/nfl/ general - HOME FIELD edition

FA: Jaguars cut last year's starting K Matthew Wright
MIA: Dolphins OC 'optimistic' about Tua's arm strength
DEN: KJ Hamler wants to be Wilson's new Tyler Lockett
CHI: Nathan Peterman signs with Bears on one-year deal
NE: Agholor on OC: 'You have to ask Coach Belichick'
GB: NFL announces Cowboys vs. Packers Week 10 game
CAR: Panthers sign Ikem Ekwonu to four-year rookie deal
FA: Lambo sues Jaguars for hostile work environment
FA: Ravens withdraw tender on ERFA Ty'Son Williams
FA: RapSheet: GB 'gonna be involved' on OBJ, Landry

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Go Washington.

it's the truth

go cats

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>Dik Poopscoot

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Peyton Manning was never on the cover of Madden. Neither has Aaron Rodgers.
Mahomes has already been on the cover twice in 3 years

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So apparently there's video of Tua of throwing a duck to Tyreek Hill??

cope this year is our year

yeah check it out

Cowshits will still find something to bitch about

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Have they already dropped the ball when it comes to making a dynasty?

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How did they get an easy schedule? Didn't they win the division (before getting btfo in the wild card round)?

nfc east v afc south this year

>black kirk cousins

cope he never said that

they will enjoy their one ring in 4 AFCCG appearances and a future of playoff runs cut shorter and shorter as mahomes paychecks get larger and larger

Yeah, Amari Cooper did :^)

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cope last season was a fluke we were the better team and still is

>this arouses and enrages the browns fan

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i believe!

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>Bengals beat the chiefs twice last year
>Bengals got better this offseason
>Chiefs got worse this offseason

Who's the practice squad guy on your team that you think could have a career as a mediocre starter?
For me it's Juwann Winfree of the Packers. Not only is he constantly "turning heads" during camps but he beat out GBs 3rd round pick Amari Rodgers for snaps last year even when Cobb was hurt. He has a quick release and runs competent routes

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Raiderbros, should they sign Agholor again?

cope they got better since mahomes doesn’t have to cater to tyreek all the time

You were lucky to beat the superior Bills

Weird way to say that Mahomes cannot be bailed out by Tyreek anymore.

jets packers could be week 6. i hope we get a good duel between rodgers and wilson.

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>dip pipsqueek

I will be watching the Packers in London :)

Wilson is shit

I genuinely don't get why Yea Forums hates Rodgers, he's one of the only based white American athletes still playing

wilson is definitely better than what some are making him to be.

You realise he's a closeted homosexual, right?

He's better than what "some" think, but he's still shit

Aaron rodgers is straight

One, that's just like your opinion, man
Two, who cares?

No fag dates around like that, if Rodgers was actually gay he'd just find a beard and marry her

cope the jets are an actual team now

i still believe in him. he's got a much better cast than what darnold got.

I like some players they have, but they aren't a real team

From the look on Erin Rodgers face, he wants to "duel" Wilson's butthole.

Can't think of anything gayer than debating and obsessing over another man's sexuality t.bh desu

>I genuinely don't get why Yea Forums hates Rodgers

He plays for the Packers.

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1. Bills
2. Chargers
3. Bengals
4. Colts
5. Chiefs
6. Steelers
7. Raiders

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Ryan is obviously an upgrade but I still don't see them winning more than one playoff game.

>shit on jets fans
>receive a warning for trolling from a janny
I was right. Jets fans truly are pathetic.

what did you say?

he shat on the jets

Fuck the jets
Fuck Trash Wilson
Fuck Robert Halal
Fuck new joisy
Fuck their diarrhea green jersey color
Fuck their shitty raiders rip off black
Fuck their stadium
Fuck Jew York

My skinnies :)

careful, jets janny is gonna get you

Fuck you
Go jets

Fuck the jets

My Steelers (:

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Hope Wentz finds himself, bro.