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Just keep the comic as Sexy Robots Doing Weird Shit forever jeph. We don't need the meatbags.

I enjoy the idea on robots having an intoxication crank.
Aaron Stack would approve.

I know all these threads feature us doong the same tired bits and making the same criticisms over and over, but this was never that funny and you can knock it off forever

Kill all the humans and let the robots rule the wasteland

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haha this is pretty great. I swear there was three cranks in the first Resident Evil game

Why is Roko's I

Roku turned it inside out ciz she doesn't love anal

>A literal crank
Now thats a good joke

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Oh so Melon does know Lemon. I was wondering about that.

Flipping your image is actually really common for digital artists and is an important step to make sure your image doesn't have a distorted perspective. If you stare at an image for long enough from the same angle it can be easy to gloss over that the proportions are wonky or that things don't line up correctly.

Because she doesn't want to be seen with an I

she's welcome to take it off anytime

ah ok, guess I missed the last comic.

Why? Seems like all her friends are degens and don't they know she fucks loaves of bread?

Don't know. Judging by the last one, she thinks that anal is worse than fucking bread.

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I guess we're saving the "Who is Lana?" joke for an upcoming strip.

You can go out in public wearing a T-shirt that says "bread makes me rise" but not one that says "roll for anal circumference" . There's an inverse bell curve of degen acceptability where if you get turned on by parking meters or olympic mascots or whatever, you can just do your thing and no one can tell you're being fucked up about it.

>"roll for anal circumference"
Ah, good old FATAL.

"Creche 2021472 IX" in the background. Might be her "birth" group? Interesting, but because this is Geffy, it will never be brought up or explained ever again.

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kek. what were they before the edit?

You say that because you are a russian ukrainophobe!

That's... not an edit

Dude, give it a rest. It's not a fun gimmick.

That's the original.

Who? Who, user? Who the fuck makes this shit?

Robot anal? Disgusting. Engine oil comes from there

They're sisters. And she should definitely still call her because the more robutts the better.

Heph please give us a full body view of everyone's slutwear before they change out of it.

>You can ... not [go out in a t-shirt] that says "roll for anal circumference
Work out enough and avoid schools and you can wear whatever you want.

Jeff Jacques, same as always.

I want to bred Roko

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My name is Jeph! Get that right, you mongoloid mongol's diseased asian man!

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Shut up Gepfpfh

So where is the professional sexbots? Like dorothy haze.

Geppito Jacks? Is that you?

Hi! Yeah it's me, you-will-NEVER-be-a-womanon. You absolute tranny!

>Jemp actually induced the tag sticking out the back of the inside out shirt
You can tell he's actually having fun with this storyline.

to be fair, this arc is less terrible than usual, I bet it has something to do with slutbots

>robots are a stand in for minorities and act just like people

>but also there are minorities too

>also written from the perspective of a cis white male

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Consistent details and a background that he seems to have put some effort into—clearly robofucking is the man's passion

god bless him.
no stabbening for at least 4 weeks

trannies getting jealous of sexy robots and throwing a fit when?

The robutts are his muses. He only bothers with meatbags because he thinks he's supposed to.

Hopefully they get enough Claire to leave the slutbots alone.

Just drawing cute girls in general is, but with the robots he won't get complaints about how he's objectifying women. Jeph is a coomer at heart. I remember the thing that hooked me into this comic years and years ago was seeing my own fetish in it. He used to frequently mention that Faye was fatter than the other girls, and it took a while before his art actually depicted that, but in the meanwhile he'd have them just say it and occasionally someone would even grab her stomach and tease her about it. He's much less blatant about it now, or so I thought until this week when he threw the robot house party with slutty dresses and the one robot announcing she has a fat ass

do not remind me of the good times gone.
I miss jeph, now almost totally consumed by the demon known as hepfh hacques, able to take control of a single hand maybe once a year

Please drawfag user, this arc was made for you, where are you?

unfunny retard, fuck outta here

You're a zombie with a brain washed by kremlin propaganda!

>Need a crank put in ear to make them drunk
Somewhere someone has this as a fetish

It is just an easter egg. But i like that detail!

Its a thread about shitting on a fuck awful webcomic that ruined May. Where the fuck do you think you are, Commie?


You mean use her as a artificial womb?

01010100 01001000 01001001 01010011.

Shit, after seeing that person might be me

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Man I don't recall her at all.
Am I being dense, is she still in it?

Mandy is Faye’s sister who never shows up anymore because she’s a lesbian who lives in Savannah, Georgia. This makes her a walking paradox that cannot be touch because
>as far as Jeph’s current audience is concerned, the American South is a relentlessly homophobic nightmare that would be too triggering to ever explore
>even if Jeph did try to explore it in a way that doesn’t freak out his audience, most of the population of Savannah is black which would mean it would be mostly black people being homophobic at her which would be racist
>before you ask, no he can’t just make all the homophobes white because then he’d be whitewashing Savannah which is also racist
>if he just decides to go fuck it and ignore all that shit like a normal human being, his audience might still freak out because now he’s downplaying the issue of homophobia is in the South
We ain’t seeing her again

How dare you imply that Jorf Jorks can't handle bants with your callous joke, user! Why do you think they call him Bantstab if not for his bant-handling abilities?!

She showed up a few years ago, she was dating a black woman who was a professor of AI studies. She did what Claire and Willow did to Clinton and Elliott by talking Faye into being in a gay robot relationship