Leeds vs. Chelsea - Match Thread 1

Pulisic Starts

The Leeds manager is Jesse Marsch

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3rd place slips today

yes yes welcome friend. this IS the thread.

Is this the containment thread

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no, the containment thread where you may seethe at american hegemony is over here

it will be tough since Jesse is an incredibly cerebral manager, but Pulisic starting bodes very poorly for Leeds

We are winning this Leedchads

I'm scared lads...

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why? Leeds are incredibly thin, no Ayling

Incredibly based posting.

welcome to the match thread lad


Pulisic scores the last digit in this post number of goals today

Because we choke to every single team that's in bad form lately. Arsenal, Everton, Wolves. Now Leeds. It bodes extremely badly.

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Leeds are different than Wolves and even Everton imo. Everton have better talent but are dysfunctional. Leeds have a championship squad and a similar managerial situation.


Sneeds United

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Ummm you forgot to quote me

Sneed's are going down

love this badge

my man

I wish Everton were shitting themselves harder, them picking up wins vs. United and Leicester is horseshit and not good for Jesseh


only if Arsenal beat Tottenham, think they draw 1-1 desu

Leeds fans are going to hate are Jesseh if they relegate ;_;

think Leeds get a result here

Your Leeds regulation party will start shortly ladies and gentlemen



Fuck off you yank cunt before you get put in the river

Shalnt be posting in a yank thread

but i'm not a black londonite just after the Italy/England pens


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you shan't be having sex either

But you just did.

didn't ask for this self-portrait

Yeah giving this thread a wide birth. Yanks aren't funny

Leeds win.

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where'd you find this pic of my dad?


we have got this

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looks like my cat

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I'll not be posting in this thread full of fatties

good post
i'll be in the joint (read: non cringe) match thread

a thread made by match autist arguing with himself is indeed cringe

You just posted in it, though.

No one wants to read cringe American opinions. You don't know football.

good, fuck off mick

don't feel so good jessebros

did the man kick the ball

last 2 digits is the score

Posting in a BASED thread

death to america

God I wish I was an American

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Any streams?

english football is ours

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7:30 kick off? That's weird