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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 104 (+18)
VER : 85 (+26)
PER: 66 (+12)
RUS: 59 (+10)
SAI: 53 (+15)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 157 (+33)
Red Bull: 151 (+38)
Mercedes: 95 (+18)
McLaren: 46 (+0)
Alfa Romeo: 31 (+6)

>WEC Standings
HAM: 339.22 (+76.08)
RIC: 255.13 (+46.86)
MSC: 222.45 (+63.53)

>Mick Schumacher races without scoring a single point:
27 (26 starts)

Hamilton piercings row ‘could get very nasty’, could put participation in the Monaco Grand Prix under threat, says Ted Kravitz
Miami heralded as ‘changing of the guard at Mercedes’
Max Verstappen wants to see more weekends like Imola in his future
Vettel offered IndyCar test by Rahal after Miami comments
Mattia Binotto hopes the budget cap “snaps” at Red Bull and their upgraded RB18
Drivers agree Miami no threat to Monaco as F1’s crown jewel

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No gimis allowed

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This isn't f1


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Top Gear legend James May

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Vittu perkele

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Fuck Mercedes

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oh mwoyt fackin facked high school girls fackin slags fackin

Austrian mummy feet

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Lepajeets, what are we redeeming?

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the commission is impressed

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Other than Bridgestone, NGK, and Mobil how is this /f1/ related?

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Lechucks what are we seeding and feeding?

It’s better

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Why don’t you cry to a mod you cocksucking r*ddit faggot.

death to mercedes, their fans and their drivers
death to trannies

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op stop shilling your shitty bogan cars you fag

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Gimi gimi gimi a man after midnight

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Need to update the news for the next thread:
>Mercedes “haven’t improved in these five races", says most exposed and over rated F1 driver in history
>Hornyman still anticipating big dogfight with Ferrari (and who can blame him, Leclerc v Verstappen is hopefully a legendary sequel to Schumacher v Hakkinen)
>Alfa Romeo hopefully getting big upgrades in Barcelona
>Fernando Alonso now has more penalty points than championship (Bit of a shame to be honest)

Normalise bullying OPs who recycle the news

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Where to cop globalhomo t-shirt?

>nu/f1/ doesn’t remember /f1/ is the v8 Supercars general as well

>Mattia Binotto hopes the budget cap “snaps” at Red Bull and their upgraded RB18
Oh no no tifosisters...

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T. “New Australian”



>Quantas sponsor
>Quantas fly in South East Asia and Malaysia
>Same as MH-370 which
>Lauda airlines
>Niki Lauda
You're welcome

>Going on a date with a 34-year-old milf
>I'm 25
Any tips on how to deal with her baby's dad and her in-laws? Thanks /f1/ chads.
F1 related because Max is also a mommy enjoyer

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What piercings does Hammo have underneath?

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Reminder that Qantas should be pronounced "can-tass". If they wanted it to be pronounced "quantus" they should have put the u in there.


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I watched up the season reviews from 2000 to 2006. How the hell could this guy go from being someone who could set lap times that left commentators in disbelief to just being someone who you could imagine as a 1 time WDC, at best? Did he really love those Michelin tyres that much?

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Didn't spot the Qantas sponsor

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Don't shittalk to babys father; be a role-model, be the dad he never will be
Enjoy that experienced poontang

Where were you when strategy was not kind?

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I stand corrected, thank you fellow Bong

>Any tips on how to deal with her baby's dad and her in-laws?
>Willingly taking up unnecessary burdens for some busted old pussy

to me it has alwways been "cuntass"


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Enjoying an ice cold beer with my dad, having a laugh at Hamilton being exposed

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in 47 hours the official f1 youtube channel will release the video Grill The Grid 2022: Driver Heights!

if this isnt a direct way to humiliate yuki then I dont know what is

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Thankfully your opinion doesn’t matter because Romanians can’t afford to fly to Australia

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Something niggly is going on - Christian Horner

How much more pain can Alonso endure damn

how do you say "exposed carbabby fraud" in your language?

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I need street circuits like I need a hole in the head.

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Literally the only reason I believe you is your flag

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yeah, i'd rather fly again to USA, seeing my relatives in Great Falls, Montana
good joke, Dazza, I almost grinned

>only 44
what went wrong?

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The only good street circuit is Singapore. Prove me wrong.

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I’m Gazza mate Dazza was the other bloke

even more news
>new el peen upgrades coming in (s)pain, baku and semenstone - t. Zsaf-Sznaf-Szanf- Otmar
>i wouldn't come back to f1, except for a top team seat - t. fat john (not like anyone would hire him anyway)
>wilhelms looking forward to replacing goatifi with de bries

how do you say "exposed mental midget brainlets" in your language?

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>>wilhelms looking forward to replacing goatifi with de bries
When will this debries meme die? Hes ugly and boring.

5 more minutes in nothing after the last 15 years

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A head has five holes, and they are all needed

i would say that it was a shame that this livery never raced but the 2020 car was undeserving of looking that good

fugg forgot the picture

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i was at house watching chuck when radio open
"strategy not kind me, man"

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isn't it shite and Colgate looking though?

pitic expus futut mental

Mentaal blootgestelde hersenloze dwerg

I miss McLaren Honda

Is it weird or normal to call someone daddy during sex in your language/f1/?

>i wouldn't come back to f1, except for a top team seat - t. fat john
Didn't KMag say the exact same thing?

>inb4 KMag FatJohn dream team revival 2023 after Mick gets dropped for being a limp wristed shitter faggot


Why would you say something so horribly offensive

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Afsløret hjernedøde mentalt udfordret dværge

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Which one?

Would probably make me stop and question her

everything sexual in Czech sounds cringe

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me: mom can we have gimi?
mom: we have gimi at home

the gimi at home-

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idk not really

It's weird in every language
It's a huge red flag
You pull out and run if it happens


>the gimi at home

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if i ever hear my daughter yell "tati" when she bates, it's belt time

>Anything from a czech sounds cringe

Geef me een klap, papa

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Yes but some have gone korean and say opa

Unironically what is wrong with Australians? Kiwis dont act like this, what is the reason?

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nah fatjohn will never leave indycar with the retarded ammount of sponsors he's getting with andretti

I knew this cute Czech girl and I thought she was really into me, but when I asked her out she said "ah no" and my heart has been broken ever since

fernandi raikkonslo

why is bottass always nude?
why is his trainer also nude with him?
why is bottass trainer selling posters of bottass bare arse for just under 11 eurobux?

Ay papi

why does that look like chuck 20 years from now?

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Next year he'll get to the Hall of Fame.

The answer to all 3 is Finnish people

you know how the finns are

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You’ve experienced this exact moment many times haven’t you?

Ngl I loved the livery on this tractor

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not really I am usually the one to say no

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tease before please

There is objectively nothing weird about that second post

tifosi bros how we feeling

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If you're the cuck Romanian, does that mean you're going to take your belt, hang it from the wardrobe door and choke yourself while you jerk off?

Dissuasion from authority from our Irish ancestors

/biz/ idea: nude bottas livery