This comic just turned 10 years old

This comic just turned 10 years old.
What do you think about that?

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I've never read a single page. All I know is that one image.

did they ever make a horse show reference?

Looks cute and harmless. I don’t care about the creator’s personal life in this case.

It feels kinda calvin and hobbes-ish in formula, from what little I've seen. Except the unicorn is real. people just kind of accept it and don't make a big deal.

The creator is saner than most of the users of Yea Forums

I think I feel old and want to read it again. It's very cute. I was at the convention for the, er, containment board cartoon in San Fran last week and the author had her own panel, which was quite interesting.

Apparently there's an upcoming TV show as well, which is nice!

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It’s a far cry from something like Assigned Male, which is just creepy and loathsome.

tranny shit

groomers gonna groom

>he thinks Hobbes isn't real

Is it? Best get it fixed then - usually it's the clutch master cylinder that just needs topping off. That'll fix ya reet proper.

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I feel like this is some lefty falseflagging as an obsessed poltard. No one can be genuinely that dumb.

I might as well buy an EV.

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Lost me when they changed the awful memorable title


LOL. Isn't this the same guy who drew a comic about a boy fucking his dog?

I was about to come in the thread to ask this, so I assume yes

Aka, that guy who wish to be the little girl since he was 10/

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Oh so thats where the shaving thing comes from

Did shaving ever make it into PAHU?

All that time and still not one Lady Godiva joke

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Unicorn is kinda hot, you know?

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Then it should cool down

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Thought it was older than ten years. It's pretty good. I read it every day. I like it better than the previous comic by Simpson. Not the dog one, the other newspaper one with the fox girl.

It's pretty good. It's gotten a few books too.
Somehow it feels too safe, though I might just be too old for this. It's nice and relaxing.

I liked the comic she made about the dog

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Well , the fact that PAHU has been going on for ten years indicates that whatever’s been going on in the artist’s head seems to have approached some sort of stability at least.

What about the political one?

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Hadn't seen it. Doesn't surprise me. I'm guessing this was about 15 years ago or so.

Ran from 2004 to 2006

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It was a it too much for the funny papers.
Could've lead to some angry letters, you know.

Pretty based. Bush's reelection continues to astound me even to this day.

Americans just love sequels.

I hate trannies.

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>what is Poe's law?

t. wasted 10 years

Why is the tranny stuff so focused on children and why isn't it framed as a freedom of choice issue for adults like the gayness thing was?

Cause if you wanna render the better part of the future generation sexless and infertile, you gotta start young.
Nobody cares about converting fathers to transgenderism, since they've already had kids. The damage is done.

kys liberal

Because sexuality and gender are not the same thing. The former is reserved for people who know what they're doing, the latter awakens as soon as consciousness itself does, and keeping a conscious mind in a wrong body is an act of cruelty.

Can't wait for your witty responses.

It was fucking bush. Don't rose tinted glasses this.

Read some fucking stoic literature and learn to deal with life dude.

some less-than-subtle jabs

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because children are easier to groom

Wasn't this one altered?

it's the calvin & hobbes this generation deserves I guess
Adequate, but mild

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"Phoebe and her Unicorn"...doesn't exactly have the "zing" "Heavenly Nostrils" had.

6 more years and I can legally fuck it.

why wait?

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better Bush than that evil Muslim Communist Obummer.

i could have sworn this was getting a cartoon few years back.

wasn’t this supposed to get a Nick show

Not gonna lie, the bicorn joke takes a bit of a dark turn when you realize whereas unicorns only hang around virgins bicorns only hang around people that fuck.

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It's cute. Like a girlier, less smart version of calvin and hobbes.