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heems on a wednesday night (real ones only)

only worked out after ali linked up and worked his magic

My hair is starting to look like Tony's. CSO, bros

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1 bong and 15 bings to go btw
its gonna be free on youtube

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will brooks
charles oliviera
1 out of 2 rounds vs tony

its out

Prochazka has no chance

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does oliviera have a fat juicy bunda? No. that's what I thought

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kill yourself loopycel

think i'd rather keep the free then watch that shit

fattest ass in wmma vs the sheemer that gave us this gem

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Ah yes like uh uhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
>Lost to Islam

Could be worse desu.

glover is gonna get rocked, go for the single, and grind jiri down. bet.

davi ramos is also a better grappler than anyone olives has beaten

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Which ranked fighters do you think Dariush can beat?

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This is what makes the sport great

Pisslam, Chandler, Canor, Hooker

Islam is not a good wrestler.

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Glover is a hard one I think the old man still has fight in him

Dustbin, Gaethje, Islam, RDA, Dookie and Riddell are all winnable fights for him


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FOTY 2021: fiziev vs green
FOTY 2022: silva de andrade vs morozov

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>dan hooker and tony are still ranked

I though LW was supposed to be the most stacked divisions?

How do you stop congestion at the top of the division?
I suggest a rule - fighters drop one place in the rankings if they lose to someone below them. The drop three places if they lose to someone above them.
This encourages fighters to fight down, giving lower ranked guys a chance to break into the upper echelons.

shut up, faggot. we men here, and like to see pretty ladies. goddamned maniac

Quite possibly the dumbest post in /heem/ history


Tony is still a contender but yes Dookie and Riddell should not be ranked

everyone except chandler and gaethje

Your jealousy is palpable.


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punishing people for taking harder fights is retarded, cte cans like tony just need to retire to unclog the rankings

>Im officially ranked #15 in the world in the woman’s flyweight division

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go back to your coomer board faggot i come here to discuss mma

>Loopycel actually got bullied into making low effort threads instead of his gay little news threads
>He's THIS fucking desperate to be the OP

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most retarded possible answer

actually he is close to the top guys. anything can happen imho in the top 5. need to admit olives performance stands out tho.

can. Usyk beats him a second time.

I'm genuinely happy for her and Ortega, they seem like a nice couple.

Tony has lost 4 fights in a row and all have been blowouts. Having him at #10 is laughable


ctecity's used goods

>i come here to discuss mma
oh no. the faggot wants to talk about sweaty men with us

peep the flag b we know who it is

all 4 fights were to top 5 guys and the champ. there is no reason he shouldn't be ranked compared to the other names on the list who barely have any top 10 wins

gaethje could easily get subbed by dariush, chandler fight is 50/50 because hes generally fragile. they are his best matchups if you don''t count super flushed guys like tony

They’re Mexican. They definitely abuse each other behind closed doors

shut uuuuup mental homo. YOU go to a lgbt board and watch bbc.
you are clearly the sickest weirdo here lol

tony (obv) garth conor and dookie

How hard will heem seethe when Islam wins the LW belt and holds on to it for 5+ years?


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I hope he does an Aljo and just fucks off for a couple of years

Not saying you’re wrong but all I hear from UFC shills is LW is full of killers and you have a 38 year old on a 4 fight skid in the top 10

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stop projecting cuck I only post on /his/ /o/ /k/ and /heem/

I can't argue with that b. LW is the most overhyped division in the entire company

my niggas Kyleigh Lopez is the hottest girl in MMA

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Shame about the tats


How's he doing as a coach so far? Figueiredo seems like a case of success so far

UPDATE of the 5 most awkward/cringe posters on heem
- pedolisa
- homobong
- britsperg
- fuglyface pajeetbong
- khabibs cock sucking muzzie bong

100% i agree but have you considered Karla Torres?

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chandler is an absolute nightmare for dariush. if you had to design a fighter to beat beneil it would literally be michael chandler. highly explosive (beneils biggest weakness), impossible to sub, competent wrestler. gaethje can be subbed but beneils offensive wrestling is not good enough to get him to the mat so he would just chew up benny on the feet and probably KO him. his best matchups in the top 10 are probably dustin, islam, and maybe oliveira

he won't hold on to the belt for that long. he'll fight his nightmare matchup eventually

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>hides her face

yeah but I gotta see Kyleigh just looks much better and doesn't present herself in such a lowly way

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>khabibs cock sucking muzzie bong

these are the same person tho?

fr fr

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I wish it was me

shut up....dont dare to spaz off if a heemster posts a cute woman. fucking bussy fuckboy

Ricci mogs her.

Have you considered that you're actually a deep deep closet case that masturbates to men in dresses and only pretend to be a straight man??

Based Kraut. None of this posters has ever had sexual intercourse with a human female

And who might that be?

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bongs on suicidewatch

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Her sister is hotter 2bh

I just posted him. Leavitt's gayness will prevent Islam from shooting a takedown

Imagine begin here for so long you recognize posters, embarrassing

i see the case youre making and can i counter with Baby Shark

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I'll only seethe if he defends it once every 16 months like Khabib did

bingo.....we got only that one mental retard.
somalia, brazil, france, slovenia and me are holy virgins compared to him

dariush could heem chandler, he got dropped by the ghost of tony, its 50/50
dustin is more likely to heem him because dariush isn't that great of a wrestler but still winnable I guess
islam and oliviera destroy dariush

all me btw

i'm not interested in seeing your disgusting waifu you stupid fuck

Oh nvm I thought this gay nigga was a MW. Yeah actually a faggot could threaten Islam

kys rod you stupid faggot

Tabatha Ricci’s asshole

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most people just post and move on but spammy and homobong are friend simulators that are dying for attention

why is germany the only western country that can't produce a single decent heemer?

Chandler's UFC wins are over Dookie Dan and the shell of Tony...remind me again why people rate this gatekeeper?

idc you homo
just shut up.

>Tony loses badly
>Oh fuq he can't deal with it he's gonna kill his family
>Oh nvm he's announcing he'll be back
>He's announcing he'll be back

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now that he's welcomed Ace into the family he cannot be defeated. he's too explosive now

this niggas fight against Claudio Puelles was the worst shit I had to watch in prelims EVER
its like they were both poisoned and moving in slow motion shit was ridiculous
I like her but she has a tad bit too much testosterone ya feel me?

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if you look close...

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Been on /heem/ for several years and can't identify a single poster. The entire fucking purpose is to be anonymous

Russia invaded Ukraine and Germany told them to just give up instead of fighting back.
That should tell you everything you need to know about Germany.

what a fucking idiot. walking away in your prime might work for kabob but cejudo was never a ufc project

based autistic retard

They should give up. Only Western jews benefit if Ukraine fights Russia down to the last Ukrainian.

we sent 5000 helmets

Say what you want about Tony but to even talk about comeback after that fight requires a lot of mental strength

I only recognise posters who desperately seek attention like poopycel and the fucking drakesperg

it took an Austrian (philippino jew mix) to ALMOST turn Germany into a relevant country

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these people spend 18 hours of their day every day on Yea Forums. its a sickness