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What's with the Predator hairstyles

Did you just feel that?


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tonycels finally put to rest. GOD IT FEELS GOOD.
What abunch of fucking retards

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first for my gf

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The champion has a name

This could have been your OP but this dude a simp

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Patrick Berry gets to carry Rose around like a bowling ball and I don't. That just isn't fair now, isn't it?

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Go ahead, post Oliveira's past losses, remind everyone of his kino evolution.

Has schaubmania hit europe yet?

This guy is insufferable on Ariels show rn

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Wake up, Texeira.

Beaners can't fight

pseudoscience. environment will always mean more than genes
Brian is a predator and rapes small children

Olives is the best

Take a shower.

Lurk. Don’t comment for 6 years.

>watching Ariel Helwani's show.
Is there a biggest give-away for being a Fake One?

The timelines shifted again.

Pat is a god

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you can find your own Rose
go! GO!!

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I said in the other thread: Is grooming the only way to secure a tradwife?
You can literally say no to her becoming her a degenerate

Top 3 WMMA fights?

better yet, find your own LIPSKI

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>double weightcut like a retard almost finished Gaethje
>didn't get submitted by Charles
>didn't tap to Guantanamo Bay levels of pain
>beat Chandler in the first round where no one did in the UFC
>all the while old and flushed
had he had a proper coach or a manager he would've been the goat, hope this sick cunt gets Nate and/or Conor and rides into the sunset with a proper paycheck

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that must mean...
somewhere out there tony is getting heemed again

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Yes it is but fake ones dont want to admit it, its also hard to do without being a creep and stalking young girls walking home from school. But other than that its based.

unironically all true, impressive

still shilling your video like a little faggot

I hope he makes the transition to mlb

Walk into the thread like what up I got a pink cock

I’m worried this guy has been on the shelf too long. Glover only won because Jan shit the bed. It seems rushed that nobody has thought of Jiri or talked of him since his last fight and all of a sudden he could be the new champ? I think he’ll be the trap bet for that PPV. There is always a “WWE style” angle to consider with this pseudo real fighting organization.

Any woman that wants Pat Barry isn't worth having

Still mad about it?
Fight me

that's where you get it wrong buddy

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what is he saying?

post it on a nsfw board and link it here

Quick, you're never too old to take the coach pill

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incoherent drivel

I will never accept that Tony lost.
I will conquer the universe and build a world where Tony won. Even if I have to re-write the history of humanity, I will not betray my vision.
For if we are forced to leave the scene of History, we will slam the door so hard, the world will shudder.

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Glover won because Jan sucks and got his neck heemed by a can opener. Jiri is in his prime and will likely KO Glover. I had him at +120 ITD against Reyes and I'm hoping for something not much worse this time around.

Go back to r*ddit please, they’ll support you in your mission to prove that Pat is a groomer and they won’t call you a bitter nigger faggot who is just jealous that your girlfriend doesn’t look like Sid from Toy Story.

imagine watching helwani

brutal popcorn ceiling in the barry residence

Ariel asks a straightforward question
Pedophile goes on an insane incoherent rant about nothing at all
Very brutal.

I will accept your cope and laugh at you

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Jokes on you I've always hated Rose

Jan beat Adesanya and that wasn’t his only impressive win. He doesn’t suck. But he did against Glover, it was fucking pathetic and cost me 3 large.

Joanne Calderwood looks like one of those blown out whorish white women you see on any beach in the Caribbean who's shacking up with a rastafarian weed dealer on her vacation.

I don't like it either. He's young and probably 100 percent confident he'll get the belt but shit happens. I want fighters to fight especially when they're rising stars like Jiri and there's not much going on in their division.
I have to hope he wins fast and turns around fast. He could potentially do 2 more fighters this year depending.

I'm just waiting for the headlines.

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Big cope

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>three dots tattoo
kek what a fucking poser

literal schizo babble from this fat retard

Grooming is based don’t @ me cucks


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Absolutely the most loathesome character in the UFC

rose is still in the denial phase
i guess this is good
also good that she is doing laundry
im just worried about that low popcorn ceiling because it reminds me of my first apartment after college where my girlfriends friend came over and overdosed and died

Pat owns /heem/

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(i don't know what that means, triad?)

Live on 810 Radio talking #InvictaFC47 and #ufc274

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East Asian (genetic) talent towards COMBAT SPORTS

There has been 13 genes (Link to the study of afformentioned genes in combat sport athletes)
associated with elite combat sport athletes (Judo, Wrestling, MMA, Boxing). This post is to continue to reinforce the idea that East asians are entirely capable of being good fighters and dispelling the myth that we are not. 6 of those genes have ethnic data on them. The following genes are as follows:

ACE rs4646994 D/D
ACTN3 rs1815739 RR/RX
CKM rs8111989 CT/TT
COMT rs4680 AG/GG
MCT1 rs1049434 AA/AT
PPARA rs4253778 CG/GG

Let's do this brothers, we must train.

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She looks like a fucking monster and I'm tired of pretending she doesn't

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I wouldn't mind him being evil if he was entertaining he's just boring as hell fucking CTEd dickhead


Is this photo shooped or did she get bogged?

jesus christ what is that face

just say Scottish

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its a tattoo that gang members from socal get

looks a bogging to me
jesus christ this internet shit has destroyed so many women

First time seeing a woman with makeup on?

How do we fix WMMA?

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Stop spamming this gookshit, we get it that you’re a flat faced chink but your chart doesn’t matter when we see how poorly yellows do in MMA.

>bbbut Lyoto

Not a real gook. And got hanged on his feet by JBJ.

Losers itt will never know how being the master of another human being feels like. Your insubstantial flesh is far from experiencing such power.

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send it all to invicta where we can ignore it

Very cringe bruh.

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Oliveira had a very underrated power, who ever flatlined Gaethje like that?

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do none of you use social media? thats just a filter

Why is Chandler ranked above Dariush?

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Put bogdanoff on the phone NOW. I'm upset

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Why did Hooker stay at #13?

What about the noghunter himself?

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Because Dariush is a can.


t. meeganposter

The italian is right. Vettori beat Costa without any power, but had volume and good jabs. ATT is shit for the most part, but they at least turned Dustin into a very capable boxer, and he beats any LW striker due to that. Yan is also a great boxer and on the feet nobody can match him at BW

post wrinkles or shut the fuck uñ

>couldnt solve THE smilin sam

One guess is because Dariush is boring garbage and he’ll never even be a title contender.

>wow he was getting his ass kicked by Klose then spread his legs like a retard and pushed him across the cage

>wow he fought a washed up Tony

crazy af eyes
that's pretty gay, they should be proud and get a big tattoo, not 3 periods

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Hooker, Conor and Tony shouldn't even be in the rankings