/mlb/ general - AIR FRIAR edition

CHC: Willson Contreras stays hot with homer, three runs
SD: Luke Voit homers twice but Padres lose to Cubs
PHI: Rhys Hoskins homers for third straight game
ARZ: Alek Thomas belts first major league home run
ATL: Ronald Acuna held out of lineup with sore groin
MIN: Byron Buxton (hip) back in Twins lineup Wednesday
MIA: Joey Wendle leaves game with hamstring tightness
MIL: Christian Yelich hits third career cycle in loss
NYY: Gleyber Torres homers, plates five to lead Yankees
PIT: Bednar dominant over two innings for fifth save

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*clap clap*

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Let's finish this up boys.

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are you stupid? ohtani doesn't care that he won the mvp last year, because they didn't win the world series. other players are happy with accomplishments that don't come with rings. that's why they're losers, and why ohtani is the greatest baseball player and pro athlete on earth

Remember when Arozarena was good?


>literally translates into rice sand

Cmon angels let's do this

Maddon looking disinterested

"Put me in, coach!"

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No extra innings please

Angels walk off for the sweep coming
Question is, who'll it be?

It was never a question.
You were destined to lose Rays.

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I feel good about this bottom of the 9th inning

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name one player who is more happy to win an mvp than a world series

2019 juiced ball fraud, he was never good

Why did they pull Poche

would have won in a shutout if they didn't pull mclanahan

any player not named shohei ohtani. the rest of them are showboaters and stat padders who care more about a paycheque and individual accomplishments than lifting their team to victory

He was at 100 pitches already

All I hear are excuses

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He's been spamming this shit non stop for 3 days because we said Ohtani is happier now when Angels are winning than last year. It for some reason triggered him a lot.

you're truly a sad little golem. I hope he wins just for you.

>muh pitch count
rays should hire you. he had 0 stress the entire game and showed no signs of fatigue

Is Whitefield a condensed Whit Merrifield?

Don't even acknowledge the schizo. Coach said not to.

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the cultists like denm*rk killed these threads. first off all non-american flags should be banned to gatekeep bandwagoners as a start

Cubs lookin solid

Denmark is based af. Funny OC and he makes bums like you seethe.

Ohtani knows how to win. If ya cant handle that then im gonna have to chug that lil sissy cup of your tears!

I worship your moms fat tits

oh no no no no no

>be ohtani
>wants to win

Fuck's sake

Oh no.................
Bros....... what the fuck....

Can’t even blame loup that was a good hit kek

denmark has to be using a proxy to defend himself, every time someone calls him out for being a terrible weeb shitposter, an american flag instantly comes to defend him. he's objectively a terrible poster

just need to see trout choke pinch hitting for maximum keks now


You are insane.

he's a super fan. there's a big difference from being delusional.


he's a cultist for a single player, similar to k-pop stans

anels kek anels kek anels kek

Ohtani confirmed crybaby

I blame Loup's haircut

Ohtani wanted to win. This is straight up just unfair. The rays better blow it for the sanctity of the game

Taylor Ward a man of the people.
You need to get a life.

I defend him frequently because his posts are usually much higher quality that hose of his detractors. I'm assuming you're one of them. He doesn't post anime which is a plus.

I don't even know if there's a professional baseball league in this country.

Ole tanny wanted that W

no thats you for thinking denmark brings any value whatsoever to these threads, if you aren't denmark himself.

Loup is trash.

Sho wants to win

>if you aren't denmark himself.
my nigga you a whole schizo
you know you can just filter flags right if you really hate him like that

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then you don't deserve to watch, go watch soccer, dumb yurofag

>absolute state of ohtranny and his deranged cult

Shit but 2 down is still doable, there's still a ch-

>Elitserien is the highest level of professional baseball in Sweden and is operated by the Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation.

Okay but shohei wants to fly the W

he's a butthurt mest faggot who can't clever bant. it's all seethe.

Ain't no L in Ohtani

Dude you're just retarded lmao.

Keep it Wintani related

I gotta work on making higher quality posts and bring more value to the thread
Now can you guys spam the "wants to win" thing for the 100th time

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concession accepted

No one quite wants to win like shohei ohtani

Relax. There's literally nothing wrong with wanting to win