OUR Kitties

who gives a fuck about whatever the >rags are doing lmao

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go stars

>OH N-

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Which rink has the best ice?
>39.6% Bell Centre, Montreal
>13.7% Rogers Place, Edmonton
>12.2% Canada Life Centre, Winnipeg
>5.8% T-Mobile Arena, Vegas
>5.8% Xcel Energy Center, Minnesota
>2.8% Madison Square Garden, NYC

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Brandt Centre

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Caps will win

plz gaps

>wide shot of the new york crowd
>its like 12 White people total

Shut the fuck up you raped bitch

Malkin you ape

its almost time

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My penguins ):

malkin is such a retarded sack of shit

>wanted to post a picture of the first rows of crops I put into ground last week
>it's too large

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If ovi wins, so will putin

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Big dumb russian fuck!

/nba/ here, who do I root for since my Lakers are out? Are there any teams with no Russians? I hate Putler and his minions so fucking much.

>mfw watching the Rags PP operate

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You growing some kaya, lad?

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Sidney is going to retire isn't he?

not Yea Forums

Go stors

Kings because LA

Capitals have 4 ukrainians and one tranny

Ok I'll bite, who the fuck is Gary?

bullshit pen on Malkin

Swindon Wildcats mate

>see ya next year, son

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the most based jew alive

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I'm from Texas

Okay I'll look into them

No but potatoes, onions, grapes, ground artichoke, various herbs, eggplant, tomato, carrots, turnips, cucumber just to name a few but was very proud how forst annabelle rows came out


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stars then

I AM Yea Forums, LAD

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blacks need a Yea Forums pass to post in /hoc/

Then Dallas, they have many finns

What part of texas?

Gary Kasparov is a Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, political activist and commentator. His peak rating of 2851,[1] achieved in 1999, was the highest recorded until being surpassed by Magnus Carlsen in 2013. From 1984 until his retirement in 2005, Kasparov was ranked world No. 1 for a record 255 months overall for his career, which outstrips all other previous and current chess ranking records. Kasparov also holds records for the most consecutive professional tournament victories (15) and Chess Oscars (11).

You don't get to support a team during the playoffs, you bandwagoning Laker fuck!

>laker fan from texas
you a cowboys and yankees fan too bud?

>rags are winning
oh shit look at that
lemme guess though
Shestyokin's gonna let in 2 dumb goals within like 20 seconds of each other in the final minute right

based gatekeeping rajesh

>Krapsperi Krapenen

m8 the Caps have the GOAT Russian player on their team lmao

i live in austin want to come over

The Kayak ad making fun of conspiratard morons is pretty based

Hell no


>no Crosby
>no Jarry

It's over pongs sisters. Even if we squeak by the rags we're getting swept by the Canes.

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> #Ducks assistant coach Geoff Ward has left the club for personal reasons

Damn he was a good man

based unhinged rootless philanderer poster

i wasn't going to do anything gay

Who would you say is the absolute worst 2nd period team in all of /hoc/key?

Fuck off

I hate austin
It's a faggy shithole. More or less the SF of texas.

this is bullshit if the old as fuck pongs we’re just planning on all fucking off getting injured the least they could have done is let my islanders have a fair shot in the playoffs fuck these islanders are making me want to punish my hamster again

Looks like this series is going back to Pittsburgh

not today

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Stars Flames game gonna be any good??


>rags giving pongs fans the satisfaction of seeing the pongs beat them in shitsburgh


Kitties 3rd period has started
time to ignore the >pongs and >rags again

Fuck I want some sanos now

cope and dilate the rags are winning it all

Really don't understand the Trotz firing lad

Ape holders can use multiple slurp juices on a single ape

why do players spit the water onto the ice?
barely drinking shit

does anyone still have the "procent" vocaroo a finnish user recorded?

>Battle Cowboy
Oh yes...

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Don't know what that has to do with ice quality but ok

Do you think Ralph Macchio browses /hoc/?

>guentzel the gremlin aint shit without crosby

Who would have thought



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>pongs wanting to visit that Bronx hooker again

My penguins ):

>go down 3-1 against a team starting an AHL goalie
>winning it all



that rollllllllll

Fuck you Shittsburgh I don't want this shit series to go on any longer

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you've never felt the need to spit more when working out/skating?


If crosby doesn't come back this series might go 7


They get the hydration necessary without having to piss in the middle of the game.

jesus, the milkers on that rangers fan

Rags 6

>immediate second crosby gets hurt penguins fold and let in 5 goals

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Femoid detected

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i drink water cause i need water

take a screencap and share it faggot


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poverty franchise in pittsburgh lol

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Show them

whats it like to be low caste

where are the proofs

Still, how are they so bad at defending an average player like Gentzel

Friedman mad as fuck

>rags can’t win with our asking like chimps

damn panties gettin it


This is good, more violins for the next game meng

Holy fuck the caps are an absolute embarrassment lmao

>Cindy injured

Why are the bad guys winning all the sudden?


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backstrom sucks

IT WAS 3-0


it was 3-0

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imagine being a literal subrace

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/hoc/ seething

>All the games got Game 7
>all the bad guys win -_-

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Jesus fucking christ

Panthers fans are blackhawks tripfags tier annoying

>IT WAS 3-0


Rangers - Pens game 7 at MSG, kino confirmed

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all the bad guys are winning...

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>it was 3-0

Absolute state of broken craps

>implying the Panthers have fans

>femoid commentating Flames/Stars

Guess it's bed time.


>take your fucking hats off, you fucks

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All teams no one cares about are falseflagged by mildcuck fangays

Laviolette is RIP

Based Caps. Making want to kill myself for the first time since the Zoloft kicked in 2 years ago.

Crosby babby just like the rest of the team

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>panthers have scored four straight
>finland isn't awake

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They're not hurting you.

Why do you hurt them?

Careful the tranny janny got me banned for posting a dead cat once

watch sportsnet

seven game series are a scam agreed upon by franchises to sell more tickets

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Watching game

Sorry new to hockey but the announcer keeps saying the puck went off the n boards when it goes deep. What does the n stand for?

goodguysbros… this can't be happening…

in booba we trust

thank you

flames bros…. we’re next

That's the Stynnyng, Brave, and, inydypyndynt Lee-uggghhh Hextall for us cis-gender males.

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He's saying end boards

>the Panthers game isnt even full
jesus christ

Just switch to the canadian feed

keep your dead animal pic collection sequestered in what i can only assume is your fap folder and dont post them here, fuck's sake