They're going to be lesbians in the end after all.
Goddamn it.

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What? Did you think it was going to be anthro male on human female?

Friendly reminder that Sasha and Marcy are not main characters.

>the year of our lord (female) 2022
>thinking that a female protagonist in an children's animation could ever not be gay

I knew it. The gay ending will be between Anne and Polly

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But thats forbidden love!

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Cool so they are allowed to be gay.

They're tritagonists, not as prominent as Anne or the Plantars but still recurring and pretty important to the story

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I want to reincarnate as a newt loyalty just to be part of a collective conscious inside an asian school girl!

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It's funny because some are true.

Ha. I wish

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My favorite non-human character is Hop-pop except in LA.

Funny, I found Hop Pop's hollywood episode to be the best LA episode.

Mine's Grime, but Hop Pop's also great

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You're right, it was pretty good.

I grow tulips.

Endgame right here brothers

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anthro male on human female > lesbians

I didn't know you were a furry tranny.

Lads is the finale going to begin with another flashback of the girls pre-amphibia? that would be pretty awesome, would set up great for the reveal that they all die, except for anne. she dies last as the moon crashes into amphibia

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I would love to see that cat fight.

Tish has got it reversed. Spores was an allegory for modern pharma.

Beating Marcy for not being able to stick to one thread.

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What do you guys think the general reaction would be if they actually killed off one of the girls

>no three way duel, ever. fucking mutt

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God that’s hot, more user

Never interested.

some people are going to be sad for the girl who ends up dead, but that will be drowned out by hundreds of thousands of separate commentaries about the show being so mature and deep and shit.

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Depends who. Mostly melodramatic bullshit. Whatever ship makes it will forever rain as Queen.

that would be cool but I'm more than down for anne and sasha having a team fight against darcy

darcy would spend the entire fight taunting the two on their flawed friendships while simultaneously beating their asses.

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I do like that his redemption seems to be heading in the direction of "I now realize my actions have endangered my world and lost my best friends at the cost of it" instead of "humanity is worth saving" or "I feel sorry for Marcy".

Kind of like how Leif stole the box to save Amphibia, not Earth.

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Darcy can't even eat right.

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her latest OS upgrade on paper makes her three times faster!

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She keeps cooing over killapillars.

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There isn't anymore user, sorry

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Mine is Maddie

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Of course there is user but not with polly

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>all their advanced robots can be destroyed with basic melee attacks from untrained people

>no answer for long-range missiles

>must keep narrow transports channels open to move army

How exactly are they supposed to be a threat, again? Remember, back when they first wanted to invade, humans were in the middle ages. We've gotten a lot more dangerous, and they haven't innovated at all.


also there's a 60% chance the castle has a bullshit laser shield

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They will be lesbians. You will cope.

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>Marcy left out again
it's not fair

This. I've never seen anything in Andrias' forces that made me feel actual threat.

They have a fortress with a laser cannon, but that's about it.

Well I have seen some more panne but it's not safe for this board

>Marcy left out again

This one I can get behind.

Post the rest, ya pussy

Owl thread is down to the left Boschabro

Wasn't one of them a boy?

my bad. I'm not even on the right board kek


I dreamt a dream of amphibia in two parts.
We were in the grass jungle and marcies head was punched by a butterfly. She was a robot and she was decapitated. A child of domino 2 was friendly to us and lead us to him. In grass walls more of his children were watching us and hiding when we looked at them.
Next episode, we woke up inside of a ruined commie apartment (see STALKER buildings). Real marcie was there and we walked through the hallways. The robots then appeared with big bags behind them and their face behind grates. I punched one in the stomach multiple times and threw him through a big window. Through it you could see more of them running towards the building. I punched one more and german supplexed him. I was tired after that, they lead me down the staircase but i had a feeling that we were already too deep and now going underground.

made for toad cock

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The one that looks like Willow sounded like a guy in one of the scenes and he had no eyelashes, which usually indicates if a character is female or not

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still doubt

She is a main character now

He can sneak in a few bombs like with Cloak-Bot.

I don't recall them talking. what scene was that?

I think when Principal Faust was walking down the school hallway, you can hear the kid grunt and he sounds male

Where does Sasha's parents fit in on the chart?

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just watched it and you might be right. /u/ isn't going to be happy about this lol but its not like I care about dumb twitter head canons anyway

>THE main character
She’s now part of the main cast but she definitely isn’t the main character. These recent episodes barely had any of her. Some of them she hasn’t even shown up.