>old artist returning creating more hype
>already fucked it up and killed all the hype before the book even comes out

unfortunately thats just been comics in the big 2 in general for a while now. its like a pack of dogs going back and forth for who gets go leave their piss drenched mark on the fire hydrant. this is why we have a never ending, constantly spawning, members and versions of the Batfamily, Green Lantern Corps, and a constant wave of earth shaking events. its all bullshit and i wish it would stop. But until the trend of writing for the script/live adaptation ends, were gonna be dealing with retarded bipolar stories for much longer than we are now.

This but nonironically.

>forgetting the hyphen

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take ur meds scizos

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He needs to earn it back!

>worse marvel comic

krakoa x-men. what you just described is cheap schlock, and different timeline spider-mans can be compared to the awful clone saga. x-men these days is a fucking radioactive dumpster fire full of used baby diapers

Do they not have a franchise director, lorekeeper, and tone monitor-type-guy like the marvel movies have?

Thats X Men though.We have been down this road before:
>x men: "now we are our own isolated people and a utopia and we will be perfect forever!"
>marvel, loading gun: "haha, yeah, thats nice"

We know the current X Men situation is always going to implode and get hard undone like it always does. But with Spider-man right now its a constant war between writers to make headcanon canon that sticks.

seems like those days of everyone following the script is over. writers now adays are for-hire, so they just come in and do what they want. its even worst at DC, where its pretty much a popularity contest or whoever gets paid the most decides whether or not they should give a shit about continuity,lore, or editor notes. its all a mess now

>What are your thoughts on the modern state of Spiderman?
Fucked up how being a mascot mean you will forever have shit stuff until the end of time.

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They fucked it up so so bad. Comics have every chance in the world to get it right and actually have a loyal audience but seems like comic writers shit the bed every time

Iron Man has it pretty bad too.

So why are we upset about obvious pagebait and a mystery box plot? There’s no obvious long term ramifications here. At worst we’re just mad that they’re delaying the OMD backpedal even more

This is a controversial choice but I think that the JMS run was where it all started to go wrong. I know his run is popular but I feel like the whole spider-totem angle and turning Peter into a chosen one and not somebody who became a hero by chance was total garbage. It also annoyed me that he didn’t use any classic villains and made up his own OCs instead. The one exception to this was Doc Ock who was only there to look obsolete next to this new younger Doc Ock OC who had more arms. This run also has Sins Past and One More Day which are two of the worst Spidey stories ever made. I tried getting into Dan Slotts run but it just didn’t really do it for me and I felt like he was regressing the character. Haven’t read Nick Spencer or beyond yet but from what I’ve heard it isn’t great either. It’s sad because Spider-Man is my favourite super hero but I can’t think of any modern runs I like… unless you count Ultimate Spider-Man as modern?

its just boring

>random debt collector stalking him
>supporting cast all giving him shit
>no job
>mj reset again


i dont care

I'm tired from bait itself. We barely have any story nowadays, only bait

The one exception to this is Daredevil. I don’t know how he is immune but he seems to just keep getting great runs and everything from the Kevin Smith run up to Charles Soule seems like a continuous story. (I haven’t read Zdarsky yet so can’t comment on that)

Iron man is much more a writer issue than a greater editorial mandate one like Spider-man. if you gave iron man to a good writer who knows what to do with him you would get a good book, the same I don't think could be applied to Spider-man right now.

ngl, as hard as they've shat the bed for Spiderman, the thing is that Peter Parker is at least written like himself. When I can't say the same for Iron Man, Hulk, Venom, or the X-men, that's an even sorrier state of affairs. Or whatever the hell it is that the Avengers are doing, because I swear to god it makes less sense with every issue published.

Still sucks hard seeing how much Spidey's writers have some kind of misery fetish though, considering that I doubt they'll ever TELL us exactly what Peter did to turn into a recluse for months on end and be shat on by the world AGAIN

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Zdarsky's Spider-Man was good, all Spider-Man's AU stuff tends to be good as well. I'm genuinely in disbelief as to how Marvel didn't create one good Iron-Man book during the MCU's popularity

I can understand that. The offense is not so much what’s happening, but the meta of waiting around for a story that isn’t just wheel spinning or cheap trickery

They'll tell us, but it'll take so long that we probably won't care by the time it happens.

