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Next poster gets heemed

We're back, Teymurbros!

>Swedish UFC star David Teymur (8-2) hasn't fought since losing to current lightweight dominant Charles Oliveira (anaconda choke) more than three years ago. Now he seems to state via Instagram that he is being tested by USADA (the US anti-doping agency) which is a requirement for a possible UFC comeback


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Fuck you khabib

Both the Teymur bros disappeared right? Both were poor on the ground

I'm heemosexual

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I could be heemed by everyone ITT without even trying.

170cm 50 kg.

Is coral ok?

why did he leave for so long?

can't find anyone in the uk taking the olives vs islam bet

is being a weeb a good base for MMA?

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>Charlie offers nate a meme fight at 170
>Islam Sleepychev: "THEN WHY DO I HAVE TO EARN IT AT 155 FOR A BELT"

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We took an L

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It's okay I'll protect you, no one will heem you with me around

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*enter thread*

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Daniel Teymur sucked. David Teymur had potential. He was on a 5 win streak in the UFC before losing to Oliveira. Not sure why he stopped fighting

i'm 173 81kg b


The champion has a name

Oliveira saying "The champion has a name, and that name is Charles Oliveira" after the win was very cool


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>please fight me Conor!
>please fight me Nate!
Reminder that marketing and personas are 10x more important than a winning record or being good at martial arts. Meme fighters like Paddy are making more money than division champions

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relax your burguer seething ass

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Big true
His victory dance with the crowd was also very cool, anyone have the webm?

Rogan is built like a dwarf from World of Warcraft.

>that face he makes when you buy the ppv

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stop being a fag the post fight speech was kino until he went and called out gooby like a thirsty bum


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>dropped by a stool

THIS is /heem/'s boy? heh...

Current UFC champions
>Khabib (even in retirement)

Calling those guys out got really embarrassing post 2018

I bet he runs the same way kek

That's what I thought too but then a year later in another embedded the wife came in and Dustin and the coach were there and the atmosphere became awkward and silent all of the a sudden, those two definitely fucked. Plus there's Dustin comments about here getting dicked on while on vacation alone. It's just truth, you have to accept it

stop watching porn

looks comfy

i figured out why heem sucks so much now compared to a few years ago. there's no more fans of fighters on heem anymore. there used to be dozens of posters dedicated to supporting individual fighters and would post them all the time. now its just memes about whatever meme fighter is coming up on the next UFC card. like the toni spam for a week. none of you fucks are actually toni fans. youre just meme'ing and now that he's dead the meme posts are over pretty much.
what the fuck happened to actually having favorite fighters that we talk about year round? heem really became cazzy general that just talks about whatever daddy Dana is shitting out at the moment

go back to africa

lmao they stopped the fight because they thought he couldn't stand on his own legs

Initiate clinch, whisper nigger into black opponents ear repeatedly, break from clinch, dodge his raging looping hook, counter combo and put him to sleep. I’d deny ever saying anything.

you make fun of her....i know, but i am seriously worrying about rose. i can feel it...she is grieving. she needs to escape. its like she is prisoned in a dark cellar.

any recent news about her?


Heem has never stopped Tonyposting. You're trying to make a point that doesn't exist

do we rate him?

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dunno b i'm hoping for a murder suicide, not fussed which way


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however...lets move on

Not really if you watched his interviews before and after the fight when he says it 37 times every minute.

Tony won

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alright here's my favorite fighter b

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I, in fact, did watch all those interviews. Respectfully,

maybe if fighters fought more often than once a year things would be a bit different

People still have their boys, I think they just don't post as much about them anymore
You are right in that a lot of the X fighter posting seems very forced and just shitposting the sake of it but that's going to happen when people want attention desu

Look at the Oliveira/Islam posting. I don't think anyone doing it really even cares that much about either of them. Feels so forced and constantly shits up threads but it gets them (You)'s and attention since its current and that's what they crave

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Tony unironically wins all rematches

Why does he get dropped the same way in all of his fights

chandler is getting worse, ko was a fluke

jesus christ, isnt there any light/bright spot left in your dark bitter soul?

favorite female fighter?

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I support Charlie olives
He's the best

just because you dont have the balls to boy anyone doesnt mean no one else does


Gaethje sucks

TBQH after voting Kurt Pelligrino I haven’t really boyed a fighter with my full heart since. I think you get one big “boy” in life and you are lucky to experience it. I’m thankful I had my boy.

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nigga is built like a fucking turtle

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name one notable poster that posts about his boy consistently recently? i dont mean meme fighters like conor or meng or colby where people are just trolling. there are no more actual fans left on heem. just troll baiters and cazzies

He looks like when the police department releases mugshots of whatever hispanic gang in the area gets raided for guns and drugs.

I will never support charles oliveira

Does this count?

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You are so sad my dude.

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>Meng, I just gotta work on that wresslin, you feel me?

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thats just standard khabeast hader schizophrenia

no khabib is a mean fighter and those are meme posts. there's never any actual discussion about fighters careers, abilities, or styles. just meme shit

the key to unhappiness is holding on to the wish to mold the world to one's will instead of accepting it for what it is.

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>Conor vs Aldo was 16 years ago

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>just post about your boy when they haven't had a fight in 9 months and haven't done anything notable in that time
why? what am I supposed to be posting? the same shit every thread?

who's your favorite female fighter?

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Why is schaub schaub posting on instagram

Come to Allstar and we'll have a chat about it face to face

what if i say 'rose'? you will bully me, right? you will bully me. i know

>conor vs khabib was 6 months ago
I wish I could turn back timeee to the good old daaaaayyss.

average wmmaf record be like
>6 wins (by split descision)
>5 losses
>0 draws
>3 NC

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>Anons used to boy fighters! not this cazzie meme boying like now. Back in my day we really boyed fighters! We'd make greentexts about them winning, and make photoshops of them in dominant homosexual positions! No one cares anymore!

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Not posting here anymore today. You guys are getting gold and just ignoring it. Fuck you.

Bye loser