Is his Daredevil and Jessica Jones shit actually good or just not trash?

Is his Daredevil and Jessica Jones shit actually good or just not trash?

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Unnecessary trash, like everything he ever did.

those are some of his good works but I don't expect any of you sheep fucktards to admit it because you have been programmed to mindlessly hate everything Bendis did even if you never read it.

I thought his DD stuff was decent enough

I hate Bendis stuff generally, but I've read some of the last JJ he did and it's alright.

Daredevil is good, Alias is okay.

You're more of a sheep if you "like" Bendis.

Well, read along here and tell me what you think

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Joe Rogan did a comic?

I remember his DD being good through the Murdoch Papers reveal and then it got retarded.

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bendis le basist?

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I always found the first part of Alias more interesting than the latter parts of it.

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How do you feel about it so far?

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Boring art, mediocre and annoying writing.


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Most of the stuff that Bendis gets praised for was because it boring police procedural/ true crime shit. It was praised by people who wanted comics to be seen as more legitimate entertainment.

I hate Jessica Jones so much it's unreal. I just want Luke having fun Kung-Fu adventures with Danny. Why in the fuck people like the Bendis self-insert who ruined Luke I will never know.
I would rather have weeb Luke who gets no pussy, but gets paper over current Luke.

>it boring police procedural/ true crime shit
which is what BMB was making his name doing before getting work in the bigs, and people thought his inane dialogue was cute and not a sign of problems as a comic book writer
he probably grew up reading wambaugh where that kind of thing was there but kept in check

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>panel 4 pencil notes: just photostat panel 2, enlarge and rotate it I'm busy

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That is clearly two separate drawings, blindfag.

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So I take it in the MCU, Clinton never renamed itself/gentrified and is somehow still in the 1970s, just so Daredevil didn't have to move to another borough.

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>this is the same guy as

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god I hate daredevil for doing that constantly. Why do I have to read dd to know what happened to SPIDER-MAN characters

>why do I have to read more than one street level manhattan superhero Marvel comic book
How many does that really come to


Honestly though? Bendis completely writes him out of character so you may not even have needed to read the old Rose stories.

In fact if you read the previous Richard Fisk stories, you'd get why Bendis' take was kind of bad