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The >rags elimination day has been moved to Friday

Cant sweep? Or even win in 5?

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PK’s afro is huge now

friday 2023

Avies makin you upset? Good

Chris bros.. things are getting tight. Can he pull this off..

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he's about to go full kapernick

Who the hell is Chris

t o m o r r o w

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The mastermind behind the entire organization.

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the prophet

it's time to surge on some big-nosed rats

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which series are going to seven?

The prophet of what

canes broons
laffs dolts
craps kitties

>they actually woke up

Uh oh

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Knew it in my bones that the kings would sweep in six.

how was that elbow not called a penalty

Bolts v Leafs
Rangers v Pens
Caps v Kitties

I believe he was too young and honing his abilities in 2004 and garys jew magic over powered him but now he wants dad to bring the cup home and he's far too powerful to be stopped.

The Flames lost 7 straight Game 5s after Sutter left.

Sutter Flames are 6-0 in game 5

He who knows. He who prevails against the disingenuous semitic works of Gary Bettman.
He is our guy.

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it was already definitively proved that there was no head contact with the elbow and the play was unintentional.

canes win tomorrow and I hate to say it but laffs do too.
pants win in 6

watch the rags pens series go to 7 because domingue is a meme

Kaepernick growing out his afro while playing "activist" was one of the most cynical things in recent memory

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Threadly reminder that it was literally

Dustin wolf won again today

their talking about Sutters retarded son Chris

that's their only line doing shit lol

are you sure it's not you who is retarded?

Didn’t know he had a retarded son

he's gifted, not retarded

Chris is a two time Stanley Cup champion and the true brains behind the scenes.

Don't you have borders to hop?

Just like our Stephen

My WBS penguins lost ):

What was

His strikes.
That's why he got deported


የኛ ነበልባል የስታንሊ ዋንጫን ወደ ቤታችን ያመጣል

cope barrys son Nolan had made the move to leave new york. his window has closed and the next moves for Nolan will play huge next season
>some speculate he is in conjunction with chris and they work together to defeat the corrupt

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Gary will never allow it.

that’s the plot of predators. The predators want to harness the powers of a kid with autism to become super predator

Does anyone else have a “special son”?

no, stephen is actually retarded lol

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g*rys semitic magic is powerless Chris can't be stopped now

1967 dumb laffer

The last olympics were a fucking joke.


bud sr


the penguins media is full of homer faggots

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looks kinda like puljujarvi


The one where NHL players were Garyed out of playing.

Just like my islanders

My mom has a special son.

I wouldn't want Connor McDavid getting ransomed by the chinks thanks

(You)! :)

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They suspended Nurse for less.

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you sure about that?

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>the elbowing wasnt intentional

Head butting is pretty chimpy behavior

Why?! Why Gary? Why?!

jfc make it bigger!

the zoomers here dont get that

Poor sport loser low IQ 0 self control energy right there.
Kane shares the exact same attributes.

Elbows are way more dangerous

my bologna has a first name

We’re all special posters :^)

nah, the twitter source is already shit, the quality gets worse when i rip it through a 3rd party website, and by the time im done running it through a convertor it's barely passable. kek.



Never relax

As a cantskate i find scrums in the NHL to be so strange, why is that so much worse than when they punch each other in the helmet and it's usually not even a roughing penalty? Good form though


A thing of the past. A better time.

That didn't even show the slash right before

Are gay

that's not a scrum thats some retard headbutting a guy

Around Kane never _______

Have a bucket of fried chicken because he’ll steal it

Go try and fight on skates on ice and the world of knowledge will open.

I get it and I'd do the same if it happened to my kid

Have you guys noticed all the nerds that hate gamethreads are low income losers than earn less than $50k a year?

How did you gather and compile this data?

Have you notice that all the game threads besides the >rags and pongs have no one posting in them?


Flames reddit is satanic I thought they were a wholesome team

I'm a proponent of game threads for the playoffs but it was pretty clear after the first few days that they weren't necessary. Some of those series were getting less than 30 posts.