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as if corey perry hasn't been diving all series


Rags Bros...

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>give up 1st shot of the period 8 minutes in
>get scored on
this is ADVANCED >rags


Did any of us think that Dolan's statement would go unpunished? This is a Canadian organization, they despise the city of New York and being openly criticized.


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>imagine being a rag fag

My penguins (:

FLA broadcasters really want to be second to Hack Edwards!

Penguins: "The Rangers play dirty hockey"


Penguins: headhunt Ryan Lindgren



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>they used #2 pick on Kaapo Kakko

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i was downvoted when we shut carolina out 2-0 saying that this team is not a playoff team and was told to stop being a "sky is falling" kind of guy. wish i could see those people now. we dont have a single money player on this team.

are the kitties frauds?

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>rags rags rags

That was three missed holding calls in as many minutes, the flip flopping between "playoffs must be called tighter" and "it's the playoffs let 'em play" is ridiculous

we smoking that rags pack

Why does ESPN sound like robots?

>lafreniere isnt a bus-

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We had an excellent season. Do not let this series tell you any different. Happy we made it where we were. Happy we broke records along the way. LGR today, tomorrow and next season!

checked for migga

Queef finally decided not to play those retards, smart.

>55 Titles
>In their second Europa League Final
Sorry Vinny what?

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Those tiddies are frauds

look at this stadium full of people willingly existing in new york

Stop typing like a faggot

Based or cringe?

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Let's go caps

So Drury made moves to make this team tougher, by adding guys with some toughness. The problem is, that didn't at all make our stars tougher. They just don't have that. Look at players like Marchand, Draisaitl, and the guy I covet more than anyone Svechnikov, not only are these guys stars they play with an edge. We don't have anyone like that. The core is charmin soft. FML.

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>wrestlefaggot doesn't know how to format an image

It’s beyond sad our fans are left getting happy Crosby falls down. What a pathetic group of vets.


why arent we noticing any norris caliber defending from a certain tribesmen?

I miss sam
Where is sam?

It's AEW so cringe



God called him home to Heaven for non-COVID related reasons during the coof

I'm getting drunk how do I make my ex jealous?

kys edrone

Me: talking about hockey
You: being a homophobe

>Bettman still thinks its 2009
>Bettman still thinks it's 2009 with ESPN money now

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Getting drunk for me Pens :)

I went to sleep so damn early so I'd wake up at at 3:00am (20 mins ago) in order to shitpost an partake in the rags elimination party and turns out it's actually happening


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Fuck a black guy.

Ok I keep seeing y'all say 3rd string goalie but that really isn't a big deal to me. Random goalies get hot in the playoffs all the time and go on random runs

The MSG crowd is fucking pathetic. The season is about to end, you can’t give the guys any energy whatsoever?

Based Finland centering his sleep schedule around shitposting with his /hoc/bros


You're losing to Frankfurt and you're gonna like it.

>55 titles in a mickey mouse league

Typical New Yorkers, only care about themselves

WWE is just as shit nowadays but at least it isn't full of cringeworthy flippy shit like the AEW

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>Get tough, but no finesse
>Get finesse, but on tough

This team can never get the balance right

Minor league goalie supremacists rise up. All fucking Vezinas must fucking hang

Barring a comeback*

A team with a 50 goal scorer, the presumptive Vezina winner, and 4 players hitting over 70 points could make some noise in the playoffs

Post >rags