Is this what Yea Forums thinks of fusion?

Is this what Yea Forums thinks of fusion?

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A good design genuinely held back by the hair style choice

Back than SU was at this peak popularity I remember seeing crap about it being the le deep allegory about sex/romance in tumblr and Yea Forumsmblr which was one of the most retarded talking points I had ever seen about SU. That's kinda all I think about it.

she's pretty COO'

Yeah. It is much more vague. Fusion involves trust, and it involves love, but that doesn't mean it has to be romantic or sexual or whatever. That's just dumb shippers talking.

Inferior to best fusion, Opal.

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Best girl

Though I do often wonder what you'd really even do physically. Like every big woman or giantess I'm like "hot" but deep down I'm like "physical interaction would be impossible". I feel like I'm more admiring the female form than being sexually driven by wanting to fuck them.


Just pretend they're slightly taller women that are like Rose's height or that they can shrink themselves down somehow, that's what I do. I don't have a giantess fetish but women that are notably taller in a more restrained way, like 6.5 to 8 feet, are hot.

she was too cute, I miss her

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I love Alexandrite but I hate how she ended up being a huge jobber after her Malachite fight.

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its a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.

Fusion just means your gem designs go down two letter grades

Fusion is stupid. Just make em separate characters

Fusions are ugly and a waste of voice actor budget.

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Sardonyx was good fun. I kept hoping she'd show up more often.

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I think it's an interesting way of exploring characters that is heavily underutilized.

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The Pearl/Garnet fusion was very entertaining. Shame she didn't appear much.

2/3rds my waifu

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what kind of zany chaotic dipshit would a spinel + sardonyx fusion even look like

Yeah, I think that was sort of the problem with some of them. There were some cool characters among them and some of them could really have been fun to see as permanent members of the cast.

They got fingers which aren't even that big.

It's funny how Garnet actually is one of those dumb shippers, but Pearl isn't, and that difference in mindsets was kinda the catalyst for the Sardonyx story arc

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What kind of hairstyle do you think would look good on her, user?

don't diss my wife's cute onigiri hair

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The thought of merging my consciousness with another will never not be disgusting to me. What happens if the newly fused person never wants to unfuse?

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Imagine how soft her hands must be.

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Janeway did nothing wrong. Tuvix was an abomination.

I don't know how you can watch the Sugilite episode, with Amethyst's rabid excitement, the lewd dance, Pearl's blushing jealousy, her covering of Steven's eyes, and think there's no allusion to sexual relationships there.
Or when they were teaching Steven how to fusion dance and Garnet kabodon'd Pearl and she blushed.
Or Stevonnie asking each other "are you ok, should we stop?", people looking at them differently and lusting for them, and finally deciding to end it because they want to go back to the innocence of childhood.
Or Pearl and Rose getting excited over Pearl's passionate confession and losing their fusion virginity in some bushes, proceeding to land on top of each other's bodies and say, "this is very not allowed!"

Fusion is a lot of things to do with relationships which include strictly platonic nonsexual relationships, but there are a lot of sexual metaphors in the show for those where romance is involved.

Soft yet firm.

Yeah, I always figured that fusion as a whole was an allegory for relationships with each fusion being an allegory for a different kind of relationship.

Ah, a fellow combiner connosieur.

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does he count?

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He's ugly as fuck but yes, he does.

Big cockroach mommy. But I prefer big tarantula mommy.

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This one is even uglier than

She literally says “You like that little man?”

based. fusions are shit. combiners/gattai is where it's at.

unfathomably based

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Those balls hanging out fucking kill me

>got an expensive as hell celebrity to voice her
>can never use her again because she can't be afforded
Why? Why did they waste one of the best fusions like this?

Extremely cute and I forgot it existed

Sugilite and Sunstone are my favorites.

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Just have her not talk?

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I thought the problem was that she was too adult or too redpilled and people complained.

Also that "You like that little man?" turned my dick into a diamond.

Nope, it was her VA. Guess that just happens when your cool new fusion is voiced by fucking Nicki Minaj of all people

I know the problem was with Nicki my comment was specifically about Nicki being the VA and why people complained.

Sounds about right.
>Well aren't you the sweetest little charmer! I could literally squish you right now. It would not be hard!

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All the fusions had great themes. I liked how they would reflect all the personalities involved. Sugilite is my favorite.

There was a gag where they tongue-in-cheek admitted they have to pay per appearance.