Is there a sport that feels like it consists of "rejects" from other sports...

Is there a sport that feels like it consists of "rejects" from other sports? Like the people who are winning in it are not The Best and would just easily get dabbed on if someone from the different sport just switched for a moment?

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you just know those guys always got picked last at school

Women's _______


All of Track and field

Do Yuros really want to know the answer kek?


Canadian football

that's not exactly what i meant. For tennis you need a lot of practice in technical shit to be good. Newcomer wouldn't do shit. I meant something like racewalking. I feel like marathon runners would mogg the shit out of them right away.


For us, it's soccer.


Badminton, you just know they wanted to play tennis

I like badminton more than tennis

they’re trying to make jai alai a thing in miami. the player roster literally lists what sport the players failed at before trying jai alai

Your footballers might be gash, but that clearly isn't true

if you are too shit for football you end up playing rugby

>but that clearly isn't true
where did you grow up in the states?

For the US? It absolutely is. For us, it’s mainly a game for immigrants and their children, which is why the national team looks the way it does. I’d say lacrosse is where our shitty athletes go

Any beach sport like beach football or beach volleyball

any fat retard can start right away

It's soccer
imagine lebron or barkevious mingo playing soccer, it would be a massacre


They wouldn't want to play any other sport though
Maybe pool

You literally can't be a pro footballer unless you dedicated your life to it
Now please return to your Doritos and cuckporn

Every sport that isn't your country's number 1 or number 2 sport

Different body types and personality, at least in my experience from classmates and friends.

Christian Pulisic is the best player for the USA and he’s a bench boy. Clearly not a top athlete

>You literally can't be a pro chess player unless you dedicated your life to it

what's your point? says nothing about your athletic ability. as we like to say stateside, you can't teach speed.

Basically anything that's not field hockey or ice hockey. So Bandy, roller hockey, inline hockey, floor hockey, that kind of thing. There's like a hundred variant games.

bruh bobsleigh is unironically the biggest discipline of going down an ice tube fast sports. it requires a vastly different skill set than both skeleton and luge. all three sports have a long history and no athlete in any of these would stand a chance in another discipline.
if you want to list some winter sports, consider alpine skiing. you always hear people talk how this or that athlete used to do biathlon, nordic combination etc before, any other sport on skis that's actually exciting since it's more than just hurr durr running on skis.

At a global level sure, not within the US though. It’s called My Little Soccer for a reason.
At least through the time I was still in school in the late 00s, soccer was the sport everybody played as a young child (under 10 or so), alongside other sports. Once you were in 5th or 6th grade, you started focusing more on whatever other sports you played. For me it was baseball, for others football or basketball. The only people who continued to focus on soccer were those not good enough to keep playing the other sports once they got competitive. Obviously it’s different in Europe, I’m guessing your best “footy” players don’t abandon it for other sports.

However, on a global scale, it’s definitely the faggotry known as quidditch. Literally a reject sport so a bunch of overweight lesbians and stick thin college communists can claim to be good at something, inspired by a book series that seemingly every social reject in the 00s worshipped.

Aye snooker players can probably beat most pool players

Futsal. The sport's greatest player ever was a FC Porto reject because he is a manlet

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>muh athletic athletes and their athleticism
Pulisic isn't a failed basketballer, fat egger, long jumper. He's a mediocre footballer

Didn't they crash because they had no idea how to control their sleigh? And didn't it become a meme afterwards with people unironically picking up that sport in Jamaica? There's a reason why there's a Jamaican team to this day. Back then, you basically just had the bobsleighs West Germany 1 and 2 and also East Germany 1 and 2.

Race walking is a very weird sport. I guess only people not able to cut it in classical distance running start it and take it seriously, but the movements they pull off to walk as fast as possible are very unnatural and hard to learn, so you couldn’t put a marathoner there and expect him to mogg the shit out of them. Also, race walking is essentially cheating without getting caught; they all try to run for a brief time without refs noticing more than the allowed three times

He's literally too small for anything other than soccer. He would have been laughed out of the gym, the track and the handegg field.

>Once you were in 5th or 6th grade
Mate if you're any good at football you're not playing school footy by that age, even in backwaters like the US

Futsal. You don't play futsal, if you could make it as a footballer


american football regularly drafts kids who've been playing the sport for 2-3 years, you see articles about them every year

Oh yeah floorball is definitely the graveyard of ice hockey rejects

No shit, you play rec/town league up to then. At that point, you start to play in competitive leagues for the sports you actually give a shit about. Once you’re in middle school that tends to mean the school team for football, AAU for basketball, and if you remain in soccer, you’re probably playing club/select/travel (which is a scam in its own right but that’s another story). But those soccer players are still by and large the ones who weren’t good enough to make it in football or basketball.
Continue to tell me about my country.

>too small for anything
some gymnast rose to fame over here after winning something. he's unironically just a bit over 1,60. *this* is what *really* small people do and thinking about it, the small people were always the good ones at gymnastics at school

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Kickboxing, maybe I'm saying it because the prize money is lesser but it seems like if you specialise in it it's because you can't hang in the UFC

american football actually has at least a dozen unique positions. soccer has two. three at the most. the kids you're talking about are almost exclusively specialists like kickers and punters, and tight ends. guys get drafted on raw talents, whether they end up being any good or not is a mystery.

I'm telling you that your (admittedly pretty shit) footballers didn't take it up after "failing at yank sports", which was rhebpojt of the thread. This is obviously true, or they wouldn't be pros.
No need to get mad at me because your sports suck.


>artistic gymnastics

lmao. he's a fucking dancer bro.

>"I played one year of competitive basketball actually. I don't remember what grade I was in, maybe middle school or something. I was always the smallest one but I did my best. I thought I did pretty good but I was always a little bit better at soccer so I had to make the decision.
-Chrisitan Pulisic

quit talking out of your ass nigel.

>colliding with the guy to left of the QB is different to colliding with the guy on the right
if this is your thinking european soccer has about 100 different positions, and you will never see one become a professional in any of these on something as diffuse as 'raw talent'

It's fun

there are even outright dancing events at the olympics and world cups for sports dancers. this may be hard for americans to grasp since it's usually not what some roided up DaQuan does, however

>something as diffuse as 'raw talent'
Speed, height, wingspan, hand size, etc.

>european soccer has about 100 different positions
It doesn't. Guys change positions all the time in soccer, even well into the professional careers. Usually it's between midfield/fullback, but still. You even have a term for it you retard, "total football."

American football. Just be a roided guy and you can get a position

Darts for people who failed at archery and turned to alcohol to cope

no, it's what women and tiny men do, ie not watchable.

>I'm telling you that your (admittedly pretty shit) footballers didn't take it up after "failing at yank sports
A huge chunk of them did. Obviously some only ever played soccer, but most of them did not. This isn’t exactly an unusual phenomenon, pro athletes that were multi sport athletes in high school are very common here, and they wind up selecting the sport they’re best at to play in college and eventually the pros. It just so happens that soccer has the lowest barrier to entry here so worse athletes are able to make it.

around here it's unironically american football. the fatsos, hipsters without athletic ability and other americanised faggots pick it up once they're twentysomething

friend of mine recently picked it up bc he's got no stamina and is small bc it's the only sport he'd get any gametime at this stage
among other reasons bc there's so many personal changes going on during a game i suppose

absolutely not, tennis is full of robots with psycho parents who make their boy or girl train as soon as they can walk

As I said, you lot need some roided up DaQuan to celebrate just like Schlomo Goldstein told you on TV.

yeah and if real athletes cared they would dominate them