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>n-nooo I don't want to become the principle aaaAAAAAAAA

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mine taught me that whenever she invited me to the office for penis inspection day

I always get confused by how these transformation shapeshifter images always have the clothes magically change too. It's one of those weird minor things that seems less plausible than the crazier shit.

Every time OP makes a "DA cringe" thread he is actually into all that "cringe".

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Fantasizing about pedophilia isn't healthy user


Is shota faggotry pedophilia, though? I mean, you're not lusting after children, but after adult women while self-inserting as a child. That's a big difference.

Here have some real weird stuff.

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Does anyone else feel completely numb while looking at these, I know it's supposed to be revolting but it's just... nothing

It isn't, ignore the prudes moralfags

yeah, and with a bit of sadness for the corrupted child who drew it

Yeah, same. Once the novelty wears off, you just start to hope that these people are doing okay.

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That's pretty cool, actually.

chadrocco is great aschually

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So this is just a /d/ transformation thread, huh

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What the fuck


Huh. usually family guy storyboards are more on-model

I guess so.

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I'm surprised no one ever talks about that guy that's obsessed with PBS kids dot

Someone post that one strip bleedman made!

I mean that's your bog standard furry tgtf comic. It's not exactly weird

The former Doug Walker fucker who got pissy over MLP betraying him?

Someone turning into a living gun is normal? Even in furry porn that seems a bit rare.

Sees to be very similar to the ones transforming in to airplanes.

They aren't turning into a furry

What said. A subset of the furry community focuses on anthropomorphizing plains, cars, and guns. It's rare, absolutely, but not it's not schitzo "Joker drinks ocean water" tier stuff. It's TGTF with a new coat of paint

you phrase this as if I'm supposed to know anything about his channel beyond the fact that it exists

I know where this idea came from at least.

Might be for the best

Careful or you'll have a bunch of TF/TS fags coming out the woodwork to yell at you

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After ten years of Yea Forums, there is still occasionally something actually hilarious or disturbing from deviantart. Its an infinitely replenishing pool of autism.

I just find myself wondering how anyone could develop such a specific fetish

I am thankful everyday that I grew up next door to a "cool kid" who would lovelying bully me about all the autistic shit I did or I probably would have gone down the Deviantart rabbit hole.

I dunno, maybe it's because I took 3 English courses this semester but part of me really wants to know what life is like for these gun people now.

>Posting chad in a cringe art thread...

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It ain't. I self insert as a child in my mind because doing it with someone who is much bigger than you is hot. Can't really have that as an adult without trying to find somebody who is a literal giant.

What would you do if you got turned into some kind of weird gun Golem

It's all whatever. It tends to be very specific vore/bondage/sadism that still makes me feel sad.

This, no matter how jaded I get that kind of porn still makes me mad/depressed.


Deviantart fetishes only make me mad when it's clearly a kid drawing it. You're basically watching someone being groomed and you're powerless to do anything. Even if you confront them, not like they'll listen.

These threads are cancer and the mods agree with me
Report the OP for off topic, spamming and ban help improve Yea Forums.

I get that. I hadn't really thought of that.
Still, there's just certain things that make me sad. Not fearful, but just sad that there's someone out there with that understanding of sex.

These threads are harmless, and this board puts up with waaaaay worse anyway. Laughing at/discussing weird shit is a staple of Yea Forums.

>and the mods agree with me
Well that's a pretty good indication you're wrong.

I saw that thread.

after you see jet porn you just become numb to it all.

CR is a whiney bitch

imagine your skull stretching out into an inanimate rectangle with your mouth in a O shape like a sex doll but it can blow a hole into someone if someone squeezes that newly grown trigger on your neck

anyways this is something the artist does a lot of
and I personally find it sexy (and have gotten art from them)

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Don’t, they’re making mad bucks drawing this shit for the degens.

I legitimately love the concept of something like this. I've done a story for their Mirabelle characters in the past and now I'm tempted to do one for these things. I mean what do you do when you get turned into a living gun? How to you live your life?

I hate looking through someone's Deviantart page and trying to determine whether they're just an socially inept autistic adult or a literal child. This shit spooks me to the point of simply not replying to people on the site, I toss "hi" notes in the trash whenever I get them now.