Four games from the Premier League tonight that could be pivotal in the battle for the title, European qualification and relegation.

>Leeds United v Chelsea (7:30pm BST)
>Leicester City v Norwich City (7:45pm BST)
>Watford v Everton (7:45pm BST)
>Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City (8:15pm BST)

Teams to follow.

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Here are your teams, starting with the Whites.

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The Blues.

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The Foxes.

>Subs: Ward, Söyüncü, Thomas, Mendy, Albrighton, Pérez, Daka, Iheanacho.

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Leeds/Chelsea match thread

the lads

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The Canaries.

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The Hornets.

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And last (for now), the Toffees.

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What the fuck is this lineup? I recognize like 2 players from the starting 11

Woy has given up.

What we drinking tonight lads?

Late kick-off teams. Here's Wolves.

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And last of all tonight, the Citizens.

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>Sissoko is captain
That's crazy, imagine making the guy who choked a CL final within a minute your captain


I didn't even realise the game had started and Leeds have already conceded, Neverton can more or less secure survival with a win today

Honestly very happy leeds are going down

*claps three times*

>Leeds have got another red card and are throwing the game almost as hard as last week
What is their fucking problem?

they're protesting the indignity of having a yank manager

no idea, marsch has gone batshit

They luv goals simple as

They played better against Arsenal when they went down to 10 men

3pm kick offs and the combined match threads like this one are far comfier than dedicated ones

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That's because Arsenal had scored 2 in the first 10 minutes, the game was essentially done and dusted, Arsenal didn't need to go for the throat anymore and could rest for the Spurs game


championship squad with a ton of injuries, but plenty will disingenuously blame the managerial change due to the timing

useless iberians

Everton aren't going down are they lads?

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thought about posting that

Bielsa had them in just as much trouble, and just as many injuries

Didn't they do the double over City in the 2019/20 season?

>it's another everton wins with one goal match

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Doesn't seem like it

Thats what back to back to back transfer window champions are made of

1-1 now, meme game incoming

Dedeknock knock
Ring Ring

they have Smelly Alli. You don't understand

Even by Watford's terrible standards this season, that starting XI of theirs is absolute shite. So naturally they'll win.

and they would be in an even worse position if he were still there because Everton did a complete 180 at the time of Marsch's arrival.

Like I said, disingenuous.

fuck off you useless twats

I wasn't saying it was that, I'm saying there was no noticeable difference with Bielsa's sacking, when they should have been all but safe after beating Burnley 3-1

Tottenham (A)
Villa (A)
Newcastle (H)

this game lost
Brighton (H)
Brentford (A)

bet it comes down to the final matchday

Not the Yank but they genuinely looked like staying up at first. These last three games of theirs have been indescribably bad.

1.1 points per match pending this is a loss

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darn tootin'

leeds are fucked

Premier League title now depends on Slippy G and Villa's leaky defence, and the MOyessiah
How fucked is Pool and Klopp?

Obviously, Burnley would need 4 from Villa and Spurs away otherwise, assuming Leeds lose to Brighton. Everton aren't safe unless they win today as they're going to lose to Arsenal last game of the season

>as they're going to lose to Arsenal last game of the season

If Arsenal beat Spurs tomorrow and get that fourth place confirmed I can see Everton beating them on the last day

how do you look at that and not think burnley go down?

Burnley draw against Newcastle. Leeds lose both.

No one will remember this season

by watching Leeds

they have nothing left, it's over for them - no matter who they play

I think Norwich are going down


they will next season with Scott Parker qualifying Bournemouth to the champions league

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i fucking wish mate

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You now remember that you'll forget the 2021-2022 premier league season.



checked and far more than correct.
I will remember every Emma Raducanu match of 2022 before anything from this garbage.

I'm not convinced either are getting points from their last 3. Leeds have much worse GD

They hate Chelsea too, they'd still want to finish above them and be the highest club in London for the first time since 2016

Conceded 2+ goals literally every single game we've ever played a 4-2-3-1 in the prem. So sick of this fucking clown team.