FBI Reveals the NBA was rigged during the 2006 finals against Dallas

What other titles do you think are mickey mouse rings

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All of them

>2x NBA Champion beating loaded teams during his run without another all star
So Dirk has to be top 10 all time right?

1978 - Blazers go 50-10 then Walton gets hurt
1984 - Rigged by the jews to extend the series helping LAL win
1988 - Phantom foul skyhook to help Lakers win
1991 - Worthy & Byron scott injured
1992 - Sabonis banned from playing for Blazers in his prime
1996 - Payton not put on Jordan the whole series, they were 2-1 that finals during the games he guarded him
1998 - Bulls use illegal zone defence
1999 - Phantom foul 4 point play against The Pacers helped Knicks advance
2000 - Infamous Rigged Blazers WCF G7 helped Lakers reach the finals
2001 - ECF was rigged to help 76ers advance, Finals then rigged against Philly after game 1. Lakers would lose to Bucks or Philly with impartial officiating
2002 - WCF rigged against Kings in Game 6, Lakers lose the series with fair officiating. Defending Eastern conference champs lose Iverson to injury for over 20 games
2003 - Dirk out with injury during the wcf against San Antonio
2004 - Nothing notable here
2005 - Refball screws the Suns out of a finals appearence, helping Spurs advance and win the title
2007 - Suns screwed again as Horry hip checks nash & amare gets suspended during the wcf to help Spurs advance
2009 - Lebron chokes vs Magic, Kobe who was a career 20% winning percentage against Lebron faces a weak magic team
2010 - Rigged for LA as they shoot 20-27 free throws in the second half alone to overcome a awful performance by Kobrick

Most of the titles of tom brady


Based satan

His 2011 title is certainly underrated. Thats a tremendous achievement.

How is players getting injured rigging?

2022 Lakers WCF. Kings got gypped.


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Lakers didn't even make the playoffs this year, you fucking imbecile.

It’s not it’s a tragic occurance but it also puts a astericks on a title

does anyone expect good faith in blacks? lol stop listen media and listen more to grandpa ameribros

No way! What are you gonna tell me next? Wrestling is fake?

2002 then. What's 20 years between friends.

to anyone saying Dončić is a flopper, go watch Wade in that final

Luka doesn’t flop

2015-16 was because of this too, ultimately. they ejected draymond because they wanted a longer series.

doncic is a flopper, but it's okay. when flopping is rewarded people flop. if you don't flop you miss out on valuable points.

That's not the FBI revealing anything you dummy, that's a guy who used to work for the NBA.

all of them, all american sports are rigged, that includes american owned ones like the UFC and Formula 1

UFC isn't
The organisation had so many meatheads in its inception and still has some now, one of them would have spilled something by this point

and that would have happened in the super league as well, and will happen to football soccer once 50% of all top league teams are owned by them, americans can only create rigged competitions

They really wanted the Warriors that year. Draymond should've been suspended the entire playoffs like 2 rounds before after he kicked the 14th guy in the dick in the playoffs alone, but they kept reducing his flagrants after the fact to let him keep playing. Only after #20 in the finals did they say enough is enough and give him a measly one game since they thought they were safe with that 3-1 lead. Cue all time choke

If it has judges, it's rigged. If it has judges and is run by the literal mafia then it's super rigged

keep living in an illusion bong

It doesn't.

Then 2015 and 2019 should have the biggest asterisks of them all

College sports are clean

There's zero chance the NBA rigged it for the Spurs lmao

My thought process was 1-2 years out of every 10 Stern would sit back and let it play out without interfering, and every time he did that either the Spurs or Pistons would win it.

Wade getting 25 free throws a game in those final games.... yeah totally legit

Why would they? You don't think there's money involved in the system?

imagine thinking like this

Spurs is the reason why the international boom happened

Basketball is probably the easiest game to fix.

2002 was definitely rigged, the fucking ref literally admitted it

If you watched the 06 finals you would already know they were rigged

So now you faggots believe glowies when it fits your narrative?

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Referees stated it wasn't rigged for San Antonio, they simply hated the owner of the Suns, the Spurs are the clean cut inoffensive pick

yes, but any sport with a lot of ambiguity as to what constitutes a foul/penalty can be steered in the same manner. basketball is probably easiest to cash in on those, though.

That is not how blood oaths work

Still salty about the 2000 WCF growing up in Oregon. Fuck that bullshit. Lakers shot like 18 FTs in the 4th quarter to complete a huge comeback

UFC is owned by an Israeli company

The league hates him, pretending they rig games for him is stupid at this point. Especially so when he beat Mahomes who was being groomed as the new face of the league

injuries, choking, or losing before you get to the finals arent asterisck titles
rigging and doping are

>believing the FBI

see: Jordan, Michael
see also: Stern, David & Faulk, David & Jordan, Michael

Pretty much. All professional sports officiating is rigged. Unless every game is just a (((coincidence)))
I'm sure the kikes dislike how Holiday actually clutched the end of the Bucks game tonight.

Seething dallass texcrement manlets. Mavs are a shit team and Mark Jewban is a massive cuck soulless lizardman desperate to be cool to the leddit crown. 06 Finals were legit, your shit team is just pathetic and everyone who actually had cognitive memory at the time knew it then and knows it today.

william morris endeavor is an american company


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confirmed zoomer repeating leddit/youtube smoothbrain NPC opinions instead of actually watching the games
Wrong. The NFL practically lets refs put 7 pts on the board whenever they feel like it thanks to phantom PI and redefining what a catch is whenever it conveniences ((them)). Boxing is also hilariously easy to rig.

that whole Wade playoff run was played on his back. it was disgusting to watch.

>30k pts, top 10 in stls, top 20 in blks, 5.5k assists, top 20 in rebounds, 4x scoring champion, 4x mvp 3 consecutive, made the finals 6 times in first 10 seasons
Imagine not having Dr J in your top 5

Depends if it was an fbi agent with a piece of pipe who done it.

not remotely


It really is. I don't even understand what is and isn't a foul more than half the time. Maybe I just don't know enough about the sport, but the vast majority of times the foul calls seem completely and totally arbitrary.

Literally every sport is rigged nowadays. Why do you think (((they))) push gambling so hard? Back in Ancient Rome, gladiators used to stage fights on orders from the emperor with the guarantee they would get to live. It’s all bread and circus goy