Death of The Justice League

Oh No....

R.I.P in Peace Bruce,Clark & Diana forever ;_;

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surprised Discovery didn't kill this immediately

I'm sure this will be received well

Holy shit I can’t believe they’re really gone and are never ever coming back

They'll be back by the end of the year. I bet on it.

'member Death of Superman?
'member Flash dying in Crisis On Infinite Earths?

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at least he stayed dead for decades

Is he supposed to be aging them rapidly? I like the way they represent that through the paneling. It's a neat thing.

see the next dimension!

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Why did Thanos dad Mentor jump to the DC Universe to kill the Trinity?

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Yeah, they're not dead, they probably just got banished into their own personal Earths like Barry.

Discovery is woke and supports this.

They are allowing White Superman to be aborted in the DCEU and are permanently replacing him with a black Superman permanently.

Expect this change to happen across all media.

It is part of their plan to get rid of all white male heroes.

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Remember when DC Comics use to be good? Remember when DC Comics use to respect their heroes?


Who killed them?

This actually isn't that bad a way of doing it, since we all know they'll be back eventually. Now in a couple years months we can have an event that hops from world to world collecting each member of the league to fight some big bad. Probably starring the Far Sector Green Lantern so she can ultimately join the team.


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DC. They’ve been killing their popularity for years.

Makes me glad I read Manga instead.

DC is the most cringe company on the planet.

is that the main universe?

Shit art




I wish Disney bought out DC Comics.

They are not kill
He is sending them into their own earths

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Nah. Discovery supports this. They want to push the woke Justice League with Jon Kent and Tim Fox.

you gotta be fuckin kidding me

that's all pre Discovery planning though. 5G was WB/AT&T

Are you surprised?

And? Discovery is woke. They support DC’s woke agenda.

Citation needed.

>don't worry guys, WB will fix this!
>don't worry guys, AT&T will fix this!
>don't worrry guys, Discovery will fix this!
When will you learn, fucking beaten up wife.

They are making a black Superman movie. See They are pushing Jon Kent in their Pride Specials.

And they didn’t stop OP from happening.

And they made many progressive programs on Discovery.

That was the lamest way to kill off the Justice league i've ever seen. Bar none.
At least the bar can't be lowered any more.

>Discovery is woke and supports this.
Discovery literally telling cnn the shut the fuck up with political bias and be neutral.

DCfags are the most delusional beaten wives on the planet.
Superman will be a gay black muslim tranny in the future and DCfags will claim that Sony will totally fix DC this time.

Why do you think this? It's a fun callback to the only DC death that stuck

>Discovery is woke. They support DC’s woke agenda
Yep. This is an ass hurt Robertson Patterson fan that discovery boss blaming the Batman flopping on being too political and not being DCEU Batman.

They are only yelling at them because CNN+ bombed within a month and cost WB 200 Million dollars.

The same people who hope that Discovery will save the DC brand from the past mistakes it's made are the same dumbasses who thought Disney and Kathleen Kennedy would save Star Wars from George Lucas and his obsession with Jar Jar Binks.

Trust me. If you think it's bad now? You ain't seen nothing yet.

I really hope this sticks for batman.
Been saying it for a long time, dude needs to be stuck in his own universe along with his family and villains. Its the only way we'll stop retarded shit like "how does batman outrun an omega beam", "why not kill the joker", and "how did harley survive looking at johnny's face" without making galaxy-wide leaps in logic

Discovery is allowing the woke black Superman movie to be made. SeeAnd they are allowing JJ Abrams to make Constantine black.

I wonder if Diana will have her daughter Lytha in her Earth, considering Wally has his kids in his.

>They are only yelling at them because CNN+ bombed within a month and cost WB 200 Million dollars.
>Fired all the people behind Johnny depp firing and probably going to recast Amber heard
Is this bread tuber cooperation damage control? You communist larpers white knight Disney all week.

>Discovery is allowing the woke black Superman movie to be made
Literally a no body on twitter.
>And they are allowing JJ Abrams to make Constantine black.
Made before discovery buy out and JJ abram black Superman never went anywhere.

You can hate both Disney and WB for being woke.

Keep living in denial, user. Maybe you’ll become Egyptian.

how the fuck can they remember something that older than most of comic book writer, let alone comic book reader

because man door hand hook car door

Ram V's starting his Detective Comics run in July and all the covers show Bruce as Batman. It seems like these "deaths" are going to be undone by the end of the arc.

Why is DC so edgy and tryhard?

How is it tryhard? Or edgy?

>This is your punishment for being straight and white and not gay or black!

>How can they remember one of the most iconic moments their own comics have ever had?
Are you that stupid, user?

Killing heroes in graphic and gory manner. What if a kid picked up this comic book?

They'll be obviously saved at the end of the event dude.

The Batman didn't flop

>What if a kid picked up this comic book?
It's rated T for Teens, not like kids care about that anyways.

>graphic and gory
Drying up, turning into a skeleton and disintegrating is not "graphic" or "gory". There wasn't a single drop of blood or viscera here, it was just a ripoff of Barry's old death.
Kids aren't pussies like you think they are.

How is it gore? Are you American?

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I mean, they did

It's just that what they did instead was just as bad, only in a different way