/nba/ - P double Edition

Tonight's games:
Bucks @ Celtics
Warriors @ Grizzlies

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DAL: Reggie Bullock (knee) not listed on injury report
MIA: Tucker, Strus, and Vincent questionable Thursday
MIA: Tyler Herro, Caleb Martin questionable Thursday
MIA: Kyle Lowry (hamstring) ruled out for Game 6 Thurs.
BKN: Ben Simmons feeling "great" after back surgery
BKN: Sean Marks non-committal on Kyrie Irving extension
ATL: Report: Jazz eyeing De'Andre Hunter via trade
DET: Report: Blazers "strong suitor" for Jerami Grant
BKN: Report: Hawks could pursue Ben Simmons this summer
DAL: Luka Doncic scores 28 w/ 11 boards in Game 5 loss

>deleted multiple threads and leaves the absolute shittest one possible up
you are a fagggot like it’s unreal. enjoy this weeks pay check and suck these nuts. nobody reads this shit btw

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Ws close out tonight but Steph gets injured

janny gettin on my nerves for real

id kill meself

early threads were deleted, thank you jannies.

if we want better OP we must make better OP

how tf the heat hurt so much fuck



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>multiple threads
it was the same thread, reposted by earlyanon who is clearly gunning for a rangeban

>phoneposting like a coward because he knows he'll get b&
stop shitposting, start playoffposting

>Ben Simmons feeling "great" after back surgery
Damn, the placebo actually worked

living in miami made them lazy

Alright boys it’s official, we’ve got Miami/Milwaukee & Warriors/Suns in the conference finals. THE FINAL FOUR

Call your shot now. Give me your HOTTEST TAKE


What went right?

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Warriors over Heat in 4


based potatoanon

The only games I play are 2k, EU4, and Pokémon :/

trry hollow knight or rogue legacy 2

Ws win in 6
Heat sweep the Bucks. I can see Jimmy doing a Kawhi and slowing down Ganny

>he rates milwaukee

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This jersey is based ngl

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Why do people seethe so much about threadmaking
I saw the other one was close to done, made this one and that's it. Probably just happened to be before the other ones. What's the big deal
Plus it's a great OP. On the photo is Payton Pritchard, the best player with such initials to ever play for the celtics, who once scored a lot of points in a meaningless summer league game.

reminder that Jimothy Butler has been the best basketball player in the playoffs and is the epitome of /strongmind/
webm unrelated

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>lright boys it’s official, we’ve got Miami/Milwaukee

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>MIA: Tucker, Strus, and Vincent questionable Thursday
>MIA: Tyler Herro, Caleb Martin questionable Thursday
>MIA: Kyle Lowry (hamstring) ruled out for Game 6 Thurs.

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i regret opening this

can’t wait until you duck the thread for a couple days after Giannis runs and dunks on your manlet asses tonight

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i thought you were pulling for tatum?

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the last thread? I was out

My fellow Celtic brothers (Singapore doesn't count) haven't been ducking the smoke and have been shittalking run and dunk and his inability to play basketball win or loss

I’ve seen enough of him in this playoff run. He’s not ready yet. Another bounce will do him good. He’s been playing trash for 2 full series now and can only hit shots when his team is comfortably up. It’s not his time.

Bogdanoffs rule the world with a firm but fair fist

Best +/- duos in the playoffs so far. Who's your NBA Jam main? For me it's Grayson Allen and Jevon Carter.

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Make of this what you will.

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play war thunder

Singapore is the more lifelong and diehard celtics fan on /nba/. He's the only one out of all of you who doesn't duck the smoke.

Anyone comparing Booker to Luka is retarded. Booker is an All Star but Luka is a generational talent. Only suns player getting comparisons is CP3

/pol/cels went on a seethe, Bulgaria played 05 live

>21 ploff games
>9 ploff wins
he's shit

Is Jimmy/Bam/Strus a legit BIG 3??

Reminds me of the +/- that Caruso had with the big Lebowski

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I’m choosing that bag personally and playing warzone every day while showing my freshest fits on the bench

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ah yes the old jordancel cope of it’s better to not make the playoffs at all than make them and lose LEL
21/9 is better than 0/0 just remember that Michael.

I think the Heat are just very good whenever Lowry isnt shitting it up on the court

Payton Pritchard is that three point specialist who shoots under 30% from the three and cannot do anything else on the court at JuCo level.

have six

the hottest possible take is Heat win it all, anything else is ice cold honestly. same thing if C's beat Bucks but less so.

have seven

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My Celties could've had Strus....

no FMVP? not even 1?

We can do trios too if gus macker is more your thing. Philly sneaks in here thanks to an unlikely contributor.

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>Robert Horry
the epitome of riding someone else's coattails

>media award

The way Boston play defense, it's just occurred to me, Brad must still be coaching that, but Ime has made the Offense better

>bus rides Hakeem to 2
>bus rides Shaq and Kobe to 3
>bus rides Duncan to 2
this your GOAT ireland?

The only real and non fake award is a ring. FMVP, MVP, MIP, etc. all biased and unempirical memedia awards. the only REAL measure of greatness is winning a rang, and being scoring/assist/etc champion.

This is why Embiid is the GOAT

Circumstances matter. Thats why most people see Wilt as a better player than Russell despite the 11 to 2 chip ratio.

>retire cause your dad got shot
>threepeat again immediately after coming back
idk, to me that is the goat

ride Pipgods bus

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