What are some quintessential transfer busts in football?

What are some quintessential transfer busts in football?

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>most expensive football transfers
>#4: Coutinho to barca
>#5: Griezmann to barca
>#8: Dembele to barca

holy digitterinos

nice dub trips loser

also Jesus isn't real LONG LIVE METAL

>only $115
Still a decent price for what it is.

Hazard to Halal

who was the mong that paid 115 for that

>Messi bankrupted Barca

Not when you probably paid 300k for it kek

BOSS thread?

My crypto portfolio has been heemed

someone offered $700, not accepted
might be a fake bid from himself though

Every athlete that has vouched for these scams should have their legs broken

Every dumbass who fell for these scams should also have their legs broken

Kek I hope you didn't hold any luna user

I never understood how a jpg of a monkey could be worth so much

It's value is 100% speculative. Basically people paid a lot for them because they thought they could sell them for more later. The people that divested of this crap early are rich and the rest are suckers.

So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame Sam, we can blame the CZ, we can blame Do Kwon, we can praise Bobo's effort but the truth is it's simply not enough. Store of value, inflation hedge you name it, it all stinks.

Don't get me wrong, I still have full faith in Satoshi and the lads, but MASSIVE investments are desperately needed in the summer. Otherwise I'm not very optimistic about the next bullrun, or our chances of flipping gold for that matter. Not trading like this. What do you think, /bug/? Is Satoshi the problem? #SATOSHIOUT or #SATOSHIIN?

Some helpful links to numb the pain:

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>Still a decent price for what it is.
a jpg?

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>not brozovic.com

It isn't worth anything, it only has as much worth as someone is willing to pay. Some cryptocurrencies are, at least, used to launder proceeds of crime like bitcoin and monero so they will always have SOME value. But a jpeg of a monkey? Literally worthless, you could commision some rando off the internet to do it for £20-30

Actually for the right to put your name in a book saying that you paid money for a thing everyone has access to.

>Aly Cissokho for 16M, Porto to Lyon
>Mangala for 45M, Porto to shitty
>Imbula for 24M, Porto to Stoke
>Fábio Silva for 40Mendillions, Porto to Wolves
>André Silva for 38M, Porto to Milan
We have Zaidu now, let's see who buys him.

It's funny how many people claim to have made big money on crypto online, but you never meet anyone in real life who's done it.

>next bullrun

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I like to imagine that retards thought of monkey jpegs as the new art market

the seller fucked up and sold his monkey in DAI instead of ETH.

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>ctrl f
>no maguire
manure spent 87 million bong shekels on that useless fuck

Were you brave enough to give your hard earned money to some crooked programmers and influencers?

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should I buy the dip bros?

Nah, the fed will keep tightening and regulation will hit crypto. There's a chance tether will depeg like UST did this week which will nuke everything down 90%, that is when you should buy.

And nobody knows how shit on a canvas is worth 6 figs either

I know no one itt cares, but I just want to say
>4 of the top 5 highest purchases in league history
>still complete shit

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Why would you mention it in IRL?

studied with a guy in uni that was way into it before it exploded. he's wealthy now. apparently spent years figuring out the taxes

these NFT retards have effectively ended any chance of anyone ever seeing or giving a shit about the real uses of blockchain technology
unbelievably retarded that people just speculate on anything now but that's what happens when the market is full of cheap credit
i hope they all lose everything, they couldn't even be bothered to at least auction actual pieces of art and get digital artists/actual painters paid

this. i'd say hazard to real madrid might be the worst transfer of all time considering price, reputation and what became of it.
however as points out, barcelona are the kings of flops

>muh blockchain technology
Could not possibly be more overrated

I'm buying so many NFTs right now

yes because it's been turned into a vehicle for retarded speculation just like every other fucking thing
look at the price of real estate and tell me that's the real value, it's all a meme now

most NFTs are a hyperlink that leads to a jpeg. And when that jpeg gets deleted you "own" a dead link

I only have a basic understanding of this stuff, but isn't "blockchain technology" just a linked list? What's the innovation?

