/mlb/ general: GO FISH edition

SF: Longoria (finger) activated, making debut on Wed.
ATL: Acuña not in ATL lineup Wednesday vs. Red Sox
PHI: Wheeler (COVID) to return Thursday vs. Dodgers
CWS: CLE @ CHW postponed due to COVID-19 positives
CHC: Suzuki (ankle) out of lineup again on Wednesday
STL: O'Neill loses arb case, to earn $3.4M this season
ATL: Braves win arb case; Austin Riley to make $3.95M
CLE: CLE's Terry Francona tests positive for COVID-19
KC: Adalberto Mondesi had left ACL surgery last week
PIT: Marisnick to require surgery for damage in thumb

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go doyers

>pie rats in charge of fielding

Lookin like shit today

ZOMFG, its the jersey of that woman who was a 1B coach in one game!!! HONEY WE GOTTA BUY IT!!!

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the heckin womarino

Time for >RISP!



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mad at my doyer?

So what happened to all those people trying to say the dodgers were gonna lose?

>tying the pierats is like winning the WS to dodgers fans

Raping misaki mets

sneeds, formerly LUX

Please don't

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Reminder: if you are watching a team other than the Yankees or Dodgers you are watching minor league baseball since these two teams are so much better than everyone else it disqualifies the other 28 teams from calling themselves "major league"

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I'm not celebrating that we're winning though that makes me happy too
I'm grinning ear to ear laughing at you for posting that the dodgers would be losing to the pie rats and now having to eat your words
What made you post that?
How are you coping now?
How does it feel to have less than 50 IQ.
The absolute state of you.

God it feels immaculate being a MetChad

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cringe we'll probably still blow this game wait until we at least take a lead

t. combined for half a World Series over the last decade

He's the faggot for trying to damage control his retarded posts. I'm just calling him out on them. Speaking of the lead, there it is.

>hello... based department?

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We're talking about the present 2022 season. Why do you like to live in the past? To cope? Keep up old man.

holy shit, this inning is taking forever

here's your (You)

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My pirates ):

>delayed because of covid
>in 2022

>we're talking about [season that hasnt even gotten through june]
going to call the title after 60 games again?

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You seem very upset.
Tell me, why do you live in the past?

what the fuck pirates just die already

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who hurt you, baby?

alex baldwin's going full jersey boy, huh?

When will Rob get around to expansion?

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>Ay Ton', shut it down!


knew it, at least it's tied

max muncy is the frankenstein monster of bill james and analytics

oh man I forgot the dodgers got him. Still waiting on Duffy ;_;

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>.100 xBA home run

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Hopefully never, the last thing MLB needs is more shitter poverty franchises that are eternally rebuilding. 30 is a perfect number for the talent pool. If MLB wants to take advantage of more lucrative markets just move Oakland and Tampa to Las Vegas and Nashville already.

that >risp is gonna come back and haunt the doyers

that's not the lead I was hoping for


daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yankees winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

posts that didnt age well

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Games not over yet faggot.

Where my Steakfrens at?

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woooo, finally doyers get some luck on that play

seriously, the dodgers have to be the unluckiest team in baseball

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God if the dodgers lose this game they are frauds

blue jays are frauds
about to get buried at the trop

another comeback win, fuck else is new?

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>blue jays are gonna let everyone down after the season they had last year

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Go Sneks

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How do you allow the reds 2 weeks worth of runs in one game?

turns out he was talking about a snuff film

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Francona needs to retire. 14 games managed in 2020, missed 63 games in 2021, and started the first COVID outbreak postponement of 2022. He makes Tony La Russa look like the picture of health.

He sure killed the fuck out of his bat today

what the fuck was that

>doyers in charge of fielding
GG GS pie rats

>9th place in dingers
>relegated to 1B because he can't add value elsewhere
Hearing about Vladdy sure is getting old.

phillies vs mariners

>Broors losing a series to the reds
>Doogers about to lose a series to the pirates
Yep I think its OUR year MetChads

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