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Bucks beat Celtics in game 6


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I just watch the last 5 minutes do you guys watch the whole game? And yes I only watch soccer if it goes to penalty shootouts.

so whats next for them? this was the peak of their team and they lost to a middletonless bucks

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I don't watch at all, I just look at stats on google search and fap to the players' wives.

>only 2 made field goals in 9 minutes
>no field goals for the last 4 minutes

I half watch until the 4th quarter. was mostly watching baseball before that

Memphis' arena is too brightly lit
makes it look like a college court tbqh

>3 turnovers in 1 singular minute

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how long until newsjanny flips

>how DARE YOU use a different type of maple and stain than everyone else

Funny how everyone flips on a player after 1 unfortunate stretch.


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we didn't like shart to begin with

I'm talking lights and not reflective surfaces

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he sold the fucking game in less than a minute

funny how everyone was laughing at his DPOY award and called him trash long before this. fag

I bleed more than this when I pop a zit. Are basketboids really hyping this up?

I have hated Marcus Shart with every fiber of my being since he was drafted #6 overall and I have spent literal years here shitposting his likeness and will continue to do so.

He is one of the dumbest players in the entire league with very very little self-awareness.

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Fuck Lebron

Inceltics fans please tell me how you feel about this loss. whats the excuse

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Finish the thread the you cunts

as a matter of fact I STILL feel bad for steve nash, that roster was a fucking trash fire all season and I still hear talking heads calling him worthless when he got the most out of roleplayers
in hindsight he never should've taken the nets job and we all know he was anointed by kd which makes his authority very tenuous but it's hard to see that as the problem he's had


No you only feel bad for Ime because he's black

we cant cause as soon as it hits 500 janny will delete this one

I feel bad for anyone that has to coach the jays and marcus tard

Bucks are winning it all, no other team has a dawg like giannis on their roster

so many TO
clean it up warriors

new funky video dropped

Is he on suicide watch I'm watching Lost with my gf and dont wanna stop rubbing her ass.

warriors cant fucking defend

objectively they cannot keep this same roster for next year
trade smart/brown
they need more memechuckers on their bench because tatum isn't one
keep al horford and let him retire with the celtics
tatum is going to fuck off anyway so there's no point surrendering first round picks
if only gobert and mitchell weren't hostile with one another they can be both shipped for smart/brown/timelord/picks

no he doesn't even sound that down, analytical script, voice very calm
it might hit him in a few hours

Give us a power ranking on player wives

Time for another relocation

how did kyrie and kd lose to these celtshits

because the celtics are a better overall team and neither kd nor kyrie are the bus driver

ja getting exposed hard, his team is actually good without him

KD a historical choker and Kyrie an unreliable headcase
the rest of that squad is g-league tier

kawhi is never coming back bros, it hurts

Honestly most aren't very fappable. La La Anthony, and CJ McCollum's wife are nice tho.

>Tier 1
Jordan, Lebron, Kareem
>Tier 2
Bird, Magic, Wilt, Russell, Shaq
>Tier 3
Giannis, Olajuwon, Kobe, Duncan
And he’s only 27 lmfao this nigga might be the GOAT when its all said and done. I can’t fucking believe we were arguing if he was better than AD and Harden last season. Run and Dunk man already cleared Durcant and Lurry lmfao

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im telling you, when they draft the hybrid in the second round its gonna be over

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We should appreciate Giannis because he's gonna be a legend

it is interesting to me (albeit not the point) that you have both wilt/russell and bird/magic in tier 2 instead of 1 - maybe because they are two sets of superstars that were in extremely clear opposition to each other rather than being the unambiguous kings of their era ala jordan/lebron/kareem
just an observation on a detail of nba history I hadn't thought about before
anyway yeah I'm with you. giannis has a stupidly real chance to b2b this year

total frauds, this collapse is who they are as a team they went on a super hot run in the second half of the season but smart/tatum/brown are all mental midgets

>super intense match with a lot of highlight moments
>warriors throwing away because they wanna qualify to the WCF at home

what the fuck is wrong with the warriors anyway

its really happening :)

>golden state arrogant as fuck, lackadaisical with the ball, think they can turn it on whenever and play half of every game like they don't give a fuck
>suns are the ultimate paper tiger, cp3 is 40, booker is a cry baby, ayton is soft as fuck
>yannis is figured out, loses to a box and 1, middleton is trash, a bunch of frauds, only got lucky last season
>celtics just have no dawg, tatum is a fraud, smart is dumb, no finishers, only play good defense, offense is inconsistent
>miami is miami
i honestly have no idea who's winning the chip now

>it was 3-1

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>yannis is figured out, loses to a box and 1,
I think the last few games would beg to differ

bucks repeat, big man refball reigns supreme in a 7 game series

its bucks man load up the bank on them
they dont have their second best player and still pumping

>No Mavs criticism
We're winning the title

i think the post assumes the mavs get bounced...

Fuck the celtics


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>tier 1
Opinion disregarded

>Bucks in 6
Oh no Boston...

how are the bucks doing so well without their second best player?

This damn dog predicted my Raptor in 6 against Philly too.

Giannis averaging a 36pt triple double the last 3 games and Jrue is an elite defender atleast 80% of the time.

they are a deep team. celtics are frauds

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Giannis going supernova and Jrue being clutch is all you need to go to the finals.

They unironically have that dawg in them

the warriors can't be serious. sorry but i'm from fucking jersey and i got work tomorrow 8 in the morning no way i'm watching this shitshow

If Bucks sign him next year its literally over for the next 4 years for the rest of the league. Fuck that fat fuck Woj for delaying the dynasty.

Masai was so close to drafting this man and desperately tried to trade up for him. Fuck what could've been.

>no booker


there's no way that celtics win in milwaukee right?

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The bronsexual fears the brooding Giannis saga

Bucks in 6 meme magic is back. It's over.

If Scott Foster/Tony Brothers show up then the Celtics win.

Jannis is the GOAT. Put him in the plumber generation against MJ and Barkley and he drops 50 a night

How insane would it be if the Grizz make the Finals without Ja?

Ja is getting traded immediately and becomes irrelevant

it will be fucking insane. anything that is not bucks/celtics/warriors/suns in the finals is unexpected