Scarlet Lady: Tales of Chloe the Ladybug

So, what do you guys think of it?

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For anyone curious, here's where you can read.
>zoe-oneesama( )tumblr( )com/post/182147189889/who-did-this-episode-1-part-1-previous-next-ep
Replace the parathesises with dots.


The author.... is a Chloe hater and Marinette cocksucker


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I mean, you're not entirely wrong. This almost reads like an Astruc-approved fanfic than anything else. I mostly wanted to see Yea Forums's opinion on it as well as an excuse to put up a Miraculous thread.

>makes an entire comic with Chloe as the mc

Idk if there is any evidence to support this, but by comic alone id disagree. I mean the way Chloe is portrayed in Scarlet Lady is basically how every chloefag wouldve liked her to be portrayed in the show, as a charming snotty bitch. This is a chloe stan comic in its core.

If you look at the author's blog for more than a few pages, you'll start to see otherwise.

Trying to show this update on akumatized villains I worked on while the thread is still active

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The comic pretty much goes out of its way to show that Chloe is horrible as Scarlet Lady and as of right now, some of the characters in the comic seem to want to take away her Miraculous. While in this case, it makes sense since this happened to Chloe at the start of the season and her ego would be vastly inflated even when compared to the show, the author seems to really hate Chloe and actively shoots down the idea that she could be redeemed in any setting. If you need evidence, well, look at her asks.

Penalteam was kinda Marinette’s fault too. Suggesting chloe as handicap for a team was kind of shitty.
Simpleman too since she was the one who dropped three black kids on the obvious racist old dude.
Also, Queen Banana 100% chloe’s own fault.

Yeah, I think I agree with this user. Marinette was the one who made Chloe having to play even worse for her and Simpleman, while not intentional, could be explained as her fault as well. Queen Banana could be pegged Chloe's fault though I could see someone trying to pin it on Adrien as well. That him saying he'd drop her as a friend was the thing that really set Chloe off, but I don't know. Maybe I'll have to rewatch the episode to make sure.

The author of this fanfic comic, along with a large portion of the tumblr fanbase, also really hate Ms Bustier for siding with Lila and Chloe all the time against Marinette, and enabling their bullying. They consider it abuse.

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Its true to the egomniacla chole

Sabrina is pretty hot.

Yeah, from the bit of it I've read it definitely feels like that's the case. But it is kind of funny how much of a shit they make Chloe. Honestly, I've only read a bit of it so far but I kind of like it. If Chloe is going to be stuck as nothing more than a jerk then they may as well have fun with it.

Jesus no fucking way Marinette wins by a land slide.

Marinette stans hate every single character that slighly disagrees with Marinette. To them all characters in the show are considered abuse enablers and marinette would be better off running away to america and getting adopted by Batman.

>adopted by Batman.
Only if batman lets her call all the shots.

Knowing Marinette, it's no question she'd end up doing that eventually and that she'd soon be better at being Batman than he would be. Thinking about it, it could actually make for a fun joke story. Marinette gets taken in by a hero and ends up somehow upstaging them in everything they do.

Rewatched Queen Banana, Simpleman and Penalteam.

Agreed on Simpleman and Penalteam being partly Marinette's fault and Queen Banana being partly Adrien's fault.

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Thank your for your work user. It's fun seeing who's responsible for the most Akumatizations. I'll always enjoy how Marinette easily beats out Chloe and Gabriel combined.

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That yo-yo can be very OP if Marinette tries. It can break concrete and metal easily

Isn't that a hero thing? To create their own villain?

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That is a good point. I do think it's a bit iffy that, outside of Gabriel getting a quick Akumatizations out, nothing ever really comes of what Marinette does though. No one in universe ever really calls her out on it and she never really thinks about it herself either which is kind of an important part of the hero creates their own villains thing, isn't it?

Canonically made for the BBC

Ladybug is mostly self-contained though, like old serials or classic superhero shows. There are changes here and there but the audience can watch any episode at any order. Networks tend to prefer that for reruns.

Yes. But a little bit at the end of an episode where she thinks about how maybe the villain of the day was her fault wouldn't change that episodic nature.

I'm not a big fan that memorize every episode but I'm sure Marinette blamed herself for the akuma of the week more than once. I think

And then you have people who hate Marinette, who make hour long schizo video rants about how she's history's greatest monster. At this point, the further we go along, the truer this meme feels. We really are heading for a crash rivaling Voltron: Legendary Defender.

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Say what you want about Astruc but at least he doesn't listen to the fans. There's nothing worst than listening to the fans.

I'd call you out, but if Astruc was actually listening to fans, Lukanette would be canon and Adrien would be thrown out on the streets for "hurting" Marinette. So, with all the autistic decisions Astruc made, at least he isn't this much of a schizo.

>if Astruc was actually listening to fans, Lukanette would be canon and Adrien would be thrown out on the streets for "hurting" Marinette
Not sure about that but I'm sure Marinette would spend most of her screentime crying about previously non-mentioned childhood traumas while both Luka and Adrien cry over their feelings for Marinette and to make it short the entire cast cry and talk about their feelings with akumas appearing for a couple of minutes at the end of the episode or sometimes just the characters hanging out, crying and figuring out their sexual identities. Basically Steven Universe 2.0

I've seen that show mentioned before, what happened with it? I pretty much avoided it and any discussion around it when it was coming out. How bad could things really get?

