B, C, D

ITT B, C, and D class villains

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I think he’s a C or maybe a D.

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Wow, it's pretty rare that I don't recognize someone.


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How the fuck does the Scorpion's mask work?

Who's the guy on the left with the purple cape?

The one and only!
Spanking art never.

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It's a girl, she was called Phantazia.

as I look at this thread, I realize these are all my favorite villains. Why are low grade supervillains so great?

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Many C~D list heros and villans actually have cool/creepy custume.

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I feel the same way. I think it's because, since villains are supposed to lose, C list villains are basically double underdogs. Anytime they do anything cool, it feels like they're really pushing themselves.

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A lot of them are henchmen, or members of a team of villains, so they can get by on just having a cool costume or a memorable power, they don't need to have their own plans and goals, and nobody expects them to win, so it doesn't matter when they lose.

forgot about this twat

>anytime they do anything cool, it feels like they are really pushing themselves
that's the ticket. When you see The Shocker pull off a neat stunt or appear as a credible threat, it is always the most hype because he NEVER gets a win.


C. His daddy bought him the boost.

Tasky's A by now. You can't show up in two games and a major motion picture in four years and not be considered a viable celebrity.

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He beat Superman in a 1 on 1 fair fight.

the entire serpent society got cheated by Captain America 3 becoming Civil War the movie

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So did fucking harley quinn. your point

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Ah yes, nipple man.

>that design

That's an S tier. Says so on his chest.

1 out of 1,000,000 people would know that.

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>shoots spider-man
>infiltrates the Avengers mansion
>diagnoses spider-man for radioactive AIDS
>refuses to elaborate
>disappears forever

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>Killed the original Captain Marvel
>Responsible for Civil War
he should be at least a B lister

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That would require Captain Marvel to be at least a B lister

All Spider-Man villains are auto-A tier. Even the shitty ones like the Wall get talked about more often than the majority of all other character's rogues.

the movie however is dogshit, in both his now her portrayal and just the general movie

Kek thanks for reminding me

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I was thinking more in universe, not meta tier

Killer Moth has always been odd to me, except for of course movies, he's referenced in a bunch of Batman media, also he appeared in OG Teen Titans as well, yet he's ridiculed as a lame cringe villain, but at the same still gets name dropped and referenced as a commonly known Batman villain, and is treated as such during the 2000's. it's very odd

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He had a pretty big push in the 2010's with the games and cartoons. Might've been put up to B-tier if they kept going at it.

Even the C-list heroes admitted they were out of their league when facing him.

He’s Cancer?

He blew up some cancer gas barrels in a fight which, natch, gave Captain Marvel Cancer. It was a retcon when Mar-Vell got diagnosed, in that "You remember in issue #whatever those canisters Nitro blew up in your fight with him? They gave you cancer!" kind of deal.

Mac Gargan's reason for existing is to become furious with Spider-Man then get mauled in inventive ways Garth Ennis would blush at

Are we really going with Spidey Stories now

>John Severin design and I can't recognize him
I'm ashamed

I'm expecting him to bump up to B tier after the new Batgirl movie releases

Based Prime telling the truth.

Made for BBP*.

*Big Baps Pussy.

Me and one other guy are pretty much her only fans.

I liked him better when he was a complete dipshit.

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That's Avenger's villian, The Porcupine.
In some comics, you can see his armor on display in Avenger's Mansion.

Busted up Hyperion (Marvel's Superman parody) real good lately.

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