Well... with all of the other oceanic themes in this story Starfish must be a key player. Also no new pages until July.

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This is genuine a nightmare scenario

This page isn’t safe for anyone.

But that’s the end of chapter 16! If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I take a posting break in-between chapters to build up the buffer and ensure the quality of the comic. This break will be particularly long since our next chapter is the last one! Everyone hates a poorly done ending, so I’m trying my best to give Unsounded’s first book a satisfying conclusion. Of course it won’t answer every hanging question (and will introduce a few new ones in fact) but we’ll close out some quest lines and send some long-time characters on their way. I hope none of your favourites leave us~ One way or another, find out when udpates resume on July 1st!

Another between chapter tradition is the fanwork contest! Please consider entering either fanart or a fanfic - your fellow readers would love to see what you come up with, and so would I! Read all about it here and maybe win yourself a prize!

Unsounded has been a long road and we’re not quite at the end of it yet. But I want to thank everyone who’s been reading along. Your patience, your good will, your companionship on this journey has been a joy to me. I’ll be hanging out in the Discord off and on during the break - come say hi! Otherwise, see you in a bit!




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So is book 2 gonna have a different name then?

*those fuckers

Ash had previously said that the chapter would end in a way nobody would see coming, and I think she was right.

I'd been convinced originally that he'd waltz through everything scott-free because the world's an unfair place.

I mean he was literally a head, he was pretty fucking dead. This seems to be a reanimated corpse from bad memories.

It takes some moxie to put a giant dick monster in your comic in this day and age. I salute you, Cope.

What the fuck, Cope?

Oh for fuck's sake.

>Prakhuta and Ana holding hands

lol dem balls

>Cope no!

wanna smash em

So he's a naga but instead of a snake it's just his dong?

He's a phallus lamia.

Some little kid decided to be edgy the rest of his life, I guess...

I can't wait to see chuuni Matty!

>"What's that? A missing child? PEDOPHILE MAN IS ON THE CASE!"

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ugh get it out of here his face creeps me the eff out

Well that is fucking nightmarish.

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You knew wrong, he died to death. That's a memory corpse puppeted by eels.


no I'm just some rando spouting the truth

the point is there's no guarantee all starfish's rape-memories are in there, and more importantly, that all the rape-memories in there are only starfish's

No, you're an idiot. You could argue any character is just a memory zombie. It's the "philosophical zombie" argument.

What the fuck is that and what the fuck is this comic

"amalgamation of select memories" and "specific alive guy" are not the same thing dumbass

ask bastion how he feels about the attempted resurrection of his sister

A memory zombie monstrosity. Unsounded.
You should read it.

Nightmare is probably the best word for it. To me, a consistent quality of nightmares and horror is the fact that there's something out to get you through no fault of your own. Starfish was dead, thoroughly dispatched and should not justify a thought from anybody. And once he catches up to our heroes it's going to be some genuine horror for whoever finds him first.

Nightmare is to me a very justified description of war. Nothing is normal during war: you're eating, shitting, sleeping and often enough some people intending to kill you and your comrades enter the picture turning a mundane situation to a struggle against total bullshit. It's almost okay to expect danger, like the group walking into a fight against the silver is a danger they know and are prepared for but nobody is prepared to deal with Starfish, who despite being much less a threat than the silver is going to make for some serious nightmare bullshit.

Starfish has evolved from ugly_bastard to some tag I am thankfully unfamiliar with.

Alright, where is the best place to read it?

Just google it, it's the first result.

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Excuse me, but what the fuck Cope?


The new Sette lewds on pixiv are boring shit and someone needs to instead commission her with today's new boyfriend

Should we make a mental health call for Cope?

What the fuck

I might draw Sette, but I will never draw that thing.

>This page isn’t safe for anyone.
I fucking knew what was coming the second I saw that

Alright Cope, I'm taking this away until you've learned your lesson and no longer commit sins against the soul of mankind.

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Just for that I'm bringing Murkoph back next chapter.

Welp I'm gonna try to forget about this for the next 2 months.

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>now I'm going to eat ALL the cookies because of what YOU did! this is YOUR fault! (last part unintelligible because mouth is full of metaphorical cookies)
yeah ok

Christ alive, imagine the horrific thoughts running through that fucking mind right now. If he could even be said to have a mind anymore, that is.

this was the only thing going through my mind

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Look out, children.

Horror art like this can be a great outlet all on its own, actually.

Aw man, I'm going to be sad when it's over.

Was about to question how this new monstrosity could even function independently until I noticed that vine of silver in the last panel.

Now I'm left wondering if his will to molest lost children was seriously strong enough to force the remaining mass of negative energy to spit him out to keep going. Sure seems like this was a direct reaction to the distant sounds of Quigley.

Reminds me about John Carpenters The Thing. Me like.

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What the fuck is going on

"Listen, I may murder and consume entire towns, but I'm NOT a kid-fucker."

There might be enough of Anabelle left to feel revulsion at that and want to spit him out
Or he just wanted to go left and she wanted to go right and it was easier to split off.


Do you expect us to believe you were going to let the book end without sneaking him in one last time in the first place?

I'm pretty certain it's thinking thoughts too vile to put to page. That is not the face of something with even remotely stable thoughts.

Don't threaten Starfish with a good time, two's company but three's a crowd. Sette only has two hands and She'll already need both of them to stab every dick individually.

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You were going to do that anyway. You can't trick us.

Well shit, you really did surprise me with this one, Cope. Well played, well played.

So we go to Alderode in Book 2, right?

So is this like a metamorphosis of the original plan for Starfish to actually be an efheby in human skin?

well then

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