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1 bong 12 bings + 8 gary bings

From the way Gary has mismanaged the horrific events in Chicago to his refusing to acknowledge a link between traumatic brain injury and CTE, for doing nothing to help retired players, for calling the NHL a “family”, for the Dept of Player Suspensions, for the way the game is marketed, for the lack of any coherent global strategy, for turning his back on issues like painkiller, ambien and toradol abuse, for his lack of empathy and caring, for his 3 lockouts and all the lies. It’s time for Gary to go.


what a wienerbread


Happy >rags elimination day

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uh oh he make poopy in his diapey lmao pttttttttt

boiled eggs or mashed potatoes as a midnight snack?

Rangers in 7

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Mashed taters
Boiled eggs are gross

How fucking retarded is Edmonton?

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Calgary Gary wants you to know just build the arena and the pain will stop.

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Bruins elimination day > Laffs elimination day > Rags elimination day > Soilers elimination day

potatoes. eggs will make you gassy and will make your body work harder to digest them while you sleep.

potatoes it is

ya'll niggers posting in an earlyfag thread

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then go back to the old one and make a new one yourself, otherwise welcome back cuck

OP is a fag

late threads are for fags

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Confident Clarification: Incorrect, meatbag. Everyone knows that laffs elimination day is the greatest if them all. Only soi filled meatbags and jannies think otherwise.

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You can take that to the bank.

Someone explain this autistic crying about moving to a new thread 5 posts short of 500?

This gimmick isn't drawing a dime

Okay I’m back from the garden. That’s to all the people who waited to post until I got back.

I had a rough day, but at least I have playoff hockey

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I am literally a 4channel janitor. I am paid in short bursts of misbegotten superiorty. The Toronto Maple Leafs are my favorite team.

What's in season? Blueberries aren't ripe yet

rags prolly gonna take game 6 but lose in game 7

He’s played well his shit team let him down

we take our threads VERY seriously here

that's nice they are going to have to win game 5 first which they wont

ooga booga


I will miss this Rangers team. They will, almost certainly, make it worse

>post 499 of the old thread 17:47:36
>this OP 17:45:22
definitionally early and i for one shant be participating

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Intelligent Response: Fake and gay.

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Nah they'll win game 8

I often post CP in threads over the post limit on page 10. They'll never catch me.

oh no, not the phoneposter

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you mean calgary puck right

I could go for some cheesy pizza, but I'm trying to watch my weight

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Mainly just planting starts but I had some collard greens and kale that overwintered and gave me a spring crop.

oh no, not the brief shitter

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why was crosby and malkin able to turn 4th line shitters into 20+ goal scorers and playoff performers, while mcfraud and slewfootsaitl continue to struggle against playoff bubble teams?

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coping predators is not really a bannable offense yet

Because Crosby and malkin aren’t busts

What makes them so irresistibly likeable /hoc/?

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I'm not really familiar with the latter since I'm from the north. But Kale can be pretty good


their women have huge dicks

Bingo is dying of cancer user give him a break

crosby turned chris kunitz into an olympic gold medalist

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the shampoo guy? i guess

The fact that their fans are bandwagoner New Yorkers

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serious cp question
is it just a pizza with sauce and regular amount of cheese?
we have like "4 cheese" pizza here, but very rarely there is this basic "bread with some cheese" pizza.

They are a lot more likable when half the team is home grown

Me too, Brad

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Just made my world famous chili con carne

Where does he play next?

I never had collards until I grew them. I’m in Washington state and they’re not really a thing here. They’re very good in a soup.

Its just pizza with no topping. But then italian niggas start talking like the cheese layer is a topping so who fucking knows, man.

yeah that's what it is

Aka diarrhea from uranus

That's my interpretation. Cheese Pizza is basic Pizza in the US

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probably the nice guys like fox

burgers realized a while ago you can just put anything on flatbread and call it a pizza

I put cheese and bread in the microwave and then eat it while it's warm and soft. delicious.

When I get domino’s I get it with Philly cheesesteak on it

Do Finns like Mexican food?

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What kind of boring ass nigga orders plain cheese pizza

Don't call me a retard you chomo


There’s usually a premium cheese pizza you can get that uses a mix of cheese. People who eat plain mozzarella pizza are considered childish.

He'll stay with us unless management trades him

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Cheese pizza is for fags, pedos, and anime-watching pedos.

Why did Putin bother showing up to the World Championship in 2015?

I thought it didn't matter

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I didn't know that

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For me, it is a supreme deep dish with italian beef and extra cheese from Lou Malnati's

>giordanos faggots BTFO and eternally cucked by the superior pie from Lou

It doesn’t

Calgarians are open to new arenas as long as they come in the shape of a saddle. Any and all proposals that do not meet this threshold will continue to be ignored.

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he was just there for political posturing

I used to do that with bagels

>9 cheese pizza

> feta
> parmesan
> cheddar
> smoked cheese
> suluguni
> dorblu
> emmental
> soft cheese
> mozzarella

imagine the farts

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Yes. We got Taco Bell in 2017

It's like plain vanilla ice cream, it can be delicious and is simple

>you WILL have a soulless arena that looks like a commie block

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looks like a fuckin maxi pad

The more you know. I like quesadillas

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why does it look like a pringle?

Perry? Never heard of him

>living in a city big enough to have a taco bell

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isn't tex mex style food a big trend in finland and sweden right now?

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Taco bell is a guilty pleasure, Ukko-Pekka. I see the commercials for their beef fries and crave them

I seethed hard when they called chili con carne a Mexican food in one post.

Being soft, peaking at age 18 and getting in confusing arguments about russian politics are relatable things to /hoc/ posters

sounds amazing

why does /hoc/ always ask where mcdavid/matthews/other untradeable superstar is going?
nowhere you fucking porch monkey retard

mcdavid is 100% leaving edmonton

im not asking where hes going im asking when hes going to get out of crosbys shadow. cope seethe dilate.

List of players I dislike:

P. K. Subban
Malcolm Subban
Givani Smith
Wayne Simmonds
Ryan Reaves
Darnell Nurse
K'Andre Miller
Keegan Kolesar
Brad Marchand
Evander Kane
Seth Jones
Jordan Greenway
Anthony Duclair
Quinton Byfield
Matt Dumba
Auston Matthews

Not racist, just don't like 'em

Simple as

>shit players

>tfw mexicans copied finnish tortilla fridays

What's Marchand doing on that list?

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afk stirring taco meat


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You didn't get shit your ass was at home in bed with your stuffy don't compare your self to the big dogs.

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post your arenas if they're so great

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Finland is truly a cultured nation

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Eichel is racist look it up

Putin only shows up to shit that doesnt matter, such as the war in ukraine

Post the one where Taylor Hall failed an open book test

>the last laugh
I guess missing the playoffs again and again is the last laugh

>Visits Calgary Flames subreddit

WTF is going on there?? The whole board is just curses on Stars players....Did this get started at the beginning of the series?

fuckin based rat

minecraft yourself you stupid cunt

The new Nokia arena looks pretty grand

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Ruh Roh! Fatty Mcgoo is upset