/cyc/ - Giro d'Italia Stage 6

Giro d'Italia (2.UWT)
Stage 6
Palmi - Scalea
192 km


GC after stage 5:

Live stats:

Eurosport / GCN / Rai
12:25 CET

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Tour de Hongrie (2.1)
Stage 2
Karcag - Hajdúszoboszló
192 km


GC after stage 1:


M4 sport 13:25 CET
Eurosport / GCN 16:00 CET

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Why does Squillaume still have zero (0) points

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Stop saying KWAB

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>finish in Scalea
Scaleb wins, confirmed

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Goodnight and godspeed sweet nibbles sub-edition.

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if he can’t win this stage he should retire

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kek wout aert bitch


Squillaume will finish the prestigious Tour of Italy with grand total of 0 (zero) points

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it's a perfectly normal Dutch word
although I find it quite disgusting

funny picture

How did Nibali manage to win San Remo again?
>successful attack at the top of the Poggio
Very weak that Pogi couldn't pedal harder this year.

Roglic is going to get humiliated by Pog this year

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attack and then madman descend

man descends like a demon

>successful attack at the top of the poggio
never heard that one before

>Following Nibbles downhill.

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Rude. Requesting a squeaker version of this one so I can use it against (You).

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Much faster than Mohoric descent this year. If he was as slow as Mohoric he would have been easily caught by the bunch

Peak Nibali, can see why they called him a shark

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Anyway, I am glad you were concerned for me yesterday, Bertaček. Very kind of you.

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>only 4% of team have Lily Call-me-Jane
is this transphobia?

>this year

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intimidating webm

Rog should have been at the Giro, basically a free win. Jumbo should just let wout do his stupid stuff at the tour and call that a victory. But noooo, they had to send fucking Poomoulin to the Giro.

Lmao, Wout will now be domestique for vingegard while Grug gets a free green jersey

I also found this a stupid move, just have vingegaard go for top 5 maybe top 3 in the tour + get green and stage wins with wout.
Have rog crush giro and vuelta.

Lombardia's descend was such a masterclass from Nibbles that Eurosport made a computer analysis of it and then showed it to Nibbles himself

But Vingefraud is a fraud and Wout has zero chance against Mathieu.

Even if they wanted to do it they couldn't. He only started training again after his injury shortly before the Giro started.
In his injured condition he was way weaker than normal in the Basque Country there is no way he could win the Giro like that.

I don't even expect grug to finish the tour honestly

Grug will finish both giro and Tour, but Wout would probably still beat him at the green if the team tried because Mathieu doens't really like bunch sprints.

Man what an Ace

As a Zakarin tier descender I clench my buthole at every sharp turn.

why wouldn't he
he better not be doing some stupid mud races

I always have the feeling he's just gonna call it quits halfway through to go sit in a mtb for 3 months
Remember that he didn't do any cx this year


>Check some local climb
>See pic related
Top kek

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I think he's only doing road this year, but he also said he wanted to finish the Giro and the Tour

Delete this.

I just read that Milan Vader feels good and hopes to be racing again this year. These ciclismoërs are tough.

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In 2019 people said the same thing, Rog is the favorite, with 3 TTs Rog is going to smash this Giro, and the finished 3rd

Roglic will finish his career with the same GTs as Rominger.

Yes becaused Roglic and Nibles ignored the RAT

He still lost to Nibbles

Another interesting fact: the last winner in Scalea was Czechoslovakian legend Ján Svorada!

He was sick for a week and he chuted a few times

But he always chutes a few times, that's just calculated in.

They're not made of chocolate.

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How many tdfs would De Bruyne win?

None, his best finish was 17th, over an hour behind Bobet

This, Fred was an amazing classics rider though. He almost completed the monuments set, only missing Lombardia. He got a second place there, behind a certain Cleto Maule, who I have never heard of!

Never was his biggest fan, but he is a real racer and it is sad to see him go. I hope he can get a stage win this Giro

delet dis right now

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To thing that the deluded czech media (scaled 1000 times compared to b*lgian, ofcourse) thought of Nibali and Kreuziger as the biggest rising stars at one point...

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Tour de Suisse winner are very elite.

I don't deny that he was very good at one point of time but he turned very fradulent very quick. That biopassport incident certainly didn't help.

>you now remember big upcoming talents Kreuziger and Van Garderen, expected to challenge for the GTs any day now!