This is the best player on the planet

Say something nice about him

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The wrecker of wolves

>The whipper of Wolverhampton
>the ghost of madrid

>shokes in champions league

the Cucked of Courtois

and WC

>the battle lord of Burnley

>the cracker of city

The Witherer of Wolverhampton

>the Scanner of Southampton

>the bottler of Bernabeu


The scanner of scenarios

He looks like he enjoyed the comic Nero in his youth.

He must have tons of CLs.


What's his xS for this match?

>the scanner of Scunthorpe

Reminder debrownscanner denied hazard of a world cup by being a shit system player

time sure does fly huh?

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*scans your posts*

Glad to see your phonecall has ended you clown


>the phone caller of bottled champions league game

Neymar is better

Not even the best player in the PL this year

The Fujitsu of Fulham
The Brother of Burnley
The Canon of Crystal Palace
The Epson of Everton
The HP of Hull City

he actually is according to ratings

epl: KDB > TAA > Son
Bundes: kimmich > haaland > nkunku
la liga: benzema > dembele > kroos
serie A: berardi > a cockroach > dybala
ligue 1: payet > mbappé > messi

The Albino of Aston Villa

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>the wrecker of wolves
>the bane of burnley
>the liquidator of leeds
>the sodomizer of southampton
Woah I wonder how he would do if he played against a big club like Real Madrid

He looks like prince harry. Not sure if that's good tho

>rating berardi

he's very good in unimportant games

he destroyed them in the first leg you ugly bangwagoning beaner

>unimportant games
look at the league table lel

I'm sorry, did oilshitster shitty play in the Champions League already? Surely they did well and advanced past some has been clubs like Real Madrid? Was de bruyne as clutch and tough as he was vs Chelsea in last season's CL final??? Illuminate me, Mohammed.

I would but De Bruyne seems to have gotten in the way so I can't tell who it is

feels good to watch an actual white person play footie well

give a briefing on the KdB and "scanning" meme please

not even best player on his own team soon.

he performed great in the first leg, mahrez let the team down

some middle aged man on twitter made posts about how he's spent the 30 years analysing scanning and which players can scan the best, and KDB is the best scanner in world football
i'm sure if you seach up scanning on the archive you'll find stuff

>best player on the planet
>deux burnes

>*gets pocketed by a 30 year old slow casemiro and 37 yo Modric*

>best player on planet
>doesnt play in best finals
what did belgian carrot cunt mean by this?

>le low cross spammer fraud

lol that sounds pretty autistic but based at the same time

>literal cuck who got beaten by his bull in the most humilliating way possible

never heard about him

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>The Lens of Leeds
>The Recorder of Reading
>The Camera of Crystal Palace


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Had me keking


With Haaland they will be the ultimate Abominacion del Norte team

Nigger, do you even watch football?

He should replace Harry in the Royal Family.

Checked and EXPOSED

male* player

forgot pic, joke ruined

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