List your favorite batman books so i can read them

list your favorite batman books so i can read them

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Tom King’s

The Dark Prince Charming

Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns are indispensable. Dark Knight Returns is non-canon, but great. Year One is Batman’s first adventure (in post-crisis continuity)
Now, after Year One, usually people rec The Long Halloween next. That being said, there is the Monster Men, Mad Monk and Prey. Legends of The Dark Knight is a comics line immediately set after Year One and within that continuity, and very good.
Batman: The Man Who Laughs is a great first Year Two story. Batman Confidential did an excellent sequel to The Man Who Laughs. Then there’s Venom.
Here’s where you ought to read Long Halloween. Then When In Rome (Catwoman), then Dark Victory.
If you like those, check out Haunted Knight. Not essential, but it’s by the same people.
After Dark Victory, Robin Year One. Check out The Gauntlet, Batgirl Year One, Nightwing Year One, too.
I’d also rec Ego, and The Saga of Ras Al Ghul.
Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth, is a stand-alone that’s kinda hard to fit in continuity, but it’s really good and I highly recommend it. Highly highly highly.
Then maybe The Killing Joke.
Now you’re into the Jason Todd years of Robin. Before Death In The Family, read The Cult and For The Man Who Has Everything. Don’t make Death In The Family your first/only Jason Todd story. Do read it though.
Read some Justice League stuff here too I guess. I honestly don’t know much to rec for that.
Batman Year Three to read about Tim Drake, and A Lonely Place of Dying
Then Knightfall
Then No Man’s Land
Then Hush and Under The Hood for the return of Jason Todd
Then Batman And Son
The Black Glove
Batman RIP
Final Crisis
Batman and Robin
Batman Inc
(This is all just Morrison’s run, btw, from Batman and Son to Batman Inc)
After that, idk. They rebooted the whole continuity here. Snyder’s run was eh. Court Of Owls, you might as well read it just cause they’re everywhere now. I don’t really like them desu. I don’t like how they went backwards.

finally a good fucking post, any elseworlds you recommend

Oh and let me explain the “crisis” thing
DC’s continuity got too big and bloated, so they made a story called Crisis On Infinite Earths that rebooted everything. It certainly cleaned up some debris, and streamlined the stories. Messy in some areas, but definitely needed.
But it should have only been done once! Now they have a crisis and a reboot every couple years. Soon “Crisis” will be a monthly run, and every single Batman comic will be a new origin story.
I really think, from Miller to Morrison, ordered properly, you have a really compelling superhero story of a man’s adventures and growth, from lone street level vigilante to galaxy wide larger than life icon. But it all just goes out the window because it’s been rebooted two or three times since.
I’d like them to go back, but they can’t. It’s far too late.
Don’t totally sleep on pre-crisis Batman though. Get a collection of Golden/Silver/Bronze Age stuff, and you’ve got some great adventure stories
If you’re a completionist, buy every omnibus out and the ones to come out. If not, there are these old trade paperbacks that serve as good best-of collections:
>Batman In The Forties
>Batman In The Fifties
>Batman In The Sixties
>Batman In The Seventies
If you can find them, get them

I’m gonna make an embarrassing confession: I haven’t read Gotham By Gaslight. I hear it’s so good, so great, so wonderful, and I still haven’t read it.
My favorite elseworlds are the two I mentioned, which of course everybody already knows: Dark Knight Returns and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth
Someone else, please, rec Elseworlds if you know the good ones. Also good Justice League stories, because I’m lacking in that area too

anything where he loves catwoman

>O'Neil's / Adams run
>Englehart / Rogers run

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Damn, why is thread so based? Usually these rec threads are just “read year one then long halloween then idk morrison’s run”
Great run suggestions OP, check these out


repostin a good list:
Some key issues-

Detective Comics 409
Batman 410- This was the basis for a BTAS episode
Detective Comics 427
Detective Comics 433
Detective Comics 434 thru 435- First Spook story
Detectives 469 thru 479- This is one of the most famous runs, covering stories such as the Joker Fish and Clayface III. The first two issues in this run are a bit bland, but everything after is some of the best Bat books and brings back Hugo Strange. Several BTAS episodes were inspired by this.
Batman 222- Fun story based on the Beetles, "Paul is dead," myth.B
atman 224
Batman 236- Batman solves a decades old unsolved murder
Batman 239- Famous Christmas story
Batman 252- Another Spook story
Batman 291 thru 294-One of the more famous stories
Batman 237- First Reaper story.
Batman: Ego
Batman: Death by Design
World's Finest (1990) with art by Steve Rude
Heart of Hush
Batman and Grendel
Batman and Riddler: The Riddle Factory
Batman and The Monster Men
Batman and The Mad Monk
Jim Aparo Batman.
Every Black/White story.


I'm currently reading through Miller's All Star Batman & Robin and it's highly entertaining.
Don't know why some people accuse his writing of being "too grimdark" when it's like Batman '66 but with more edge to it.

In any case, would recommend.

Don’t listen to this user op

>O'Neil's / Adams run
thank fuck i found my people, someone who finally speaks my language.

why do Boomers and Schumfags seethe so much over the bronze age of DC?