>nfts are just jpeg

this is why you are out of the loop

Line Goes Up


Why keep it a secret? Usually when people win a big bet they can't wait to tell you.

nah i know a guy who got a fuckton off it back whenever and now just games all day and does coke and buys fake tits for his busted GF that he cheats on constantly. multimillionaire i am pretty sure.

i know another guy who got like $800 in 2015 just from his wallet we used to buy drugs. all that said i agree with your sentiment and it's really nothing more than winning a lottery if you do make a ton off it

step 1. be a retard

The blockchain is a list of transactions between two parties, the innovation is that for your transaction to be included in the list it must be verified by many people. This and some cryptographic magic ensures that no single entity can create fake transactions.

The problem is to incentivise users to maintain the list you reward them with a fee which typically is paid for by people making transactions on-chain. These "gas fees" can get stupidly expensive so you end up with absurd scenarios where people are selling $5 worth of one coin for another but have to fork out $100 in gas to have the transaction verified.

Some other blockchains are built differently and have cheaper transaction fees, however they typically achieve this by decreasing the number of validators (decentralization), which makes the network more prone to an attack.

if there was a more practical application of blockchain it would have been invented by now

its not a jpeg. it's the OWNERSHIP of the jpeg. :)

fundamentally it's a way to create networks that are fully transparent and not under any kind of central control which is very important for the future of the internet given the grim state of corporate monopoly "platforms" that currently dominate and are 100% centralized and 100% opaque
outside of this it has a lot of use for anything where you need a solid paper trail because the data is not in anyone's control once it becomes a block in the chain and so it can't be falsified or altered
basically if 1/10000th of the retarded amount of money being thrown at speculation on a proof of concept of the technology (bitcoin) had been spent actually developing the technology and creating practical uses we would have a much better internet experience already and businesses would have a solid paper trail for things like tracing tainted food to warehouses or whatever
tl;dr fully transparent and decentralized networks that remove the need for trust

I do. They're actually rare and unique unlike monkey image NFTs. The Mona Lisa is:
- One of a kind
- Masterfully crafted
- An actual phyiscal object

If you own the origin Mona Lisa then you have something that no one else in the world has unlike these auto generate JPEG that a million different people can make and own a copy of on their computer

Monkey NFTs are dumb as shit but your argument against them is flawed. Anyone can create a fake mona lisa, print it out and frame it on their wall but obviously it won't have any value because it's not the real thing. There is only one real collection of bored apes and you can easily verify that it's the real one by doing a quick 30 second check on the blockchain (this is way less time and money consuming checking to see if a painting is the real deal which would require you to seek out experts in the field).

yes but the apes are essentially autogenerated dogshit with zero artistic value of any kind. if they were selling digital artwork it would be different, but they're not
a cheap print of the mona lisa someone gets at a flea market for $5 has more value than a $5 million dollar bored ape because it's actual art

The difference is that the printed-out mona lisa is objectively different from (and pretty easily arguably inferior to) the original whereas a copy of a jpg is 100% identical to the original (as long as there's no compression). The only unique thing you get when you buy an NFT is the entry in the log book that says you bought it.

I have made nearly $150k this year SO FAR by taking out leveraged shorts just before every CPI and Fed minutes release. I fucking love this year so much.

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looks at me brehs doing 115 dollaroos

respect. Do you just do crypto? If you short stocks, what platform do you do it on?


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why is it dumb apes? why not hot women?

holy shit already 230 dollaroos

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I buy puts on robinshart because I can't give a fuck to move my funds over to fidelity. I'm far less successful on that but I've done well in shorting garbage service companies and longing oil when it's down.

Everything would be fine if the old white dudes didn't shit themselves over transient inflation during the strongest labor market and wage growth in recent history. Blindly smashing the "rate hike" button is dumb as shit.

worm on hook

I work at a big 4. You have no idea how bad things really are.

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There are those weird Yea Forums ads that are advertising hot women nfts. Well they aren't hot but still.

think it's intentional to really clearly point out just how retarded the people are who buy these things. so absolutely everyone can go 'fuck me that mongoloid just shat away a grand on a jpeg of a monkey'