my boltZ are still a gold standard they would have won

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First for /cric/

uh oh poopy briefs


Otts out this is /beav/

A bug is not a sport

Can otters even eat ice cream sandwiches? Wouldn't they fucking die.

they're not retarded like you

cope lots of posters are genius level but post dumbly here for laughs

Just build the arena and Gary says all this will go away

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i'll never doubt finnish goaltending again

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I doubt it

Confirmed tampa will miss the playoffs next season

i never will, believe it

/hoc/bros, we need to get bulju out of that albertan shithole ASAP.

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i thought nugent-hopkins was drafted first overall?
why is he so shit, and these are the same fuckers who drafted yakupov kek

not really a couple days ago i predicted the boltZ would threepeat next year with a 5get heh sorry sweeaty

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He was a world junior babby so bob mackenzie and james duthie convinced everyone he was a 1st overall

late games are transphobic
we demand early games

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I, for one, am all in for Raanta's redemption arc.

that's why i hang out here i can post normally and people think i'm being dumb on purpose and laugh with me rather than at me

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The trade is Bulju and McDavid for Milan Lucic. Edmonton retains 100% of Bulju and Mcdavid’s salary

Avs beat Canes in the Stan lee cup

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NHL Player most likely to become HRT tranny post retirement??????

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Darnell N

phil kessel

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Only the actual retards think we're being serious.

based me too (or not who can tell???)

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Max Domi

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jason robertson already is one if that counts

dope he'll be cute for a long time with those japanese jeans


>"We're not really making them earn it. We're kind of giving it to them," said Cooper postgame. "Too many penalties that are momentum killers... That's on us.

>"Tonight, I just thought too many mistakes... That game was there for the taking for us and we just let it slip through our fingers. It's on us."

Based postgame shitposter

he looks pretty masculine to me though

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>this loss doesn’t count because we didn’t try


I love canadians so damn much bros

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There was this pic of him when he was playing for binland, he looked very trannyish. I don't have it saved though. Some other user might.

He looks like a guy selling coke in Miami in the 80s.

it would never happen but imagining it is hilarious. he likes his cheeseburgers too much to give up being a man

cope he had a mustache

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women likes burgers too, user

This one
He used to look very twinky

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literally shopped

literally prove it

The Portrait of a Zamboni Driver as a Backup Goaltender

twink =/= tranny
he was just a young man

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He actually looks normal in this one kek

What's worse, last night's loss where we staged an epic comeback or our game 3 loss against the Jets where we had a 3 goal lead with 10mins left? We showed the Kings are mortal last night, and that we can make them doubt themselves and scramble around. Minnesota is in the exact same position we are but they lost worse in game 5. Calgary could lose tonight and be facing the same thing as well. Do you think they're about to roll over?

If our team expects to win a Cup without ever being down 3-2 in a series, they're kidding themselves. This is part of playoff hockey, and this shit ain't over. Until the Kings have 4 wins, we always have a shot.

Twinks are God’s chosen people