Eternal Arsenal Thread

North London Derby edition

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Would you look at that!
Also, 1st for ANIME IN

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you have to be seriously down on life if you have literally no confidence for this game especially after a good run of wins and a striker with new found form. and honorary mention to elneny and holding who've come in and played excellent. we don't have to win. a draw is still a decent result. they have absolutely no option but to win, so they'll be pushing for goals and that's been their downfall in the biggest games this season. go back and watch their wins over any of the top 5, they just sat back all game and countered. they can't afford to do that in this game.

Funny that some 'arsenal fans' here are optimistic about getting a win yet none can answer why >we can win with many injuries and with arteta's stubornness of tactics.

>inb4 they call you a falseflagger

funny how this false flagger is completely ignoring the players which have come in to replace injured players and played excellent in big games like the chelsea and united ones. "b-but injuries!" as if we haven't had injuries for weeks now put pulled out big results.

normal people: nketiah is on fire he'll bang in a goal or two!
flase flagger: b-but partey is injured so we're going to lose and i'm going to ignore the games we won :(...

All I'm saying is that it's happened before. I really wouldn't put it past some schizos to do just that.

Arteta out sisters... we lost....

Arsenal will ALWAYS be favourites against Sp*ds.
That's my two cents on this debate.

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imagine the seethe if /arse/ was a thing when he switched

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Imagine if we got Kane next window.

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what is this lmao, confusing falseflaggers with each other, fantastic tactics from the actual falseflaggers

saka is injured and you all loath pepe for being crap, and yet somehow pepe will turn up when playing tomorrow. also, none still can argue about the tactics stubbornness.

implying pepe will start when he hasn't started in ages and barely even gets a substitute appearance. there's a higher chance of soares playing on that right wing based on arteta this season than pepe. not to mention arteta has played 3 at the back with wingbacks this season too. so you don't know shit about how the team will be set up and you can't claim to know it either. and yet you're still acting like some sad pussy about it.

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Will anyone get Kane next window? Or will he continue to rot away in his prison?

i was keking about this earlier in the week
reminder (((Levy))) turned down multiple offers worth over 80m

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oh, who will then?

Now that Haaland has gone to City they're out of the picture too. Levy's only hope is probably United, right?
I honestly feel bad for him. Not too much cause I don't think he's helping himself but still.

playing cedric in the right is the most retarded ever i can only imagine you're not serious

martinelli has played on the right this season with ESR on the left so that's a clear option or if he goes 3 at the back the wingbacks fill that wide role. there's a ton of options available but you're some pussy and can't accept that. grow some fucking balls

maybe Newcastle as a meme statement purchase

when's the last time arse play 3atb from the first minutes?

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>losing to Tottenshite and then crumble in the CL race
Arteta fucking OUT

I wouldn't even be mad. Maybe >we should throw in a cheeky 40m bid too.

i think a few weeks ago when we had no right fullback and we went 3 at the back with white, holding and gabriel.

When? Pretty sure it was simply a 4atb with white as RB.

i actually can't remember now

arsenal have a more successful historythan spurs. objective fact. its also an objective fact that this spurs team and manager is better than their current arsenal rivals.just an objective fact.

Shit team

post your spurs arsenal XI

not really any point is there

i think this arsenal team haven't even hit 50% of their potential but spurs are basically already there and son and kane aren't going to get much better, if anything they'll get worse as they age imo.

i'm deciding if your claim that the spuds team is better than arse is objectively true or not

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forgot ramsdale in goal

Are you the same person? I guess not. But anyway I'd rather romero than gabriel desu but i agree with the rest.

pretty sure i saw another user (maybe it was you) said the same thing
man city and liverpool style is what led to spuds to play well against them, that's why they lost and play like shit against lower tier teams that doens't attack all the time

>worried choking top 4 against spurs
please, they're bigger choker than us
also kys falseflag indog manure customer keep defending spurs
>noooo don't jixing it

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Is Click to edit elite?

>t. a falseflagger
Yea yea we know how it goes, hype arse to win, proceed to lose, then make fun of your own post as if it's an actual sane arsenal fan who said it.

Jesus man, Is this your biggest concern here?

quite so

do you not sleep?

I'm a shut-in that wants to go to a pub to watch the NLD. Problem is I've never been to a pub in my life, especially by myself. What do I do to prevent spaghetti spillage?

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just go to one, sit down and order beer/ lager/ whatever drink you fancy, maybe even food
watch the game
cheer when they score
moan / groan when something go against us
match ended, you go home
you don't have to interact with anybody you don't want to except the bartender
anybody ask, you can just said you are not from around that area and is on business
just make sure you don't go to a fucking spuds pub

Don't go

coys you fucking faggots

This There's zero pressure man. It's a bunch of drunk dudes who are probably as retarded and autistic as you if not more so.

If you really don't want people to have small talk with you just say you support Millwall or Leyton Orient they'll stop talking immediately.

Just focus on defense.
No need to attack.
0-0 is fine.

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can we just field a 10 men team?

I wouldn't call Arteta stubborn when it comes to tactics. He has tried a lot of different ones throughout the season. Most of them has failed or made the team worse so we revert back to the one that works.

The thing is that even if Arsenal will sit back all game they will still try to counter sometimes and if you lose the ball in your own counter that is when Spurs will punish you. If Arsenal stay in their own box the whole game I can't see Spurs not getting one lucky deflection goal or Kane penalty from a dive.

It is such a difficult game to guess what is gonna happen.

No other options since Tierney and White are still out.

Tomiyasu and Cedric could play wing backs. That is the other option. Although I think Tavares and his speed might be needed against Tottenhams counters. Cedric is not very good against speedy opponents.

pls just snatch an ugly and undeserved 1-1 draw

kolasinac did nothing wrong

'1 Kane
'90+3 Nketiah

no tavares, no xhaka, 4 at the back tomiyasu and cedric on each end, play to win, simple as.

It's just a bunch of men kicking a round object, there are more important things in life (like anime).

Son kulusevski
Odegaard Partey
Saka Bentacur Tomiyasu
Gabriel Romero

how do you say based department in japanese?

Are restaurants in malls a thing in bongland? Usually they show the game and you can eat and other families would be there, not sure if bongs take their 5 year olds to the pub and buy them a pie and coke?

I probably got COVID,lads..