#2 Memphis Grizzlies vs #3 Golden State Warriors West Semis Game 5 Gamethread

Warriors up 3-1

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not even worried desu let's go chimneybros

shit teams

inb4 double digit Memeoirs win

now time for some REAL kino
grizz in 7
leafcuck on suicide watch

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Time to put the Jizzlies to sleep

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you can book golden state going to the finals but the east is wild


*blocks ur path*

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Memphis is 20-6 without ja "faking injury" morant.

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its over

Steph needs to shoot more. Stop fucking passing.

Why the fuck is Kuminga getting more shots right now than everyone else

Time to put the dagger through the heart. You had a valiant effort Memphis. Though in the end it wasn't enough.

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future MVP book it

>Bad guys vs bad guys
Not watching lol

Is there a more Reddit team than the warriors?

green is so afraid of shooting lol

>we're gonna go from a kino bucks win to a boring memechuck blowout

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not watching the rest of this massacre

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God damn, Klay was 6/20 from FG and 0/7 from 3 in game 4. He really hasn't been the same since he came back from injury and he needs to stop shooting so much.

the ending to the bucks celtics game will overshadow this game

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Draymond looks like a ______




How come the warriors the OG meme chuckers are being out meme chucked by this team? Seems weird desu

>close out game against a team w/o their only good player

Leaf has a shitty opinion what a surprise


Grizz exuding their big gay energy and coming on their ass


Who likes mofongo vegetables and pollo?

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i expect an easy game for my warriorers tonight

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Good lord that one PAWG


Any pics? I didn't see.

i dont know what that is but i would eat it, looks tasty

looks yummy

>Grizzlies have a good first half, shoot better from 3 than warriors
>Warriors have a slightly better 3rd
>4th quarter involves the grizzlies shitting the bed as the warriors heat up

is the red sauce spicy or sweet
that either looks great or good depending on which

Guys, Its almost June

My stream dosen't let me take screenies but she was in a memphis croptop, someone definitely has it though.

If this happens I will fly to Memphis and twerk on Ja's dad

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Ja confirmed a brand whore

i want to see draymond fight steven adams

Why waste your time watching a series the league has already fixed for GSW?

>told myself I'd get in a relationship 3 years ago
>still a KHV and turning 32 in December
Want to end it all but my family depends on my income

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Brooks confirmed for dawg?

His 3pt% is barely better than Poole now and Poole has better 2pt%. Poole is a much better as a facilitator, much better off-ball and much better on D. Klay was a pretty good defender before he got hurt but now he's a liability.

Vintage Curry

is ja going to twerk on his dad in after they lose?


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>Curry 2-2 from downtown to start
oh no

>missing two point blank layups

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I am tired of Brooks. Throw that oop to Williams you fuckng retard

Pretty good? He got some of the toughest defending assignments and then was expected to also score and screen hard on the other end. Liability? Not at all. Poole is younger and a different player. Poole has also grown very well these last couple months and Klay is getting back into it. I'll see how they stand mid next season.

How are the Warriors rebounding so fucking good with this tinker-bell lineup holy fuck Adams get it together.

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Adams is the only guy who plays meaningful defense on Memphis.

jesus christ his dads face, and everyones face in the backround
this zoomer has zero self awareness and just twerked on his father

my boy Ja....

Adams is the only guy in the paint with 3 Warriors on his back, everybody else on Memphis is on perimeter including JJJ

you people don't know what twerking is

dis nigga got that spear chucker hairdoe

Sauce is salty

>Poole gets slapped in the face
>Foul on Poole

his sovl and optimisim...

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>the bloodbath begins

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Reffing is atrocious all around for all teams this post season

>nba star
>brian williams
Literally who

that looks awkward as fuck but it's not that bad really

>first 3 quarters

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>refball to try and keep this series going
so predictable nba

i encouraged both of you to do this dance in front of your fathers in the same position

I know the NBA wants to push Ja as the first openly gay superstar but he's backing up onto his father...

dis niggas forehead is ginormous