Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic Unbound #3

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Before Sonic, Eggman, and everyone else, there was WAR! We go to another world to see the conflict between the echidnas and the djinn. Who will prevail? Is peace possible? Get ready for some familiar faces from certain games, including a non-canon one! This is King of the Djinn!

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This comic started pretty early while Sonic Unbound was going and we got early Okida art again.

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There he is! No, not Sonic. This isn't his story.

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Rainbow echidnas!

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Locke is going to be fucking insufferable tonight.


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>Chaos started the war between the two races
Already, this shit is wild.

He gon be pissed.

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>This comic started pretty early
And yet you were late!
Leave FIVE unmarked Sonic feet pictures in a brown bag in Station Square and we may forgive you.

>Erazor Djinn
And into the trash it goes. Fuck this franchise and fuck this fanbase.

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>tfw no cute djinn gf
Oh, that Chaos!

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That's a bunch of dead Echidnas right there. Also ENTER ERAZOR

Big, muscly djinn daddy!

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You mean the annoying retards who roleplay as asshole characters who we all pretend are funny for some reason are going to be insufferable tonight. Oh wait, no, they're ALWAYS insufferable.


His thirst for combat must be sated!
The badass djinn warrior!

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This is bullshit! Even the Dark Legion or those Albion pussies would've beaten these Djinn!!

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A book that's worth a look.

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Erazor's war boner must be sated. For Khorn-I mean, Iblis.

I'm sure they would have, Locke. Now go back to fixing your microwave.

The king tires of this war.
It's him!

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Seriously. Enough of this shit already.

Even the most fearsome warriors have a soft side.

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Jewelry from someone you killed? Father, you shouldn't have!

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Chaos is power. Enriched by My Will

Some concerns for this attempt at peace?

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Even bad guys have loved ones.

>Shahra was his daughter
Oof. Guess that makes Secret Rings in this universe more awkward.

The Satan numbers normally land on the evil pages, in fact in this ride I think it's been exclusively the evil pages... and now someone whose ban timed out wears them too. What an omen.


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The fool dared to interfere with the Ride, and was swallowed up into the abyss of feet and edgekino.

That night, after banging his wife for many hours...

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Like all great warriors, his stamina in bed is godlike.

Erazor, you need to stop letting these echidnas live rent free in your head.

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I think I recognize that echidna girl!

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I'm sure Pachachamac won't do anything reckless

Echidnas have free room and board in djinn heads, Conductor. He can NEVER escape.

Did you just say... Chaos?!
His thirst for sex must also be sated.

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I remember that book! Fun read.
>I'm sure Pachachamac won't do anything reckless
Fingers crossed.

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>you need to stop letting these echidnas live rent free in your head.

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Klaatu barada nik-*cough*

>your race gets to be one of the most powerful in the land
>you just have to fight another equally powerful race for a god's amusement
Seems like a fair deal.

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Son of a Bitch!!

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Oh... THEY!

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There's our wise echidna leader that has never done anything wrong!

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This meme seriously needs to be fucking banned. Fuck off. It was never funny.

On the way to the meeting, Erazor is filled with doubt.

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Is it Black Arms? I bet it's Black Arms.

Honestly keeping an all powerful god happy seems sensible.
What are you gonna do otherwise? Shout are you not entertained at the sky and get lightning bolted by Zeus before he rerolls your species?

>erazor: why you little!
>shahra: aaaahhhh!

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Your daughter came along, Erazor. Should have put her in a lamp.

Looks like we need a babysitter.
I got just the job for you.
>Is it Black Arms? I bet it's Black Arms.
We'll find out later.

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>Bunnie gets a Plasma Chainsaw upgrade
>Bunnie: Groovy.

>shahra: father, are we there yet? i'm bored, my feet hurt, i wish i was on adventures with some blue boy

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>tfw no umbra gf
Guess I'll go to war.
That'll shut her up!
Sounds like a Joeadok art piece.

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Meeting starting off well enough.

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Not quite the Umbra I'm used to. These don't use guns.

Watch out for the face on the cover. It bites!

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>tfw no umbra gf
You just can't compete with a wereho- umbra male's stretch fisting capability. Sorry, try being born as one next time.

Fool! Tikal is a greater slayer than her father! Her body count is endless!

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Smug daughter.

Damn, Tikal. Daddy wouldn't be happy to hear you say that about him!

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Exploitable Erazor in that second panel.

>play echidna
Hand it over, old man.

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Cute Umbra. Especially the male.

You ever just want to find these fan "artists" and just punch them in the face so they stop plaguing the internet with their shitty comics? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY O THESE DAMN THINGS?

>chewing of old soup
ewwwww, what kind of soup is a djinn making that needs to be chewed?

Chaos? Again? This fucking guy.

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Pax? What's going on here?
Old soup, obviously.

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>A first cause
Didn't know Okida was into ontology.