Flames Edition

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>Vich rink has the best ice?
Bell Center (Montrehal) - 28 procents
Roguher Ploceh (Hedmonton) - 21.7 procents
Bell MTS Ploceh (Binnipeg) - 6.6 procents
Axel Energui Center (Saint Paul) - 6 procents
Scottyah Bank Saddlehdomeh (Calgarou) - 6 procents

>Vich rink has the werst ice?
BehBehYahTeh Center (Sundrice) - 16.8 procents
Gila Rivher Arena (Glendaleh) - 10.7 procents
Barclow Center (Prooclun) - 10.7 procents
Honda Center (Ohnaheym) - 8.6 procents
PehAnCeh Arena (Releigue) - 5.9 procents

First for McDavid believes the holocaust happened

Leah is so fucking loud the mic gets fuzzy when she yells. Women were a mistake.

Awwww.. sweetie, what a soft head you have.

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>that simp that unironically enjoys leah hextalls unqualified commentary and spends hours of his week defender her for free

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>tkafuck will cry actual tears tonight

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that logo is haulin ass

No, they weren't. Boobas were definitely not a mistake.

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theres a rumour crosby is done after this season

This is the thread

did crosby retire tonight?

God I can’t wait for artificial wombs so we can have an all male homosexual society.

I think so as well

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Faggots are just as bad as women tho

Chudgary (shitty ripoff Texas) is going to learn the hard way that the real Texas is superior in hockey as well

oo that was hot
fuck the flames

CrosGOD probably has another good 8 seasons left before retirement

Hope that fag gets three games for that hit on Crosby

Real Chinese tonight

But who will raise our offspring?

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does he already have cte though

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wish i got a kiss from giroux :(

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yes his final few remaining brain cells were CTE'd into oblivion expect him to chris benoit his family before next season starts

Women are shit at raising kids

he has cte. his brain is literally wasting away


We are all Rangers fans over here but my mom's favorite player is Milan Lucic, mostly because I think she likes pronouncing his name as though it were Lou Cheech. I often wonder if she even knows or cares that he has a first name.

Can’t hunt bighorn sheep in Texas user

Also I have actually met someone from Alberta who could shut the fuck up about being from Alberta which I can’t say about Texas so huh

That's gay as hell nigga

seething about the rags?

Just a reminder that hockey and by extension /hoc/ is for 5/5 only

Then traps will have to step in

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Wonder if lexplorer is trying to derail the thread again

That's even worse. Robot maids (female) are all we need

stop making fun of women. we have the occasional woman user here and should be respectful



Milk truck has arrived.

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oh you sweet summer child

go stors my fellow storsbros

My Reign are getting btfo

who was the user that kept posting women hockey webm? all I remember is that he was a massive faggot

Rick Bowness ghey

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Did you ever notice that Robertson looks like the asian version of Charlie McAvoy

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my upper body is sweating but my legs are cold

how do grown adults get like this? i dont think ive been that excited about anything since i was 12

K*ppers is NOT a woman

so you spend all your time on the internet to talk with guys exclusively
pretty gay

men can be women too.

attend live sporting event and consume alcohol

when you are several drinks in most people stop giving a fuck

That’s Covid.

hooooly shiiiit

Don't be a depressed fuck and allow yourself to enjoy things

>no laugh, no happy

Free your soul and the rest will follow, user. Live out loud. Enjoy life to its fullest. It's the only one you get.

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Toffoli has disappeared this post season.

>noooo what if someone captures me smiling and uploads in onto forechannel and incels start laughing at me

maybe you should try becoming a new york rangers fan

Just like my islanders

>all those brown flames fans
Good God

Where my BBBObros at?

happened to me 4 months ago

You're depressed, user. You've been depressed for a long time. Don't worry, most of us are like this in one way or another. Normals get to have fun, we get to post funny reaction pics and laugh at the pongs

this game is stressing me out time for a snack

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he has no puck luck mangipane is more concerning


You weren't just the Islanders' captain, you were the fans' captain.

cope hes a "she" now

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pajeets have taken over white collar work in calgary

How to make my ex jealous?

Have you been to a hockey game?
What happens when your team scores?
You just sit there with a straight face while everybody cheers?

Why are there so many fucking brown people watching the game outside in Calgary?

>that thousand cock stare

fuck off shittsburgh cuckle
shoulder to fucking shoulder

tell cindy ding dong welcome to msg

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Fuck her sister

Have a happy and fulfilling life. Women hate nothing more than people doing well.

cause they don’t want to spend 2000 dollars

so the Rangers are keeping Copp right?
How did they get him anyway?
He's one of the best players on the team right now
Who gave him up?

those are the homeless anons

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yes. what do you do? jump up and down like an overgrown child?

hmm I wonder why they don't do outdoor crowd shots for american teams?

Workout and unfortunately you have to post on social media yourself doing fun “activities”

Why are there so many twitter screenshots?

>the least likely most scoreless draw
fook, lads

He's soft because he never smoked like Lemieux did
Should be a ciggy in his hand in that photo and he'd be back next fucking game or at least pack some dip bud

Winnipoop jest

Because it’s the most low effort way to get (You)’s

this is the worst playoff game ever even worse than flames stars game 2 and 1

Because Americans in most cities can buy playoff tickets for like 50 bucks sold by the arena on game day, tells you all you need to know

Posting a twitter or reddit screenshot should be a bannable offence

>you do plan to have some biscuits in your basket game right?

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Are Calgarians cute?

even gary would feel guilty setting up all those people to get violently robbed by armed niggers

looking at his stats on the Jets he's not really that great
How did the Rangers of all teams make him good?

What is a home born Calgary native gonna do about it? What can one man do?
They're ruining my home.

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cope robertson is based though

Ya seethe tranny?

why would someone drive a sewer?

only the blondes with big tits at the strip club

He was great for the jets, what?