She is basically a bitch to Catnoir, and the creep factor doesn't help either.

I think user was referring to Voltron

I suppose I should try to explain it, but essentially, many of the fans were getting more and more pissed with how VLD was being handled. To put it simply, there was a Lion swap between Keith, Shiro, and Allura which fucked with the established lore of the show something fierce, Shiro was kept in the story only for the writers to not know what to do with him, Lotor became a cartoonishly evil villain despite having a potentially interesting redemption arc and backstory before ultimately dying horribly while his shitty parents got redeemed, Allura died for one of said shitty parents, and basically all the characters just did not develop well at all. I feel like an actual fan would be able to explain it better than I could, but in essence, the show kept shitting itself and pissing off the fans to the point where everyone basically abandoned the fandom by the series finale.

Basically with shit like retconning the effect of unifying Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculouses, making Ladybug a guardian only to have her lose everything, the derailing of characters like Chloe, and the increasing instability of the Love Square, I can only imagine things ending poorly for the show and its fandom.

I don't know about that. None of that sounds anywhere near as bad as what that post above yours played out. It's retconning stuff is pretty much the worst thing it has done so far. Chloe's redemption being put on hold is bad but not really anything near it either.

I'm not saying that Miraculous is that bad NOW, but it does feel like we're getting close to it. Hopefully, Season 5 doesn't end up being an utter trainwreck like VLD's last couple seasons, but we'll just have to see. If it does end up being bad, hopefully the rumor about it being followed up by a reboot is true.

I guess? But that's sort of a fear of any ongoing show. Personally, I see what's been going on so far as a reasonably natural progression of things. We get a full season of Ladybug having full access to the Miracle Box and then it's followed up by a season of her losing it. Sounds fine. I'm only really bothered by how season four rewrote some of its side characters. That's a much bigger concern of mine.

Chloe wasn't derailed. She got pretty sensible development.

Seems like the show just went off the rails. By the way it sounded I thought the fans had done something. A show absolutely floundering it's ending is bad, but that doesn't seem like it has anything to do with the fans. They'll of course be furious their show went to poop, but that's kind of obvious.

>I'm only really bothered by how season four rewrote some of its side characters. That's a much bigger concern of mine.
Yeah, that's definitely a concern. Still, given how much more divisive the fandom had become, I have a feeling that things will only get worse especially between Marifags and Adrienfags.

Yeah, the fan discourse on other sites will probably only ever get worse. But really, I don't think it's possible the show could do anything about it. It's kind of out of their hands. Loons will be loons over whatever they want for whatever show they get into.

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Yeah, I think it's important to remember that Ladybug has used her yoyo to cut through the Eiffel Tower before. She and her yoyo are pretty powerful.


Cholefags and LilaFags are loosers who had a point intially but now they sre schizo's who attack anybone who complains about the two

Do they attack anyone? At least here, fans of both those characters usually seem pretty chill about Lila and Chloe's situations. Even if they don't particularly like it. They don't go nuts when someone says they don't like either of those girls. But maybe it's different on other sites. I wouldn't know. I try to avoid the fan base outside of this site.

Yea they do, apparently one autist kept screaming at any Marinette fan on Tumblr and Youtube.

The creater of the comic in OP's image has had to deal with that autist more than once

Saying that fans are usually pretty chill usually means that there's still some turbo-autists who will throw shitfits over the character they're stanning. Case in point:
I don't know if you're referring to CyrusLovesOwlCity or that one Duusu cunt who kept harassing any YouTuber who criticized Adrien. You might think they're one and the same, but I assure you that they're not. Either way, though, they're both losers who need to get out.
I especially hate that Cyrus ended up being the face of Chloefags. I don't wish to be associated with that schizo cunt.

Well, I meant usually chill as a way to leave open the possibility that if there was some loons, they probably posted on a thread I didn't see. And I usually try to keep an eye out for Ladybug threads. On every thread I've seen I've never seen a melt down or any nonsense from them. The only real looney behavior I've seen on these theses has been from that one user who seems to have something against anyone who is upset over how Chloe's arc has played out.

I can see the dynamics.

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>would be canon
Dude thats literally season 4

If thats an actual niche why do I never see their works on AO3? I dont really interact with other fandom media besides that, but I have never ever been across a fanfic there that is remotely good to Lila.

Cause they usualy go on AO3 comments to bitch

Lilia fags and Chole fags know that Marinette is actually the worst fic gets ignored by alot so they just raid other fanfics involving miraculous

Idk I could be wrong but honestly your answer would be exactly what a raging marifag that gets mad whenever someone calls out their mary sue would say, labeling whoever opposes Marinette or has any ounce of independent though that isnt salt as a "Lilafag".
But then again maybe Im wrong and there really are many people in the fandom who likes Lila and defend her, they just hide very well and just post on saltfics that I objectively dont read.

I have seen both.

Like i have seen marifag shit and piss about Lilia and Chloe if thry are portrayed in a good light, but the inverse is seen especially in fics that are supposed to be in response to salt fics where Marinettes is potrayed as some how even worse than both Chloe and Lila and the class should ignore her.


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They knew what they were animating.

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They've never been ones to shy away from a good Ladybug butt shot.