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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 104 (+18)
VER : 85 (+26)
PER: 66 (+12)
RUS: 59 (+10)
SAI: 53 (+15)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 157 (+33)
Red Bull: 151 (+38)
Mercedes: 95 (+18)
McLaren: 46 (+0)
Alfa Romeo: 31 (+6)

>WEC Standings
HAM: 339.22 (+76.08)
RIC: 255.13 (+46.86)
MSC: 222.45 (+63.53)

>Mick Schumacher races without scoring a single point:
27 (26 starts)

Sainz was having physical struggles in Miami, saying that his crashes were due to lack of racing fitness
Al-peen Wants ‘More Fair’ Spanish GP After Alonso’s Miami Penalty
Toto Wolff doesn't know what the fuck to do as a midfield team principal

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Top Gear legend James May

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dobles and lewlew gets btfo by fia for wearing jewelry

>"I hear the [Andretti F1] matter could soon be headed for the courts unless a solution is found – the last thing listed company Liberty Media can afford is a legal stand-off with the USA's first family of motor racing." - @RacingLines

Attention please

I hate Mercedes
I hate Wolff
I hate Hamilton
I hate the FIA
I hate the United States

I love Ferrari
I love Charles
I love Gimi
And more importantly
I love my girlfriend


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Doro Rosso

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>Put up rules to enter the series
>Someone decides to follow them
>Still don't allow them in
>They get angry

andretti can fuck off. f1 doesn need more burgers, shit is already bad with 3 races and having a full burger team will only make everything worse

That's the Pettys

>Al-peen Wants ‘More Fair’ Spanish GP After Alonso’s Miami Penalty
Listen I'm a borderline psychotic Nando apologiser but his penalties last race were fairly given, especially for the Gasly attack

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>Found my old Gameboy Colour and Pokemon Gold cartridge
>Battery died and took my savefile with it

RIP Feraligatr
F1 related because the cars also contain batteries

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I wish f1 drivers looked like this

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Why does Carlito always have this look kn his face

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Genuinely thought he had died in this crash tbqhwy

I hear they have a connection to Renault so they will just end up like HAAS and Alpha Tauri, never actually fighting for the championship, giving us even more teams that are dependent on one of the big teams. I'd rather have a new independent manufacturer come in, although i doubt we'll see that, even with the budget cap the cost to start from scratch is too much.

what is 'woah' in spanish?

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>Girl claimed shes 24 and in the Romanian Army stationed in Cyprus
>My mates catch her out find out shes 18 and not even allowed to be in the army. So they cut her off an laugh at her

/f1/ races or /f1/ equivalent for this inchident?

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Max will win the WDC at Suzuka.

Sorry Andretti you're still not allowed to join because... YOU JUST AREN'T OK

>Getting mad that a full on racing team made by a F1 WDC wants to join F1
>All because they are burgers

lmaoing at your life Jose

What a strange lie to tell

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I'm in the exact same situation. One day I'm soldering it back on.

Why would you lie about being in the Romanian Army of all things?

never again LOL

Toto said that there is no space for Andretti in F1 and so they can fuck off. They should take it with dignity and come back when they're half as accomplished as Mercedes (burger motorsports doesn't count).

They have a contract with Renault for them to be their engine supplier since they want in for the 2023 season, though with Audi joining the suppliers in 2026 that should shake things up (Porsche won't really change things since they'll just be taking Red Bull Powertrain's spot)

>"Wait we where only supposed to make F1 look like an attractive investment not actually make it one" -Liberty Media, probably

I know that feel. My Crystal battery has died and the save file is gone for good. Now some pokemons were saved on my N64, but still sad everything else is gone. Especially since it's a game I played together with my older bro as kids, who has passed away some years ago

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Toto would say that because they're not carrying Mercedes engines.

hear me out /f1/

juju and gimi :)

>half as accomplished as Mercedes
When Mercedes entered F1 they weren't half as accomplished as Andretti Autosport.

Excuse me I was promised El Plan, when will it be delivered?

