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people got it wrong. 1 is better than the sequels. 3 goes downhill inmediately after the opening car chase

that opening scene is like taking a hit of cocaine for the first time.

Nothing wrong with that.

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>1998 : Antz
>2001 : Shrek/Shrek in the Karaoke Swamp Party
>2003 : Shrek 4-D
>2004 : Shrek 2/Far Far Away Idol
>2005 : Madagascar
first movie was easily PDI's best work since 2001

also, Madagascar was directed by Eric Darnell, the Antz director. He isn't credited in anything between 1998 and 2005 (besides writing the "Welcome to Duloc" song from Shrek)

I always found it strange that Captain DuBois understood the Italians but all the Italians couldn't understand her. I can accept that in the Madagascar universe, animals have the ability to understand a language upon hearing if for the first time, but there was no explanation for how Captain DuBois could understand Italian upon hearing it for the first time.

Now here's a classy hippo waifu

original film made over 500 mil worldwide and is the 6th highest grossing film of 2005. Not bad for something released a few days after Revenge of the Sith

>War of the Worlds
>Harry Potter
>The last good star wars movie
>Batman Begins
>Memoirs of a Geisha
>King Kong
>Corpse Bride

Damn 2005 was a kino year

don't forget Zathura, Sky High and Curse of the Wererabbit

>Resident Evil 4
>Need for Speed: Most Wanted
>Prince of Persia
>Forza Motorsport
>God of War
>Guitar Hero
>Shadow of the Colossus
>Sniper Elite
>CoD: Big Red 1
>Kingdom Hearts II
>Lego Star Wars
>Battlefront 2
>Republic Commando
>Revenge of the Sith
>Mariocart DS
>Pokémon XD
>Pokémon Emerald
>Ow the Edge
>Super Monkey Ball 2
>Tony Hawk American Wasteland

>Xbox 360
>Nintendo DS
I want to be 12 again bros.

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But then you wouldn't be part of the generation who grew up with THOSE things, you'd be part of a generation who grew up with Fortnite.

Shadow of the Colossus and RE4 are still some of gaming's very best. Timeless game design

Linguistically, French and Italian are nearly identical being romance languages and all, but the accents of native speakers makes communication difficult.

Like a fourth of those games suck.

Dreamworks really made the perfect woman and refused to elaborate

Think they'll make it work?

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no Killer7?

Fuck off


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Seriously, fuck off.

2000-2007 was the zoomer goldenage

Tell Nintendo that

What about dis? Thicc enough? Chucky?

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I want to fuck her belly button

That’s still 18 great games. Those are just the games I’ve personally played. Fuck, tell me the games on that list that suck and I’ll match you it’s contemporary 13th great grand-sequel and we’ll see how they stack up.

This is an incomplete list. You can help by expanding it.

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It doesn’t matter what shitty era in which you are dropped. Just that you are still innocent and yearning.

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>Linguistically, French and Italian are nearly identical
flat out false. Italians if anything get more mutual intelligibility with spanish. Modern french is a good decent bit removed from the other mediteranian romance languages.

What is this from?

Melman's neck would snap in half immediately during sex, the dude is fucking dead

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God, I wish I was her

Moon Knight

GI Jane 2 can't wait to see it.

You forgot another 2004 dreamworks cgi film.

Nice, what is her character like?

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>GI Jane 2

>Ben 10
>American Dad
>Jake Long
>Juniper Lee

Me too user...

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that's a hippo

Your point being?

At least he’ll die happy.

Melman is a lucky guy

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I wish she had more on model porn

PDI didn't make that film. Different studio

How did she not fall with her weight
Hot scene anyway


>Looks for Gloria WG/inflation porn on Furaffinity
>The huge majority of it is either poorly drawn or well drawn but the artist gave her a huge set of honking tits and a fat pussy

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wish lonbluewolf drew more of her for that reason

Hey, keep my wifes name out your fucking mouth, guy

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He's a twink and he's supposed to be with me!>

(sry for watermarks)

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take the draw/editpill, frens

I already posted a pic that I drew in here, but I wouldn't mind drawing Gloria as an enormous mass again if I felt like it.

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The perfect waifu

now that's the spirit!

>Ohh! Wow!

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Ever heard what they say about making assumptions?

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this meme was never funny and yet it doesn't surprise me that a board like /vp/ still use it daily.

you really think PDI could make Shrek 2, Shark Tale and Madagascar at the same time? Impossible. They made Shrek 2 and Madagascar, while a different studio made Shark Tale (the next film from that studio was Flushed Away)

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