#2 Boston Celtics vs #3 Milwaukee Bucks East Semis Game 5 Gamethread

Tied up at 2-2

Rob Will is out with knee soreness

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Bucks win.

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heat bros who do we wanna face? I'm thinking celtics cuz they got weak knees and giannis has that gay greek power

You don't want none cuz

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I like Tatum but he can disappear in pivotal moments. He NEEDED Horford to save his legacy last game

They made the mural so Gianni’s looks like he has a fat ass

it's over you irish retard, he won't be there to save you twice in a row

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the only player in NBA history to average at least 25 PPG, 10 RPG, 5 APG, 1 BPG and 1 SPG in multiple seasons. Can you name the other players to do that once?

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wilt chamberlain as for post aba nba merger i dont know

The only reason you can't say Russell Westbrook is because he didn't have the blocks.
But that is a Russell Westbrook tier stat

please don't suck off yawnis tonight refs

You can switch his points with Brown and it will be the same outcome
Or if Grant gets 10 and Pritchard gets 6, less from Horford and more from Brown
There are so many ways for the C's to score, it's not like they need Horford to get 30

For anyone interested, some of the players that were able to average this include Kareem, Bird, and strangely Demarcus Cousins.
F to Bob

refs gonna give the bucks this game cause he died

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>Demarcus Cousins.
niggas forget how good prime boogie was in an era dominated by guards

Have you thanked a veteran today, spee?

my brother wanted him on the lakies badly when he was in his kangz prime

Boogie was an animal it's sad to see him go out like he did. Never was the same after that ACL.



The Kings fucking ruined him and wasted him, he should have forced a trade sooner.

>that bounce
silver is playing with magnets again

you can't tell me magnets weren't used on this fucking shot

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Is there a better stream than streameast?

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Tatum was feeding Horford all night for wide open threes.

pass the fucking ball brown and tatum you retards

willsports is a good one


>celtics bringing back the giannis ft countdown

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yeah ig ur right lmao

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Buffstreams working way better, but thank you

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imagine being so poor you have to stream

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horford missing horribly this game is fucking over

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>tatum and brown a combined 2-8 from 3 in the 1st quarter already

bruh its a one point game chill

boring ass series

Chucking fags

Doubt i count as poor

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I sympathize with the Celtics but I also want a Suns - Bucks rematch so I'm conflicted


lel Dorchester maybe

Stavros Halkias in the Celtics crowd

Celtics are the righteous choice

Watch theis is going to get bodied by the bucks bigs

are you implying you have a city job or live in the city

Holiday is underrated

celtics shooting bad

Kind of sad that a washed up George Hill is somehow the 2nd best ballhandler on the team now.

82% dont get it twisted

>2 commercials about investing in crypto
>another commercial about the fun of sports gambling on Fanduel
>some commercial about investing
>another crypto scam right before the break ends
>resume game
>Fanduel and LeCrypto.com plastered all over the arena
>check twitter
>some NBA player with a monkey NFT is spamming his latest crypto

uuuhhh bros??? I think something fishy is going on here

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Bostons weird. Im used to poor inner cities and rich suburbs, but worcester, new bedford, lynn, and quincy are all drug/crime centers but kendall square is richman mecca

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>streameast xyz in sub only mode
>no one talking

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Si/si amigo

Udoka is playing them 43 minutes per game. Dude doesn't know what he's doing.

>miss horribly anyways
this should be a foulable offense

Get George Hill out of the game. Celtics have been scoring on him like crazy.

Lynn and Worcester are definitely ghettos, but they're ghettos I like, at least. There are cities in the South that're fucking retarded how crime-ridden their poor neighborhoods are.

Petition to turn this board green IF Celtics win the 'ship

wtf is george hill doing in

sorry my american education didn't teach me whatever the fuck your flag is, opinion discarded

Oh absolutely. May I never be unfortunate enough to live in Arkansas or even southwestern Missouri. Savannahs nice.

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Man this shit is painful to watch. Good battle defensively though.

you can hover over flags to see the name of the country

the bucks are winning but it feels like the celtics are

who this cute lil nigga in the dorothy slippers?

Is this the team with the weird owner in a yellow suit? he spoke at my company's christmas party and was insufferable

he maybe phoneposting

i could have sword the celtics and bucks played game 5 the other day and the bucks won by 2. the series was 2-3, did i dreamed this???

>let's show an asian lady eating a hotdog

lay off the drugs user

I met some nice people from Georgia, too. The nicest places in the U.S. are on the East and West coasts, and Boston's definitely on the list.

that is in fact my fetish

i have family in worchester and yes it is the ghetto

Im sorry man at least its not fitchburg

Is the Palladium still a venue down there? I saw some awesome shows there back in the day

this new kendrick slaps but the streets overrating it a lil bit


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TACKO Sighting

when fantano cried i knew everything was dead

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(((They))) memory holed it

Giannis is shook. It’s over

do the bucks even have a coherent gameplan? facepalm.jpeg

I’ve been taking Xanax and binge drinking all week this whole everything has been a blur iktf bro


grant and horgod are legit

Is Taco still in the league?

Horfgoat is cucking Gianna

Go to rehab kid, smdh

Cuck a Cola

>rehab for a little one week bender
Lol you’re like little babby

same but with ketamine alcohol and whipits

It looks like they are just playing street ball

>imagine thinking benders are acceptable as an adult

This is exactly how addicts think, bro.

van gundy is such an annoying cocksucking faggot, what does he have against giannis? even his compliments are backhanded

luv me buckies

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Grant Williams gets in his feelings and it affects his game for the worse. He needs to be strong mind like Al