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Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson

Is this the thread?

based Theodorou at the back

You cannot post in this general if you have not participated in some form of combat sports in your life. Never trained fags out

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Are Hap and ace both retarded? Why does chandler get mentally handicapped black kids?


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tf he again in the background!?

>Another disgusting waifu thread

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his wife requires retard strength BBC pounding

Because those are the only ones that get put up for adoption. The normal ones can just run around on their own at a certain age and fend for themselves, the others need to be cared for and won’t be recruited by the gangs

I'm a ranked UFC heavyweight contender.

What's up with that japanese flyweight that was supposed to debut

Some Judokas do boxing and BJJ to improve their Judo, kinda mad to think an MMA fighter wouldn't do BJJ.

why do mexican women get walled so fast?

This is not the thread


will never win another fight

This is the thread!
I'd like to announce that I'm back from retirement

get out fatass

These are the posts

we used to wrestle and shit during recess as kids.

thats better than mommy putting you in a kickboxing class to build your confidence so you stop getting bullied

How can this CockSucking Faggot Piece if Shit be ranked #9!?

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My mommy made the right decision, your only fighting experience is something every single boy should have, it’s nothing special
>Heems you

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July 10 was his last fight so he ll be there for 2 more months

Money increased increases his powerlevel

you are the bully who's gotta get heemed by the kickboxing nerd at the end of the movie

Does anyone ever feel like modernity is ruining the human mind? If I wanted to, say, see a cute girl naked it'd take me seconds to find that online. The total ease in obtaining stuff like this can't be good for you psychologically and spiritually though. Even physically too, I'm sure this stuff affects your endorphin and dopamine-creation negatively as well which can't be good for you.

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gaycheese fucked himself up with the leg kicks

the plain and simple fact is the less you use the internet the better your life will be

Let's go Rakic, LHW belongs to the evilchads

tony is the champ

0.5 pounds is equivalent to 226 grams

Was Usman playing poker there?

still missed weight

tony has never had any weight cutting problems. thats what makes a true champion. he has heart and discipline

Ratshit is an incel. He's far from being an evilcel, no matter how much he tries.

our instinct is Palaeolithic but we have access to god-like technolgies
peachuva dilemma forced shore

He has a kid

tony won

so much this

No one told me that the black ring girl spells her name "brookliyn". Now I look foolish.

the kid is an incel


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hello darkness my old friend. i came to talk wi-ACK

Coral, you here?


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Wow what a thread I see so much growth since I last condemned you fgts. If I ever met any of you I’d zeem you into a living death.


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God, the Jan era was so cool while it lasted. Shame he hit his stride when he became fucking old and got injured shortly into it

I invented paddy the faggy

Paddy the fatty sounds much better.

>Has won 1/4 fights at 155p
>3 straight losses (for some reason the cowbow fight don't count)
Last win at 155p is in 2015 (2016 actually)
>But i am still completely butthurt and eternally seething about Conor for some reason.

Let's go Tony

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paddy the faggy fatty

heavy carb based diet

I got a 3-3 record in BJJ.

I've seen so much greatness and growth here the last couple months. Amuhrican bros woke the fuck up! Made me smile.
The Amuhrican that wrote this piece of art spittin facts should get some pulitzer prize of a medal or something!

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If you aren’t willing to post yourself in your fighting stance you should lose /heem/ privilege. Behold mine.

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