Blades (3 parter)
Long Halloween & Dark Victory
Batman Shadow of the Bat 62-63 (2 parter)
The Dark Knight Returns

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The Bronze wasn’t stylistically like the Adam West show, but a lot of it is in continuity with the show.
The Batmobile resembles a Lincoln Futura, a red hotline phone connects the commissioners office to Batman, Barbara Gordon became a permanent cast member, etc.

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This comic is from 1969, so on the threshold of silver and bronze age. Batman no. 210
There’s a certain demographic that just can’t stand this sort of stuff

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Name a funnier Batman, I'll wait.

Okay you win, he is funny

but why does Yea Forums despise 70s and early 80s pre crisis so much?

are all these people just silver age boomers with nostalgia goggles?

certainly not considering how many snyderfags are on suicide watch these days

Yea Forums is almost exclusively silver age wank. I've never been a huge fan because a lot of the runs aren't all that funny. And it's main advantage is being more ridiculous/funny, on paper.
I really like the Golden and Bronze age though.

as far as i'm concerned, Death in the Family is the cutoff point for the bronze age, everything Post-Crisis turned Bats into pointlessly edgy misery-wank drivel written by juvenile man-children who fundamentally misunderstand the character.

Bronze Age Batman being neglected is completely the fault of DC and no one else. They are some of the best cape comics ever and DC simply refuses to reprint them or worse reprint them with digital fuckery.

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just watch animated movies, comics suck ass

kill yourself
I like the art a lot, but the story is mediocre and blandly weird

What’s wrong with his FACE?

SOUL vs SOVLless

Avoiding the obvious ones, Night Cries, The Cycle Of Violence, Darwyn Cooke's Deja Vu (based on Night of The Stalker), The Gauntlet, and Death of Innocents

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>that neck tho

Can anyone recommend me a Batman story or something where most of his focus is either on training (martial arts + gym) and beating up goons with well choreographed action? I am tired of the world's smartest detective and bullshit IQ of one million which allows him to "ummm ackshually" every opponent. I just want Baki Batman.
Thanks in advance!

I mean I guess the end of the The Cult and his fight with Mutant Leader in TDKR has that, There's also a lot of him learning to fight in Legends of the Dark Knight, with like Batman: Tao

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For a good Batman story with a large ensemble cast, check out The Lords Of Luck: The Brave And The Bold

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Public Enemies is a great one with Superman and Batman together

Written by Jeph Loeb - same guy who did Long Halloween and Superman For All Seasons

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Anyone impressed with the wider degree of influences the movie used? It obviously had Year One and Long Halloween but I liked seeing Shaman, Venom, Ego, the Telltale games, etc.

I hope this becomes a trend, more need adaptions
I love Year One and Killing Joke, but there are tons of movies based on them

Matt Reeves actually seems like a fan of Batman (like the DCAU and Brave and the Bold team) rather than a fan of his own personal interpretation of Batman (like Burton, Nolan, Snyder).

read these and in this order:

batman the cult
all star bamtan
batman hush
bamtan: heart of hush
batman by gregg hurtwiz (everything by him)
batman: dark knight, dark city
batman earth one Volumes 1,2 and 3
batman: dark prince by marini
batman europa
what ever happened to the caped crusader?
batman by warren ellis
batman by manapul and buccellatto
batman 700
batman the return
Batman: Ego

Not my favorite by any means but the latest Batman thing I've read was Batman White Knight and I enjoyed it. Now I'm reading the sequel

don't mind me I'm just the best batman writer

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Based user actually making a comprehensive chronological reading list for post-crisis Batman. This deserves a chart

>Read some Justice League stuff here too I guess. I honestly don’t know much to rec for that.
Justice League International, JLA Incarnations, JLA by Grant Morrison and Tower of Babel are must reads.

This is a good post, but it's saddening to see you just skip from No Man's Land to Hush when there's so much good stuff in between. Gotham Knights: Transference, Rucka and Brubaker's runs, Officer Down and Bruce Wayne: Assassin are excellent.

batman prey is really underrated

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That's a terrible order.

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Batman Gothic
Batman Shaman
Batman Universe

Always room for improvement user

why would you recommend batman earth one volume 3

Anyone leaving out Dark Knight, Dark City needs to fuck right off. Only 3 issues long and one of the best Bat stories of the modern era. Essential background to Morrison's run as well.

Speaking of Morrison, Gothic is underrated as well.

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>Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth, is a stand-alone that’s kinda hard to fit in continuity, but it’s really good and I highly recommend it. Highly highly highly.

a great book
a friend gave me a deluxe hardcover of this book
it had the entire original script by Morrisson, his concept art and most importantly a fuck ton of footnotes explaining wtf is going on. if you are a brainlet like me, you should definitely buy that version if you can find it.

good post. I personally wish I stopped reading comics all together when Morrison finished Batman Inc. Felt like the perfect ending to Batman, and I often wish I would've taken the out

Batman Odyssey

The dark knight strikes again is post modernist kino that capeshitters haven’t grown to understand yet. It’s a more brutal takedown of the entire medium than watchmen, and more of a celebration of it than any mcu movie could hope to be.

In no particular order:
>Batman Year One
>The Dark Knight Returns
>The Long Halloween
>Dark Victory
>The Killing Joke
>A Lonely Place of Dying
>Death In The Family (but like another user said, don't make this your first Jason Todd story)
>Dark Knight, Dark City
>Batman & Dracula: Red Rain
>Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
>No Man's Land
>Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Read The Shadow.