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now you have my attention

I had a dream that I overslept the next race and when I checked the results it was


What did the DMT gods mean by this?

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That isn't happening. Manufacturers not already established in f1 are more interested in the cheap and easy lmdh ot gt3 sports cars for their marketing. I'm of the opinion there are way too few cars on the grid and the only way to get that up in the interest of the sport is to allow new privateer teams to join, but of course the current teams don't want that because it dilutes their share of tv money. Greedy fucks ruining this sport same as it ever was

>Toto Wolff doesn't know what the fuck to do as a midfield team principal
It's a motorsport toto, you go racing.

The cars this year are fucking massive, there is barely enough room for them as it is. More cars will just be chaos and render Monaco a complete no go.

If Torger doesn't want it, it's automatically a good idea.

2 more weeks

make the cars smaller then? That will fix a lot of the racing problems as well

My condolences, user. I also look back fondly to the days of yesteryear. I still remember playing Gold and arriving in Goldenrod City for the first time.


I go on racing forums and read insane comments

>Toto said

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Facts most of /f1/ is not willing to accept, or has already developed some irrational delusions about
>Amx isn't Schumi and will never be better than him
>Nando is past it
>KWABmilton wasn't the greatest evil in previous era, it was T*to
>Gasly simply isn't that good, especially under pressure
>Mick is an average pay driver
>Perez doesn't know how to mount an offense
>Ferrari's "team above anyone" mentality is one of biggest reasons for their failings in past 15 years

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>winning WCC by lobbying for tech you've developed 5 years in advanced is an accomplishment

Also indycar can race on smaller tracks with more cars so kind of a bullshit excuse. there are ways to make it work

tifosi bros how we feeling

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>George Russell replaced Bottas to partner Hamilton for 2022.[47] 2022 saw major rule changes, which reintroduced ground effect. Mercedes revealed a radical design with what was dubbed 'zero-pods'. The radical design has yet to pay dividends with the team struggling to understand and unlock the full potential.[citation needed] Additionally, the car suffers from aggressive porpoising,[48] although Mercedes remain at the front of the mid-field.[citation needed]
lmao, raped on wikipedia too kek

>>Nando is past it
Stop it...

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Maybe he could ask based uncle fred for help?

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>>KWABmilton wasn't the greatest evil in previous era, it was T*to

desu, abby dabby made me realize that lewis is just a pawn of the great satan

>Ferrari's "team above anyone" mentality is one of biggest reasons for their failings in past 15 years
It's always been their biggest issue but it's also something that's just part of the brand that can't be removed

Ferraris mentality was fine when Schumi was dragging them out of the swamp but without a strong charismatic leader like The Michael at the helm they will always fail because of it

>Amx isn't Schumi and will never be better than him
As long as he isn't at Ferrari, he isn't
>Nando is past it
Was past it in 2015 already
>KWABmilton wasn't the greatest evil in previous era, it was T*to
Anyone outside Ferrari is the greatest evil
>Gasly simply isn't that good, especially under pressure
Don't know who this guy is
>Mick is an average pay driver
Don't know who this guy is
>Perez doesn't know how to mount an offense
Don't know who this guy is
>Ferrari's "team above anyone" mentality is one of biggest reasons for their failings in past 15 years
Wrong, Ferrari is always the most important thing

if gimi stayed with alfa romeo this year would he be fighting for podiums

i don't want Ferrari to lose their soul, I want a captain who can take the helm of the ship

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Not sure I see the logic, it's not like you have 20 cars racing side by side

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>unlock the full potential

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No because he was long washed before he quit

its amazing how mercedes have exposed themselves as brainlets when it comes to strategy now that the car isnt 20+ seconds ahead all the time. its also telling that either lewis is weakmind and/or the mid field are strongmind from driving relatively shit cars for the past 8 years

whats happening in the bottom left?
why is ocon like that?

Hammo knows everyone is against him because they're sick of him, it was fine when he was winning but now he doesn't have that to block out of the 'haters' he is fully vulnerable to every clod of shit thrown his way

o shit that's quite a lot of clods they're never going to make weight limit now

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