I have no reason whatsoever to not expect the worst after Kindred and Beyond.

I'm curious, did you read all the previous runs before JMS?

How did they fucked up? I'm having fun so far, It's a good comic, you guys just hate fun.

As someone whose not even that big into ongoing singles or baffles me how good Marvel is at fucking things up. This is supposed to be the anniversary run but it just looks bad, the stories a retarded backtrack that’s been done before and will probably just piss more people off. The art looks like shit and barely anyone defends it anymore. Like what idiot thought that everyone despising Peter would make a great anniversary?

>darsky's Spider-Man was good, all Spider-Man's AU stuff tends to be good as well
those are not ASM user Editors never care what happens in Spectacular, and AU stuff is always a mixed Bag. also wasn't the Fraction Run of Iron Man considered good? that was during the MCU period.

All we really wanted was Spider-Bros. So, we get Chasm, 6 Month Time Jump, Down on his Luck for 100th time Peter, and OMD Acknowledgement. Spencer did right by his exit. Lowe is a piece of shit.

This seems to happen a lot, like they build up from movie, tv, and video game synergy but just hey absolute dogshit edgy comic runs that are just shitty soap operas

Nicholas Albert Lowe

I don’t really care about “Spider-Bros” or Ben. I just want good Peter stories without the artificial conflict

Even people on Reddit think this looks like dogshit and don’t want to bother with a long dragged out torture porn run.


I grew up reading the stuff that came after the clone sage but before JMS era. I’ve heard a lot of people don’t like that stuff but I loved it (probably due to being a kid at the time). I haven’t re-read it as an adult because it’s not been very well represented in collected editions. However I have gone back to read early spider-man stuff as well as the Roger Stern, David Michelinie and JM DeMatteis runs and whilst they are admittedly kinda dated now they are much more in line with the spirit of what I want from Spider-Man. The closest thing I’ve found to matching that spirit is probably Bendis Ultimate run but even that is a bit hit and miss at times.

I can't understand it. Spider-Man is the golden goose in virtually every media EXCEPT comics. How does Marvel fuck up so badly? His books have consistently shit for decades.

Think of this; you, dear reader, are so fucking stupid that you would not recognize a beat-up peter parker in the hospital, so we left him in his spiderman suit through surgery. We just cut away parts where we needed to operate on and left the mask on too, Why not? That's how stupid you are.

Editorial has had their head in their ass since 2007

he still sells extremely well in comics.

I just want to know why Marvel or a senior staff member hates York Pennsylvania

I think it’s a Yea Forums problem and not a Spider-Man problem desu

In my case it’s that I feel tired of this. The bait is blatant. It’s so obvious they just want people to be mad and talk about it.

I will read it once it’s done. It’s just boring

Totem and especially the Morlun fight going over everyone's heads this badly just goes to show Spider-Man readers are low IQ. No argument about The Other flushing it all down the toilet and confirming your biases, although the powers were a great addition.

The fucking spiderman stan twitter accounts are even calling the book shit now, i've never seen so many people write off marvels biggest name before.

Post examples? The backlash may wrap up this fake out story faster

>may wrap up this fake out story faster
what the fucking tumblr nonesense is this?

Unfortunately not

??? How the fuck is that post in any way “tumblr”? Are you fucking retarded? It’s not rocket science
>Fans hate story gimmick
>Sales drop
>Story ends sooner and moves on
Happened in Secret Empire

you're so weird for liking bendis. As someone who read the classics you should know ultimate doesn't hold up at all

I think the fact that it’s a different universe and not the “real” Spider-Man allows me to forgive it a lot more than Amazing Spider-Man runs. Also childhood nostalgia of reading it when I was younger.

You're probably baiting, but what's fun about any of this?

Oh look, they ruin his life for 312312 time, and everybody hates him again! What a brave new direction for Spider-Fag. Marvel, you crazy genius!

The newest evagoblion shitpost.

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Peter is the Finn the Human of Marvel Comics. I am convinced the writers AND editorial hate him.

Who's the second face? Wells?


Maybe I'm letting my Lowe hatred shine through but I'm not at the point where I'm blaming Wells yet. Wells has done good stuff, and quite recently in the case of Hellions and the first two issues of Beyond so I'm willing to believe this is all editorial bullshit so far.

This episode blew my fucking mind when I was a kid. It was rad as hell.

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