/nba/ general: JA JA JA edition

MEM: Jackson Jr., Jones & Bane all score 21 in blowout
GS: Otto Porter out for the rest of Game 5
MEM: Dillon Brooks (hamstring) returns for 2nd quarter
MIL: Antetokounmpo drops 40 points in Game 5 win
MIL: Jrue Holiday's clutch defense helps MIL take lead
PHX: Jae Crowder (shoulder) not listed on injury report
PHX: Jae Crowder (shoulder) goes through practice Wed.
PHI: Joel Embiid (everything) questionable for Game 6
BOS: Robert Williams (left knee) won't play in Game 5
DAL: Reggie Bullock (knee) not listed on injury report

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My Knick :)

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Gayson Gaytum

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did he relapse yet

Kyrie rly don’t know about smosh….

i have a strange fetish for woman like rachel too

streaming hours

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link to the kyrie locked discord?

my darkest hours

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>Rachel Nichols before she got fat

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Fat and Jewish?


dawg energy

your team sucks. fuck you

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It's over bros..... We can't rebound with their bigs and Smart sold.,,

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yes but closer to chubby than actually fat, and with a mommy vibe. legit got a chub as i typed out the word "mommy". wow

Safe to say, she probably laughed when she heard about that instathot that blew all the Suns all at the same time (including my boy Tiki Face Big Dick Devin 14-Inch-Water-Bottle-Cocker).

Gaze upon it. This mouth has had the most NBA talent inside it than any mouth ever. Sonya Curry gets the pussy award considering Dell came in it and Steph and Seth came out; some Kardashian probably wins for ass. But this is this mouth that blew ALL of the best players in the NBA when she was a milf and was an absolute goddamn babe back in the day

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we have to take care of our queens…..

white people taking over the league (and thats a good thing)

>horny schizo crying leltic kyrie twitch hours

What is kyrie playing? this doesn't look like 2k22

That is a fucking 7/10 already without even the huge ass which she probably had. And she was professional, career-oriented. Goddamn imagine being some ESPN shlub or middle management black-republican dad who got to hit that while she was working on her career.

Also suns are gonna blow this before dubs do

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Honestly at this point she might as well just go full BBW. You're already a hog, might as well commit to it and get even bigger. Imagine if she really packed on the pounds, it'd be great.

My Kyrie jersey is in the mail right now bros. Gonna wear it at my mom's wedding in 2 weeks.

Really, the league is getting taken over by foreigners in general, whether it's foreigners from Europe or foreigners from Africa.

What's up with American Zoomer players? They don't have the heart, the nerve, for the game. They all keep wilting under the pressure.

I bought a ben one when he traded to nets and wear it around all the time

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you won't like my answer, but kyrie knows the truth as well

nah, shes perfect rn

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>the good guys won tonight

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dump your rachel folder

Ben vs Kyrie. Fox only, no items, 3 stock, final destination

ok ky we get it, you're old...

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imagine the nights that she doesn't get pounded by jimmy butler. imagine the fucking vibrator collection this woman has... she's in her sexual prime. i wouldn't breed her because on the off chance she can still have kids it would have chromosome problems but goddamn i would fuck the shit out of her

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dont have a folder, i just find them on [Spoileringon/sp/]reddit[/spoiler]

that was his Aries talking, forgive him

hey you got a little bit of shit on your flag on one of these

just beat off and go to bed bro

tbqh, as soon as i hit my late 20s i started to take pride in being a little out of touch kek and sometimes i even exaggerate it for fun

leave mexico alone

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you’re all my best and only friends

bippity boppity sorry broseppi. i'll be nice

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wish i could smoother my face in those thighs

>killing your horny level before going to sleep
Its nightmare time for you buddy

too big

for her age it's perfect

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>he has dreams
>he doesn't wake up as soon as he sleeps

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Here's to scale

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nooooooo kyrie stopped streaming

Lakers get: Tatum and Timelord
Celtics get: Davis

Stretch Westbrook’s contract and sign
Thaddeus Young, Gary Harris, Monk, Otto porter jr, Gary Payton II and Joe Ingles

C: Timelord
F: Lebron
F: Tatum
G: Ingles
G: Monk
Bench; young, Harris, Payton, otto Porter

This is all after Tatum announces he wants to be a laker in the offseason.

westbrook will buy out next season. source: my ass

I don't understand why he doesn't shave it. The summer he did it, he looked like ten years younger with the beard and bald look. Kobe and Jordan couldn't even grow facial full beards like he did.

KD's still looks worse than this though. I legitimately do not understand what the fuck he's going for.

kd only cares about hooping

what just now? if so he might be back on idk he isn't doing anything tonight apparently

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Is KD Duncan-tier autistic?

Trying to find 2004 Rachel.

No way the Celtics ever trade Tatum.

early 2000s were comfy man....

he said he had to take care of his son

If you could hang out with 5 current players just hanging out no bullshit who would it be?

Mine are:
Ben Simmons
Ja Morant
Bam Adebayo
Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant

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Duncan got married so no

probably worse

Found 2004 Doris Burke lol youtube.com/watch?v=PlI9snpSJ8g&t=604s

I would, but not today's doris.

Duncan isn't autistic he just didn't like the media and was a nerd

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important /nba/ research ty user

My Wife

youtube.com/watch?v=fdiEwAbF8PU kek

kd, curry, kyrie, harden, bev

would back then and today

You are gay and autistic

so this is autism in love huh

She was a hooper

Would the Warriors be better off without Klay?