05/13 - Bellator 281 - 12:30pm ET
05/13 - LFA 132 - 9pm ET
05/14 - UFC Fight Night: Blachowicz vs Rakic - 6pm ET
05/20 - One Championship: Petchmorakot vs. Vienot - 6am ET
05/20 - Eagle FC 47 - 6pm ET
05/21 - UFC Fight Night: Holm vs Vera - 6pm ET
06/03 - LFA 133 - 10pm ET
06/04 - UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs Rozenstruik - 6pm ET
06/11 - UFC 275 - 6pm ET

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I unbuckled the car seat Daniel

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I'm in your fucking walls, DC.

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Walk into the thread like what up I got a pink cock

I am financially HEEMED

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If you make the thread early, you're a bitch.

Boxing is better than MMA

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this thread was made by a pedophile

Show me your favorite heem or you die, /heem/. Show me a heem that isn't actually your favorite, and you die. Show me something that isn't a heem, and you die. You have 3 minutes.

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Pat Barry?

boxing to mma is like touch rugby to what nrl or union is

finally i long for the sweet release of death

a heemchad made that webm

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Why do I absolute hate this faggot despite doing technically nothing wrong and winning all his ufc fights?

Megan has rimmed Dana and then kissed Joe afterwards

is this the best pfp mma website on the planet? -
>No horseshit, no comments from retards, just cards, odds, and all the names link to tapology
>don't list winners, so no spoilers if you're watching next day or whatever
>used to be just ufc cards (was called nextufc.com) and the owner extended it
>inb4 stop shilling your site
I wish I was skilled enough to make a website

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>only lists poofc, bumator and peefl
dogshit website

I'm moving to Vegas and be coming a UFC fighter

ok weeb

thanks brah i often watch fights on delay because i cbf waking up at 5am to watch poofc

I still type in nextufc.com

It had some kind of cringey fucking Ukraine popup back when it had just become the new Current Thing™ but other than that it's high quality.

>the contract is signed
Rockholdbros, it's time for the ONE. LAST. RUN.

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all that's missing is ONE really

>I wish I was skilled enough to write HTML
C'mon bro I'm not a computer nerd either but I was able to colorize my myspace profile.

the native american will lose again

i dont get why is so hard to get PFL torrents, without being scammed by mma torrent and company

I took some computer science classes in college, but I'd have no idea where to even start writing a site

no lukeback, Costa by lefthook ko

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Would he be unbeatable?

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>He ate too much Croissants

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/heem, did you know Cannonier fought & beat Anderson Silva? WTF

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Nobody thinks this

the whole place is dark

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Silva is extremely overrated, cannonier gives prime silva a 50/50 fight

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Canada flag does and most sherdoggers do

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Prime GSP wrestlefucks Silva to a 49-46. Was a better MMA wrestler than Chael (probably by Chael's own admission) and could actually avoid a submission. Don't know why GSP never took that fight. Being a pussy cost him from being the undisputed, undeniable GOAT.

Should have done 180 catchweight, jab alone would give silva hell

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getting awfully spammy in here

>a fucking leaf
when are these fags going to make a better national flag?

hgh or igf1 injections, probably igf1

Imagine if Luke had a Yoel chin. Literally would be the undisputed GOAT. Life's not fair.

no one cares rod

Better than them having the cuckstamp union jack on their flag at least.

It's not tho, garbage sport that is corrupt as fuck, good fights are few and far between

maximov sistas.. burns just btfo'd us here bad

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they really should have one. aren't they queen elizabeth's bitches too?

>140 (walk around)
Sandhagen and O'Malley bros.. this is a different level of Lanklet

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The fighters get paid too much

Someone please edit Chandler kicking tony to make Chandler pepe and Tony the crying soijak


So 14 y.o.

who the fuck is this


Isn't Malley 6'1" at "135"?

GSP is just a jacked white boy, deal with it

How do you not know who Young Thug is?

Living in Finland will do that to a nigguh.

Lol no. He was barely taller than Conor when they met.

O'Malley is 5'11 and walks around 155
a rapper called young thug
quads confirm, 1 fight for the lowest paid fighter is as much as how much a low income family makes

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does every black criminal really need a name?

I will never understand simping for someone who makes like 10x what you make a year in 25 minutes
>but muh coaches fees and they have to LE TRAIN!
normal people have to work out too if they want to be healthy

just a bowl of pasta

Never listened to mumble rap/trap/whatever trash this skeleton produces, sorry